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6a0105362badb1970b019b0090cb11970c-800wi6a0105362badb1970b01b8d26a17bd970c-800wiIt’s now been four years since we surprised our oldest daughter with a heart shaped locket from for Christmas. Since the day she opened the locket four years ago, it quickly become one of her most cherished possessions. She wears it all the time, and it is her special comfort piece she turns to when she’s having a hard time being away.

Want to know how many other things she’s had for four years that are still beloved and special still? Let’s just say that I can count them on one hand. That isn’t a big surprise to anyone with kids because parents know there is a lot of growing and changing kids do in a matter of a year. The fact is that toys get abandoned for the newest fad or phase in mere months. PicturesOnGoldBut, not her necklace. When I think back to when she first opened up and put on her special locket, I picture my baby. It makes me so happy to see her wearing that same necklace today, and her obvious love for it and all it symbolizes.

Because she loves it so much, she has made it her mission to get everyone else in the family a special locket from as well. She’s gotten one for her sister, and for me, but this year she wanted to get her brother a special necklace, too. Her dream is now a reality thanks to, where she designed a necklace for him that is simply perfect for him. PicturesOnGold necklace closedYes, it’s true. My 9 year old is the official locket designer in our house. It really is that simple to design that even a kid can do it. We just get her started, help her select pictures when she’s ready, and complete the purchase for her. But, as for the rest, we leave it all up to her. PicturesOnGold necklace
All of us girls have heart shaped locket, but she wanted something special for her brother’s special locket. We debated about going with a circle or oval design, but then we saw the 2-Picture Dog Tag Locket and knew it was perfect.

She wanted to do a monogram on the front and put pictures of us all together in some of our favorite places inside. If you haven’t seen laser engraved pictures, you will be blown away. They are so vibrant and have so much detail, they really pop in the locket like you wouldn’t believe. PicturesOnGold open
Want to design your own locket from Start designing here, and see how much fun it is to really personalize it. You can watch a video of my daughter designing a locket here:

Order your own locket, keychain, dog tag and more from this holiday season and watch your recipient squeal in delight.

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