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When I was young, my mother and I bonded over dolls.  Whereas I liked reading, arts and crafts and cooking, my mother preferred dancing, music, and writing.  However, we both liked dolls.  I think this is a big part of the reason that every year when I was growing up there was a doll or doll accessory under the tree waiting for me, whether it was homemade or store bought.  Now with a daughter of 6a0105362badb1970b0128768a2794970c-800wimy own, I am completely thrilled that she adores dolls as much as I once did and am really excited that dolls are something she and I can bond over like my mother and I did all those years ago.

Every year when Christmas rolls around, I think of the magic of finding something from Corolle dolls under the tree and I can’t help but get excited.  I used to dream about what doll or accessory I might find waiting for me and now I get just as excited planning what my daughter will find.  I can’t help but think that this must have been how my mom felt all those years ago and I feel like in some ways we bond all over again as I tell her which doll or accessory we’ll be opening on Christmas morning. 

In looking through the Corolle catalog over the past year, there are some amazing “Wow” presents that would be perfect under the tree this year:

The Corolle three-wheeled jogging stroller.  My daughter has had doll strollers before, but nothing like the Corolle Jogging Stroller.  As soon as she saw it, she squealed with delight and kept exclaiming that it was “just like Mama’s”.  As soon as it was put together, she grabbed onto it and began to run.  And run… and run. 

Anyone who knows my daughter just re-read that past line, because they have probably never, ever seen her run.  Even though she’s incredibly strong, she’s really not naturally athletic and prefers to walk, spin, and skip over jogging any day.  But, once she held onto the Corolle Jogging Stroller, she took off and ran for an amazing 1.7 miles.  Yes, you read that right.  It turns out, my daughter just needed to be motivated by Corolle Dolls in order to enjoy running!  Another “first” with Corolle Dolls!

Corolle Jogging Stroller
The Corolle Coquette Blonde.
  Speaking of firsts, my daughter is *almost* ready for a doll with hair, which means I will finally be able to get her one of the Miss Corolle dolls I love.  If you’ve got an older
W0111_01girl, I would highly recommend checking out the Miss Corolle line {as well as the Les Cheries line} that are perfect for your growing Corolle fan.  Just think of the hours your daughter would spend brushing and styling the hair of her Corolle and dressing her for school, riding lessons, and a wintery walk. 

The Corolle Cradle.  Quite possibly the cutest doll bed ever, the Corolle Cradle in soft pink is perfect for putting your baby down for a long winter’s nap.  You may remember that a Corolle Doll Bed was our “wow” Christmas present two years ago, and even after 24 months it is still one of the most beloved toys in our house.  When it’s not beautifully storing her Corolle collection, it is set up for her beloved Cora doll {the Bebe Do} with its classic Corolle floral print bedding.

PICT4640The Corolle Bebe Amour.  This is my daughter’s newest addition to her doll collection.  Her Bebe Amour is named after her, tucked in with her nearly every night, constantly using my son's high chair/bouncy seat/swing, and is lovingly dressed in my daughter’s 3 month old clothing each day.  The size of a real 3 month old baby, the Bebe Amour would be the perfect gift for a new big sister, an older girl who loves baby dolls, and a great way to make your Corolle collection grow with your child.  And, doesn't my little girl look thrilled with her new best friend?

58619_03The Corolle Navy Blue & Pink Carriage. When talking “wow” gifts, you would be remiss not to mention the classic Corolle Carriage.  Is there anything more precious than a girl pushing a carriage with a beloved doll?  The Navy Blue & Pink Carriage is the epitome of the classic carriage and would wow just about any girl, regardless of age.  Maybe that's why this classic ride has been top of most little girl’s lists for years. 

The Corolle Bebe Charmeur.  I’ve seen the Corolle Dolls Facebook page discussions and hands-down the crowd goes wild for the Bebe Charmeur every year around the holidays.  V9076_01If you are looking for the classic Corolle Doll, you don’t need to look any further than this little beauty.  A friend recently opened one of these classic baby dolls for her 2nd birthday and you would not believe the reaction from the party guests as they took turns carrying the baby, still in the box, around lovingly.  Can’t you just picture her leaning against the fireplace or displayed in the Corolle Cradle on Christmas morning?

As you can see from our list, Corolle has classic dolls for every age and stage, and any of their extensive line would be sure to wow this holiday season.  The Corolle brand is amazing in that it provides decades of open-ended and creative play for your little one with its dolls and accessories that grow with your child.  Even as their interests and abilities change, it ensures that whatever doll you choose can be a life-long friend. 

For more WOW gifts, visit and take a look at all the goregousness that your little one could open on the big day! Marque-l-histoire-490x229

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Corolle for sending the jogging stroller for review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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