Chorus from Fabriq gives you Alexa in an awesome little speaker you won’t want to hide

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Alexa, where have you been my whole life? Seriously, Fabriq speaker on shelfAs I discussed in my Techlicious post, I’ve basically been sitting out the newest tech upgrades for far too long now. But, when your phone doesn’t support 99.9% of apps, you end up with a smartphone that isn’t very smart. So, I’ve learned to tune out the newest tech releases on the assumption that they would basically be in brick mode unless hubby was there to make them work. It hasn’t been fun.

Having an Alexa enabled speaker was one of those newfangled tech upgrades that I would wistfully think “maybe someday”… But finally I decided it was time to let the kiddos and hubby have the fun of Alexa and agreed to check out the newest Fabriq Chorus speaker.Fabriq speaker in boxAnd, when my Chorus speaker arrived, I was slightly intrigued. But, I set it aside for hubby to connect, and then life happened. So, one day I pulled it out and figured out I could connect it on my own using a super old iPhone in wi-fi mode that has been collecting dust. It worked, and Alexa was ready to be my personal assistant in just over 10 minutes. Fabriq speaker in handFirst task? To please play the song my little one as been requesting non-stop but until now I had no way of playing for her. It was very popular, let me tell you. Mama all of a sudden was a hero, and I didn’t have to give her some excuse as to why I didn’t have any way of playing that song or explain yet again what a brick my phone really is.

Fabriq charging stand This is going to sound crazy, but this was my first time streaming music all on my own. I mean, sure I’ve used hubby’s phone to play music or I’ve borrowed tablets or music players, but I’m still mostly old-school when it comes to playing music. To make the leap from that to voice-activated music felt like a huge leap forward.
Fabriq speaker contents
By far the best thing I’ve found with the Fabriq speaker is that now that it’s set up I can use it without having to mess with a phone at all. That old iPhone is now back gathering dust and I’m back in action with all the newest technology. Since Alexa is all voice-activated, I can go hands-free and still enjoy tunes, podcasts, learning about different subjects, and even playing games, even while my smartphone gets less and less smart every day.

P.S Speaking of games: have you ever played the Animal Game with Alexa? My kids are addicted to it, and it’s really fun when we stump her. Hubby and I are partial to the quiz and trivia games, but we all agree that having Alexa in our lives is definitely a big huge win for all of us.

While music and games are certainly fun, the Fabriq has some really practical features, too, like being able to connect to our smart home {which coincidentally also wasn’t very smart for me with a phone that couldn’t get the app}. But, now with the Fabriq, I can control it just by utilizing Alexa. I wish I could convey just how happy this makes me.

Want to know what else the Fabriq can do? See all the many features below: Chorus speakerAfter one taste of Fabriq speakers, I’m sold. I eventually will get more Fabriq speakers so we can connect them together and get whole house sound that is portable and easy to use. I dream of having one in the living room, one in the kitchen, and one upstairs in the movie room that we could connect and use as a family. Imagine what I could do with an assistant’s help literally an “Alexa” away.

I still need to replace my phone and it’s definitely still on my list, but having the Fabriq with Alexa means that I can still enjoy all of our tech while I wait for that day. Trust me when I say that knowing that I can still access music, games, and our smart home system has made a huge difference to me. So, thank you for that Fabriq, this tech upgrade was much needed and very much appreciated.

Pick up the Chorus speaker from Fabriq and finally get yourself an Alexa you don’t have to hide. Check out all the adorable colors and patterns and find the one that speaks to you.

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