The magic of Corolle Dolls

Corolle dollsI swear my heart just melted. This girl and her love for her babies has me completely smitten. The tenderness with which she cares for each of her Corolle dolls is admittedly something pretty special. Corolle tucked in bedLooking at all of this love, I can’t help but be sentimental. It seems like just months ago my firstborn opened her first Corolle baby, and mere weeks ago when my son went everywhere with his beloved Corolle babies. Oh, how time flies.Corolle baby dolls
Instead of our love of Corolle diminishing over the years as the kiddos grew, our love has only grown over the years. Now that my youngest has her very own Corolle doll that goes with us everywhere, I was realizing that we’ve officially had Corolle by our side for over a decade. Corolle loveWhen this little one opened up her very own special Corolle doll this Christmas, there were no dry eyes in the house. The excitement with which she unwrapped her doll and named it {before it ever even came out of the box} was pure joy, and I wish I could bottle that up and keep it forever.Corolle feedingThere are very few toys of my kids that I have a sentimental attachment to, but Corolle is absolutely that brand for me. But, then again, there are very few toys that have been consistently part of my life for over two decades when you consider my own Corolle childhood and now into motherhood. Corolle dolls are just one of those special toys that are truly timeless and capture the essence of childhood.Corolle doll Collection

Corolle’s newest releases

Recently our Corolle collection got a huge upgrade to go along with my little one’s special Corolle Christmas baby, and the new line has us all swooning. My little one couldn’t be happier about her new accessories and gear, as well as her very own bath baby that matches her siblings’ Tidoo dolls… but, like the Christmas baby, this one is all for her. Corolle dolls unboxingI adore that Corolle creates accessories and toys that grow with your children, and many of their items have ways that they transform as you play, like the Corolle highchair we love that turns into a desk to enhance playtime. In the new line, I especially love the new Corolle doll bed that can transform from baby bed to toddler bed just by flipping it upside down. For smaller babies, like the bath baby, you can use the angled bed side, and for the larger babies you can flip it over so it’s more like a traditional bed. How cool is that?!

Corolle doll bed

The Magic of Corolle Dolls

The Corolle story begins in Langeais, in the heart of France’s Loire Valley. There, a team of five people work to dream up, design and select models, fabrics and materials for each of their dolls and accessories. This attention to detail shows in each of the dolls and accessories they produce, and the finished products are like kid magnets in the stores we frequent.

With their sweet faces, cuddly bodies and delicate vanilla scent, Corolle dolls are unmistakable. My kids can spot a Corolle doll from yards away, at any angle, and are immediately drawn to it. We’ve had lots of babies come and go through our house, but only the Corolle babies were beloved friends that came to stay.Corolle doll girlsFor years now we have packed our Corolle for vacations, hikes, days out as a family, bike rides, and even just for short shopping trips, and I love that we still have years left of Corolle love yet to go. Seeing the same friendships develop between my little one and her dolls is something that I’ve been looking forward to, and I’m so excited that she has bonded like she has with her dolls.Corolle hugsHer siblings are also thrilled that she has now left their Corolle dolls alone now that she has her very own special Corolle friend, and peace is yet again restored in our family. And, admittedly, the kids love that Corolle is once again the hot new toy in our household. The kiddos still look for any excuse to play dolls, and they all really love all the new food and snack accessories that make playtime even more fun with babies. Corolle foodsHer siblings especially love the new Corolle toaster and they took turns pretending to fix the baby her meal just so they could use it. Corolle toasterThere is a whole lot of delighted giggles every single time they press the button so the “toast” pops up, somehow surprising them every.single.time. They could have done this all day, if the little one would have let them, that is.Corolle toast in airIt just goes to show you how timeless Corolle toys really are when my son and almost tweenager {hold me… I’m not ready for that *at all*} will play with Corolle all afternoon with their sister, but that’s part of the Corolle Magic. It turns out that that magic never really leaves you, you just find it in unexpected ways throughout the years.Corolle kisses Bring the magic of Corolle into your own home and you’ll understand this special bond. Pick up a baby and some accessories from your local toy store or online and you’ll be bringing home a friend for your little one.

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  1. Please, how do you repair my Corolla doll? Her head is off. How can I reattach it.?
    There is nothing to attach the head to.

    She is 22” with blue eyed and long dark brown hair.
    Thank you
    Nadine Morella


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