Faber-Castell professional art supplies

Faber Castell pro art supplies pastels

As someone who bonds with loved ones over art projects, a shipment of brand new Faber-Castell professional art supplies is definitely the way to my heart. And, when that shipment includes pro level supplies for us adults as well as items for the kids, you can bet I’m swooning. Our most recent order included gorgeous … Read more

Girl Scout SWAPS mini compass

Girl Scout SWAPS

Want to see my adorable mini compass Girl Scout SWAPS? Wait, you don’t know what Girl Scout SWAPS are? Don’t feel bad if you don’t, I went three decades of my life without ever hearing the term, but all that changed this spring. You see, in the past year I somehow became a Girl Scout. … Read more

9 awesome A Wrinkle In Time inspired activities and crafts for kids

Check out these awesome A Wrinkle In Time projects, crafts, and learning activities for kids. Any kid will want to learn more about the science and speculation of time travel with activities such as slime, creating your own Wrinkle In Time fortune teller, making a tesseract model, painting an IT, and more.

Fun and funky Vintage Hollywood style wedding on a budget

Thinking about a vintage Hollywood wedding theme? Here’s some inspiration with photography, decor, and wedding style all pieced together from items found in movie rooms, at antique shops, or craft stores. Everything was done on a budget and turned out beautifully!

Make your own mini envelopes in seconds using simple paper hearts

Make your own mini envelopesWhen I was young, my grandma and I used to play with a mini mailbox for hours. We would write each other notes and deliver them to her toy mailbox where the other person would come and collect them and read them aloud. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t read or write at the time, my grandma always translated my letters and read mine for me. The excitement and joy she got at reading each letter was matched only by my own, and these are some of my very favorite memories of her.

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Meet Piper, the DIY STEM computer kit for kids

As a parent, I’m always looking for toys that aren’t *just* toys for my kids. I want toys that inspire learning, ones that will resonate with the kids, and mostly I want toys that won’t get abandoned as soon as the shiny luster wears off. Well parents, I found the holy grail of presents for … Read more

Creativity For Kids and Craftivity art kits for the win

Have kids, tweens or teens you’re buying for this holiday season? Here’s a pro tip: go with the art supplies. Unless you are *absolutely positive* of what games they are wanting, what movies they don’t have, what brand is still “in”, or what clothing is and isn’t popular this week, just do yourself a favor … Read more

The best photo blankets from Collage.com

Every year when the holidays roll around, it’s basically a guarantee that at least some of the presents I give will be picture gifts. I’m the photographer in my group and I have file after file full of pictures I’ve taken throughout the year of all of our many events. So, it’s expected that I … Read more

DIY etched glass mugs for your home coffee bar – without a Cricut or Silhouette!

Etched glass coffee mugs

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HolidayFlavorsareHere #CollectiveBias Etched glassSince we’re lucky to live within walking distance of our co-op school, we often offer to parents who do pick up that they can come park at our house and walk with us to the school whenever they want. They know they will get some awesome conversations while we walk back and forth to school, and they also know that they will get offered a steaming mug of coffee to fend off the cold when we return from our walk. Keurig and Lindor 5To celebrate the changing of the seasons, I wanted to make myself a cute little coffee bar that had everything at  the ready for our guests to help themselves to the perfect mug of coffee throughout winter. All it took was a trip to Sam’s Club and I loaded up on everything I needed – Starbucks® Holiday Blend 60ct K-Cup® pods, Lindt Chocolate Assorted Lindor Truffle Bag 19 oz., and some fancy mugs to do a little glass etching monogram DIY.

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