Creativity For Kids and Craftivity art kits for the win

Girls with bath bombs Sponsored postHave kids, tweens or teens you’re buying for this holiday season? Here’s a pro tip: go with the art supplies. Unless you are *absolutely positive* of what games they are wanting, what movies they don’t have, what brand is still “in”, or what clothing is and isn’t popular this week, just do yourself a favor and go with something safe that they won’t have to return.

Crafts are one of the few things that’s a guaranteed win. Since one of our absolute favorite ways of bonding with the kids is through arts and crafts, we tend to turn to crafts as go-to presents because it allows us to do something fun together that has almost no “rules”. Thankfully, Faber-Castell doesn’t just have the basics must-haves, they also have awesome art supplies and craft kits covered from preschool all the way through to the professional artist.

Not sure if your kids, tweens or teens like crafts? Well, I can tell you that I have helped in the kids’ schools for years and have never in my life met a kid who didn’t like crafting, especially when the crafts are undoubtably cool. Creativity for KidsCreativity For Kids craft kits

These art kits from Creativity For Kids are undoubtably the coolest. We’re talking mermaid frames, bath bomb kits, jewelry design, painting sets, and so much more.

This past week we set up a little crafting day for our kiddos and had so much fun trying some of the newest kits from Creativity For Kids. The kids were flipping out about the crafts they were making all by themselves, and I loved that every single thing they needed to make awesome arts was included in each kit. Everything. Essential oils for craft kitNo running around searching for special glue, paint brushes, spray bottles, or any other supplies other kits seems to forget. Nope. It was all there, and they basically needed no help to make some truly amazing stuff. Bath Fizzy MisterNot only were the kits incredibly fun to do as a group, the crafts that they made are actually really cool. I’ve gotten my share of noodle necklaces over the years, and I know I’m supposed to love them and keep them forever, but I admit they usually end up going “missing” by day three. But, not these kids crafts. These crafts are the kinds parents actually would like to be given because they are cool, practical, and it’s really awesome knowing that your child spent time making something just for you.

Truly, these crafts are cool enough to gift all on their own, even for people that aren’t their parents. In fact, some of the favorite craft kits from Creativity For Kids are the ones where the kids can make special presents for their friends. I love that the kids are spending their time making handmade gifts for their favorite classmates, and they love that they are giving something more special than a store-bought knicknack. Bath bombsCraftivity art kits

If you are sitting here looking at the craft kits thinking that they might be a tad too young for your artist, what you are looking for are Craftivity art kits from Faber-Castell. These are super cool art kits that have more of a teen/tween focus. My daughter is obsessed with these kits and we get these to do together as part of our mother-daughter bonding.
3512000_3She loves that we are making something so cool that she would want to buy in store if she saw it, and I love spending time with my girl crafting and creating.

Whereas I think the Creativity For Kids kits are awesome for playdates and kids crafting on their own, Craftivity art kits appeal more to my taste. These are the art projects I would put together on my own, you know, if I had all the time in the world.

Thankfully, I can go the easy route and just pick up a Craftivity kit a few times a month and craft with my girl.  3512000_2

We absolutely loved the Craftivity Aroma Jewelry kit we received this year to craft with. We’re very much into essential oils, so we thought this was a really cool idea to wear our favorite scents. And, like the Creativity For Kids kits, the Aroma Jewelry set also included everything we needed to make our wearable scent diffusers, including the oils.

Add charms, change up the chains, add tassels, mix the oils, and more to create your custom creations. Craftivity kitSo, this year, I’m going not run around trying to figure out what the newest fad toy is or what every parent is stalking in stores. Instead, I’m going to order up a few of these awesome art kits from Faber-Castell and surprise some of my favorite kiddos, teens and tweens with the gift of creativity. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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