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Sponsored postEvery year when the holidays roll around, it’s basically a guarantee that at least some of the presents I give will be picture gifts. I’m the photographer in my group and I have file after file full of pictures I’ve taken throughout the year of all of our many events. So, it’s expected that I would gift some of those pictures as surprises for loved ones, but there’s only so many framed prints you can possibly make. Collage blanketSo, I’m always looking for fun, personalized photo gifts and that’s when I turn to A few years ago, I posted all about how I love for sending picture presents to loved ones all over the world, and it’s still my go-to for long distance presents to loved ones. But, this year I got a chance to enjoy one of their amazing photo gifts for myself.

I ordered myself the Custom Sherpa Photo Blanket that arrived just days ago and it’s now one of my most favorite things I own. Seriously, I love it that much. Collage blanket 5

I should mention that I’ve tried fleece blankets in the past and although they were fun novelty items, they weren’t exactly high quality. By contrast, the Custom Sherpa Photo Blanket is a heavy weight Sherpa that is super soft and ready for keeping you warm on long winter nights. The front is covered in sharp detail with pictures in whatever design you prefer and then it is backed with cream colored Sherpa fleece on the other.

To start your blanket, you choose what blanket weight you would like – from fleece to plush Sherpa, or you can choose a woven design. Then you can choose one of 4 different sizes {5 if you’re ordering plush fleece} that fits your space. I personally think that bigger is better when it comes to blankets, but if you’re looking for a baby blanket or something really portable, you will love the smaller sizes. Collage blanket 2Once you choose your weight and size, you can start designing. You can pick from their templates or you can make your own and customize all the details however you would like – or you can do a combination of both, which is what I like to do.

I chose a vintage red border to match our living room, but there are tons more variations and prints you can use right on We played around with designs for quite a while before we virtually tried it on the blanket and agreed that the deep red was a great pop of color that wasn’t too distracting to the design. Collage blanket 4I think it was a great choice and we’re really happy with the way it turned out. Hubby and I love it because it is just so warm and cozy. We love cuddling up in it and smiling as we notice a favorite picture… or twenty. We both keep talking about how much it adds to our living room and what a fun keepsake it is of our year. I also love that the 60×80 size is perfect for covering us both for a movie night and can even handle keeping the whole family warm and cozy.

As for the kids? They treat it more like a photo book and will sit there and point out all the fun stuff they did this year. I will find them squealing about this picture or that, and it makes me so happy that our pictures aren’t hidden away in an album or drawer somewhere. This little girl is smitten with the Sherpa photo blanket and will spend hours pointing out her pictures and ones that she loves of her siblings. This is especially sweet when the older kids are off at school and I know she’s missing her people. Seeing her excitement over the blanket and the pictures, and the fun of hiding under the blanket waiting for a snuggle makes me so happy. Collage blanket 3Ready to order a Photo Blanket from Every year I stalk their holiday sales and typically find amazing deals around this week – so keep an eye out! Order one for grandma, one for your sister, one for your mom, but don’t forget to order yourself one, too, so you can snuggle up with all your favorite photo memories all year long.

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  1. What an awesome blanket. I love that you can use their templates or design your own. This would be such an awesome gift anytime of the year!

  2. I love Canvas Prints! My daughter is a senior and there are senior pics as well as photos of the trips she takes and outings with friends. This would be an amazing keepsake of her year.

  3. I can never seem to make my layouts look good no matter what size blanket I choose. I think I’m using too many photos! What do you recommend using for the different sizes so the photos stand out nicely and don’t end up too small or crowded? Thanks!

    • Dawn, I honestly think that it looks better with MORE pictures. I regretted using too few pictures once I saw my design. Remember, these are BIG and even small pictures will be quite large!


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