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It's hard to believe that our elf, Ryan has only been here a few days.  Just like last year, he has quickly become part of the family and we are all dreading the day that he returns to the North Pole to help Santa on Christmas Eve. 

Ryan the Elf with Brother
Yes, that's my son learning to walk holding onto Ryan the elf, and then getting up enough courage to walk Ryan over to the rocking horse for a ride.  Thank goodness Ryan slept through most of it, because he's already made it clear that he doesn't really do horsey rides.  I did, however, grab these shots which I left for him to see.

In the past weeks we have had all sorts of adventures only a crazy bunch of kids with an elf could dream up.  But, this year was even more fun now that Ryan brought his mini elf, Eric, with him. If you thought one magic elf was fun, you should see what kind of fun we can have with a magic elf and a mini elf.  While Eric doesn't have any special powers {unless you count being cute}, he still adds a lot of fun to our Elfcapades, plus I think he makes Ryan feel more at home.

Since Ryan still hasn't acclimated to our time zone and is still very sleepy during the day, we've decided it's best to keep him on that schedule so he will be most helpful on Christmas Eve when all the elves pull an all-nighter to help Santa.  This means that he still is at his liveliest when we are sleeping, and he mostly sleeps during the daytime.

So, while we awake to Ryan's Elfcapades nearly every morning, we use the afternoons to have mini-Elfcapades where we "borrow" Eric for a little while.  This past week we've had Eric dressed all in pink {which Ryan hates}, hiding in the Christmas stockings, and peeking out of the advent calendar on the wall when Ryan awoke, which I'm sure he thought was just as funny as we think his Elfcapades are. 

So, our favorite Elfcapade so far?  It would have to be when we found him ziplining from the chandelier to the Christmas tree this week, hanging by his little gloved hand and riding a piece of thread as if it were an amusement ride.   

Ryan Elf Zip Lining

If you would like to start a wonderful family tradition for the holiday season, you can check out and see all about how to send Santa a letter requesting your own boy or girl Elf-Magic Elf visit you this holiday season!  You can also click on the Elfcapades tab and see what kinds of adventures other 6a0105362badb1970b0147e04d42ce970b-200wifamilies have had with their elves!

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Santa for answering my daughter's letter and sending Ryan the elf again this holiday season.  He will be a welcome addition to our family each and every year!


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