Disney’s Coco opens in theaters today

Coco toys 2Sponsored postAre you as excited about Disney-Pixar’s Coco as we are? This was a movie the kids and I have been waiting for, and I have to admit I was apprehensive that it was going to disappoint. We’ve been going to Seattle’s Day of the Dead festival for years so this was a subject we’ve talked a lot about as a family, but I was worried the movie would make light of the meaning of the day since it’s for children. Coco toys 4

Well, I had no reason to worry. Disney yet again did not disappoint and Coco was one of the best films we’ve seen this year. Not only was it funny and sweet, it was also meaningful and deep all at the same time, all while telling of the tradition of the day and why it means so much to those who observe it. As far as the portrayal of the Day of the Dead {or Dia de Muertos}, I feel like Disney did an amazing job and it was clear that the day was about celebrating and remembering those who passed.


It was also extremely important for the topic of loss and death to be handled with care because the past few years have brought some huge losses to our family, and we said goodbye to three beloved matriarchs, a great uncle, and a patriarch in a short span of time. Each loss has been hard, but as a whole it feels like a vital part of our family is missing from our lives. Coco toys 5Talking of the departed frequently and keeping their respective memories alive has been one of my goals, and I love that that’s one of the main themes in the movie. The idea that pictures of loved ones who have passed should be displayed on the ofrendas {altars built for this purpose} along with favorite foods, beverages, and possessions is such an important tradition, and one that I’m doing my best to do with our loved ones who have passed. Image006 (1)I think it’s important for children to know their grandparents and great-grandparents, and even great-great grands if possible. Even if they never had a chance to meet in person, there are so many ways you can help keep those memories alive and teach kids about their heritage. Coco toys playingIn the movie, Miguel {voice of Anthony Gonzalez} sets out on a journey to become an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz {voice of Benjamin Bratt}. The problem is that Miguel’s family has had a generations-old ban on music of all kinds after his great-great grandmother was abandoned by the father of her child in favor of a music career. Image010Desperate to prove his musical talent and change his family’s minds about music, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets Hector {voice of Gael García Bernal} and together they set off on a journey that ends up unfolding the real story behind Miguel’s family history. The story is touching and even tear-jerking in parts, and it becomes clear just how much was lost in the past few generations. Coco toysWe found ourselves laughing along in parts, crying in others, and wholeheartedly enjoying ourselves throughout. It’s rare that a movie can tackle such deep topics in a way that will resonate with both kids and adults alike, but I really feel like Coco succeeded on a fronts. I didn’t feel like there were “scary” parts of the movie, even though much of it takes place in the Land of the Dead, and all of my kids did just fine with the themes and topics because of how positively they were portrayed.

Bottom line: I would highly recommend seeing Disney-Pixar’s Coco this holiday season with your family.

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