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I was sent some samples to facilitate this review, but then I went out and bought even more products because I love bareMinerals so much. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

I’m so incredibly excited. I finally got out of my makeup rut I had been in all of my adult life where I thought I was choosing convenience but instead made everything extra hard on myself. But, that’s all in the past now that I have a whole new makeup toolbox thanks to a Seattle event that ironically never happened. But, even though the event was cancelled, it still introduced me to bareMinerals, a brand I had heard of but never had a chance to try before now. BareMinerals productsWell, I tried it and now I love it.

A little backstory: I was 14 when I went to a makeup party with my mom and we learned the basics of how to apply makeup and take care of my skin. That was roughly two decades ago, and it turns out a whole lot of what I learned was incorrect, including what colors I should be using. It also turns out no one really cares whether you are a Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall anymore {did anyone else ever have a problem with the “seasons” approach to skincare, too?}

But, the one good thing that came of this makeup event is that I realized the benefit of having a skin care system that works together instead of piecing together a collection from different sources and hoping it works. The problem was finding that perfect system now that my skincare needs have drastically changed. BareMinerals skincareSo, for two decades I’ve been searching for another makeup brand that I could fall for so hard that I would completely overhaul my old makeup and face care routine. And, I finally found it with bareMinerals just in time for holiday pictures, parties and more. BarePROI was thrilled when a package containing the latest bareMinerals products and the new BAREPRO Liquid Foundation arrived at my doorstep, and it started a domino effect in my makeup bag. After it arrived, my daughter and I headed out to the nearest makeup counter to check out the rest of the line. While we were there we learned all the basics about the makeup and skincare line, soaked in all their tips and tricks for applying bareMinerals and how to complement the products we were sent, and we learned so much about the quality of the products they use and how they work on your skin. BareMinerals Foundation 2I learned better ways of applying their new BAREPRO liquid foundation than I had been doing on my own, tips and tricks for using loose powder foundation, they went over ways to add highlights, contouring and concealing. And, I also learned what products work best for my skin color and type, with tips for bringing out my best features. After they were done showing me everything my daughter and I wanted, I walked away with a bag full of products they sold me on as well as small trial sized vials of anything I wanted to try on my own before committing. BareMinerals foundationAnd, then I loved it all so much that I went back for all the larger sizes of the products I tried just a few days later. In the end, I filled my makeup bag with bareMinerals brand and I am loving it.

It’s not only nice to finally have a complete system again, it’s also so awesome to not have to struggle with makeup anymore. Even though I was going with mid- to high-priced beauty products up until now, they are night and day difference to bareMinerals in terms of how long they last and the quality of the product itself. BareMinerals foundation and brushNew makeup is always incredibly fun, but there’s something special about opening your makeup bag and seeing a whole matching set. Knowing that the products work together is key in creating makeup looks that go from day to night, and I love that I can confidently mix and match with my bareMinerals products. BareMinerals add onsBut the best part about using bareMinerals? Not feeling like I need to reapply foundation and powder over and over again throughout the day. I apply it once and am done – no more purse powder for touchups or worrying about finding a mirror to see if my makeup is streaked or gone completely.

My bareMinerals products came at just the right time as I was battling a red, blotchy face after a cold and I needed something with more coverage to hide my poor red skin. bareMinerals not only handled the red nose, it actually helped camouflage my other skin issues beautifully, even when I was blowing my nose constantly. BareMinerals collectionDo you want to try out bareMinerals? I would highly recommend checking out the bareMinerals counter at your local Macy’s or Nordstrom {or if you’re lucky enough to have a bareMinerals store, definitely go there!}. You can also find your perfect match here. This was the way I chose my colors and I definitely nailed them with help from their shade finder. Nailing colors on the first try is an absolute first for me as apparently I’m a really hard match to make. I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve used a product once and got rid of it because it was the wrong color. Never again.

Tell me – do you love bareMinerals as much as I do?BareMinerals holiday shop

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