Mindful crafting with Sequin Pets to snuggle

Faber-Castell Sequin Pets

Last week on a school field trip, I had a very earnest conversation with a little girl about all of the many things she loves about sequins. Specifically, reverse sequins {AKA mermaid sequins}, the kind that you can use to “draw” shapes with. It turns out she has been wanting products with these special reverse sequins and finally her wish came true for her birthday.

Her birthday, it turns out, was 8 months ago. That’s a virtual lifetime in the life of a child and yet here we were in a 30-plus minute conversation about how much she loves the reverse sequin backpack she was given.

Faber-Castell Sequin Pets
Faber-Castell Sequin Pets

I can’t even think of one fad that has lasted this long during my kiddos’ childhoods with the exception of all of those dreaded slime projects. But sequins? Those I can get behind. For one, they are absolutely zero mess. For another, they offer a relaxing way to be creative from virtually anywhere. They are basically the best and I hope they never go out of style.

Faber-Castell Sequin Pets

That’s why over the past year we’ve given approximately 3 dozen sequin presents to all of my daughter’s friends’ for birthdays and special events. Kids love them, parent’s love them, and they are super easy to gift to just about anyone, regardless of how well you know them.

Mindful crafting with Sequin Pets from Faber-Castell

The newest item on our gifting list are these little Sequin Pets cuties from Faber-Castell. Affectionately named Happy the Hedgehog and Sparkles the Unicorn, these aren’t simply yet another sequin encrusted pillow, they are friends for you to personalize and then love on.

Faber-Castell Sequin Pets 4

These little sequin covered friends are pre-stuffed and each come with their own set of stylish felt stickers that are repositionable so you can personalize however you want, over and over again. Perfect for mindful crafting, the reversible sequin material on the backs of Sequin Pets can bring hours of relaxation as you draw shapes, patterns, and messages.

What I especially love about Sequin Pets is their nice hefty weight, which sits nicely in your lap as you play with the sequins, much like a weighted blanket or a real pet. Since holding something with a little weight to it is calming on its own, the fact that the Sequin Pets also have a relaxing craftiness about them is just extra awesome.

Faber-Castell Sequin Pets
Faber-Castell Sequin Pets

To buy

Faber-Castell Sequin Pets can be picked up online or in stores nationwide. Sparkles the Unicorn is a Learning Express exclusive and can be found at LearningExpress.com. These little critters measure approximately 6” w x 8 ½” h x 7 ½” d. They are recommended for ages 5 to 95.

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