Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: the best gifts for kids

Who doesn’t have a few kids on your list to buy for? No matter what age or gender you’re shopping for, or if you’re looking for active, indoor, or cuddly items, this list has a recommendation for you!Kids holiday gift guide

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1. Slackers NinjaLine 36′ Kit. What kid doesn’t want to be a ninja? Now they can ninja themselves silly in your own backyard thanks to a slack line with seven obstacles. Included are three 10″ x 2.5″ nylon rope knots, two piece 16″ monkey bar holds with triangle safety carabiners, and two gymnastics rings with textured finish. Simply hang the slack line between two healthy trees or posts and let the kids get all their energy out. Remove obstacles and lower just above the ground to use as a traditional slack line or suspend it in the air for crazy ninja fun. Slacker Ninjaline 36′ kit includes carrying bag and all you need {except the trees} to get started.

Ninja Slackline

2. The World of PLAYMOBIL. My kids could not possibly love PLAYMOBIL more if they tried. We currently have a collection that can only be referred to as epic, spanning an entire loft and a good portion of a walk-in closet. And, our set is going to get even more amazing because the one thing all three kids asked for this year from Santa {and grandma} was PLAYMOBIL sets to add to their collection. On top of their wishlists is this adorable PLAYMOBIL Spirit Riding Free Lucky’s House Playset inspired by one of their favorite shows. We already have Lucky’s bedroom set and the set with the dad’s covered wagon from the Spirit line, so I’m sure the house will be the next big purchase as we create Lucky’s homestead on the frontier.


PLaymobil house

See how we built a PLAYMOBIL playscape to enhance our PLAYMOBIL fun:
Playmobil helicopter

3. Razor Hovertrax. Thanks to Razor’s own exclusive EverBalance technology that automatically levels the Hovertrax 1.5 for an easier mount, it’s easier than ever to get in on the hoverboard action. No more grabbing the nearest wall, railing, or willing friend – the Hovertrax does it all for you, making mounting and dismounting as easy as stepping onto an escalator. Indoors or out, long cruises, or 360-degree spins, it is easy to maneuver and packs in all the fun to make every ride an adventure. The Hovertrax has a powerful, 25.2-volt lithium-ion battery pack made with authentic LG that gives you 45-min of blissful, supercharged riding. Made of steel and a shatter-resistant polymer body with awesome front blue LED light bars and anti-slip rubber traction pads, the Razor Hovertrax 1.5 looks beautiful and sleek. Available on amazon.com

See more about all the fun we’re having on the Razor hover board:Razor Hoverboard lit up


4. Maileg Mice. The tradition of Maileg mice in the stocking started when my oldest was little and now I can’t imagine Christmas without a tiny mouse in each stocking. We have a whole shelf of these little critters in my daughters’ room and they get tons of love year-round. I love their little handmade accessories, the matchbox and cigar box beds that some of the mice come in, and their adorably simple clothing that reminds me of everything pure and good about childhood. I have these bride and groom Maileg mice on my list or their adorable mom and dad mouse in a box {see link, but note the prices are way inflated on Amazon}. Honestly, any of their mice collection is welcome around our house. Maileg Mice

5. Faber Castell Modern Calligraphy Kit. Learn the basics of water color, calligraphy, and modern text art with this awesome calligraphy set. With tools that can help you learn spacing of your letter art as well as watercolor basics, you can create fun art pieces as well as develop beautiful penmanship to enhance your crafts. You can find this modern calligraphy set at FaberCastell.com and Amazon.com.

Faber Castell Calligraphy

6. LEGO Creator sets. Do your kids tear apart all your expensive LEGO sets to build their own creations and every time you find one dismantled you die a little inside? If so, LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets are for you. These sets encourage the creativity in kids and allow them to build any one of the included designs, or to use the pieces to make their own unique design. Put away the Kragle and let your kids build, play, and rebuild with the Creator sets. We love the Outback Adventures LEGO Creator set available at LEGO.com and other retailers nationwide.

Lego Creator

7. Bruder from Hammacher Schlemmer. We found Bruder toys when my son was little and now we have a full-on “garage” of 1:16 scale vehicles made by the German toymaker. No other toy trucks and vehicles can compare to the 92-year history of Bruder in terms of realistic moving parts and accessories. This is why after years of play every other brand has been abandoned and Bruder still makes the cut. The only problem with Bruder? Tracking down their products in the US to order them is a nightmare. Unless you’re lucky enough to live near a Bruder dealer, you’re stuck with ebay and amazon, both of which are lacking. This is why I was thrilled to find the Mack UPS truck and forklift at Hammacher Schlemmer, one of my very favorite stores because of their impeccable customer service and commitment to quality items. This UPS definitely does not disappoint with its authentic details that mimic its full-size counterpart including opening/closing cabin doors, folding mirrors, treaded tires, and freight tilting function. The forklift performs nimble 360┬║ turns and has working forks that lift and lower the included pint-sized pallets and then attaches to the back of the truck for highway transport.

UPS truck from Hammacher Schlemmer

8. Lumenico Colour & Shine LED Bedside Night Light. What kid doesn’t want their own special bedside night light with a design of their choice? That light becomes even cooler when you can control it with the included remote, change the color as you desire, and even hand color it and personalize your creation with the included markers. Runs by either battery or USB so you can use it on the go or plug it in at home. If your kids are anything like mine, they will love the 7″ translucent  Colour & Shine LED light from Lumen Co and it will become a fixture in their rooms well after the holidays.

Aloka Colour and Shine

9. 3-in-1 Game Night Table from American Girl. My kiddos have convinced me this is the coolest toy in all of American Girl based on their ability to spend hours in the store playing with it every time we visit. At first it seemed like a novelty item, but then when I realized the games were fully functional and the kids could actually play foosball, tabletop tennis, and air hockey with miniature paddles, pucks and more. I was sold, and it went on our wishlist. Like all American Girl items, the 3-in-1 Game Night Table is incredibly well made and designed to be played with – by dolls or by small humans. Start shopping at American Girl or check it out in stores.

 American Girl 3 in 1 game table

10. Corolle Dolls. Every year, we include Corolle on our list for a very good reason: we’ve never had a Christmas where one, two, or even all three kids asked for something Corolle. It’s going to be a sad day when there’s not a Corolle baby under our tree, filling Christmas day with baby snuggles and giggles. This year, we’re welcoming this little beauty to our family, just in time for winter fun.  Choose your kiddo’s best friend at Corolle.com

See more about the magic of Corolle:

Corolle Baby Doll

11. Fujifilm Instax Camera. My daughter has wanted one of these point-and-shoot instant cameras for years, and this year she was surprised by one at #BeachesMoms Social Media on the Sand. We love the instant wallet 3 1/2″ x 2″ photographs and have gone Instax crazy buying cases, albums, and frames for our favorite pictures. The camera has a 1/60 second shutter speed and its auto-retracting lens, automatic exposure control, and built-in flash with a range up to 8 3/4′ ensure crisp, clear photographs in all light conditions. Choose your film – either B&W, low saturation, and vivid color, or you can choose fun decorative film for parties and birthdays. Your kids will love the Fujifilm Instax for parties, for travel, and for  documenting all their milestones.

Fujifilm Instax

Happy shopping!

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