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Thank you to Hamamcher Schlemmer for sending the Bruder UPS Mack Truck with Forklift. All opinions and excitement remains 100% ours.

Bruder UPS loading from HammacherWe found Bruder toys when my son was little and now we have a full-on “garage” of 1:16 scale vehicles made by the German toymaker. No other toy trucks and vehicles can compare to the 92-year history of Bruder in terms of realistic moving parts and accessories. This is why after years of play every other brand has been abandoned and Bruder still makes the cut. The only problem with Bruder? Tracking down their products in the US to order them is a nightmare. Unless you’re lucky enough to live near a Bruder dealer, you’re stuck with ebay and amazon, both of which are lacking.Bruder UPS truck opening hood

This is why Bruder catalogs might just be the death of me. I can’t even tell you how many times my son has “shopped” a Bruder catalog only to find that it was printed over 10 years ago and includes mostly European stock. We’ve basically been tracking down obscure vehicles for him for the better part of 5 years, and it’s utterly exhausting.Bruder forklift

When my son saw the UPS truck earlier this year, it was love at first sight. I thought we were going to have to do another all-out exhaustive search, and then something magical landed on my doorstep: the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. I’ve been getting their catalog for years now, and have ordered from them numerous times, but I had never ordered toys from them before. Flipping through their catalog filled with kids toys was a magical experience.Bruder love

When I got to the page with the Bruder Mack UPS truck and forklift at Hammacher Schlemmer, I couldn’t even believe my eyes. How is it possible that one of my very favorite stores could be carrying Bruder Toys and I didn’t even know it? How is it possible that I could be thinking of ordering Bruder from anywhere else when I could order one of our favorite brands from a favorite retailer.Bruder toys mack truck

Why Hammacher Schlemmer

I fell in love with Hammacher Schlemmer because of their impeccable customer service, but it’s their commitment to quality items that keeps me around. So many of our favorite brands jump out from the pages of their catalog, and so many items from my wishlist grace their website. Of course, I also love the fun of seeing what unexpected items they are featuring this season – whether it’s your own underwater scooter {yes, that’s a real thing} or its the feeling of flying from your own hydro powered Jetovator {yep, it’s real. Really.}Bruder UPS truck open

Hammacher Schlemmer says their products are among the most unique, advanced, and unexpected in the world, and it really is true. I get giddy when one of their catalogs lands on my doorstep and I cannot wait to see what magic it holds. It has never, ever disappointed

Bruder toys truck peekingBruder Working UPS Mack Truck with Forklift

Speaking of not disappointing, Bruder has yet again done an amazing job with the UPS Mack Truck with Forklift. With its authentic details that mimic its full-size counterpart including opening/closing cabin doors, folding mirrors, treaded tires, and freight tilting function, it’s easy to pretend you’re driving a trailer full of presents to their lucky recipients thanks to all the attention to detail that goes into each of their vehicles.Bruder UPS door open

I even love the way their vehicles move. The way their cabs attach to the trailer are so realistic, they turn and maneuver just like a real big rig. Its the details like the box trailer detaching from the cab and standing on fold-out support legs waiting for its next driver to transport it along its journey that make me love the brand so much. It’s this sort of thing that makes the brand such a hit with my kids. They don’t want mere toys – they want to be learning while they play.Bruder UPS truck without trailer

The UPS Working Mack Truck comes with a forklift that attaches to the back of the truck for highway transport, which my son thinks is the coolest feature of the whole set. The forklift can then be detached and can perform nimble 360º turns to load and unload packages for the busy UPS drivers. The working forks lift and lower the included pint-sized pallets, adjusting in width to accommodate different sized loads. Steering is all done by the rear wheel, which is actually really cool.Bruder UPS truck with forklift attached

As you can see, this is no ordinary toy truck. This is the way Bruder does toys: realistic, educational, made to withstand play, and of course, incredibly fun. This is also the way Hammacher does toys: unique, advanced, and unexpected, just like everything else they carry.Bruder UPS loading

Check out to see all of their amazing toys, gifts, problem solvers, and unexpected treasures. You will adore their amazing products, especially their selection of exclusives that you won’t find anywhere but Hammacher Schlemmer.

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  1. These trucks are pretty impressive. I remember looking forward to the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue at Christmas. It always had such unique gifts and that amazing cover item that was always mind blowing and pricey, lol.


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