BigJigs Rose Cottage Wooden Dollhouse

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide – Day 23

While I didn’t want for much growing up with 4 siblings and built-in best friends, I always thought there was a void in my life that a doll house would have fit perfectly.  I wanted a doll house so much, in fact, that I made my own: first out of cardboard, tape, and glue, and then, with my grandpa’s help, I eventually made a wooden one out of scrap pieces in his workshop.  As you can imagine, these weren’t exactly the houses I had envisioned and I always swore that if I had a little girl, I would make sure that she had her own doll house to play with.

As fate would have it, I did have that daughter, and as luck would have it, she also adores dollhouses.  Thank goodness I found BigJigs Rose Cottage in time to make my promise to 151639myself come true.  Like everything from BigJigs, the Rose Cottage is simply adorable and exactly what childhood memories are made of.  Just picture for a minute the cutest starter dollhouse imaginable and that’s exactly what the Rose Cottage looks like. 

Besides being the dollhouse of my childhood dreams, the Rose Cottage is also extremely practical.  For one thing, it comes with all the furniture and people you need to get started!  For all those parents out there who have put together the doll house, the kitchen, or the playset the night before Christmas only to find that there’s nothing to actually play with, you will understand how important this is.  There’s really nothing worse than an exciting toy that can’t be played with, and BigJigs understands that it’s the accessories that make play fun.

And, you should see all the numerous amazing accessories that the Rose Cottage comes with!  It has an entire house full of furniture, small appliances, and décor just waiting to be Rosecottage_int2moved into any of the adorably painted rooms of the Rose Cottage.  Once the furniture is in place, all that’s left is moving in the family of 4, their dog and cat, and inviting the grandparents over for a visit. 

The second thing we love about the Rose Cottage is the clever design that allows for easy and fast setup, and the fact that it can come apart for storage.  Since each of the pieces connect like a big puzzle that fit together perfectly, putting it together is actually quite fun and something that only takes a few minutes.  But, my favorite thing about the design is the fact that the house has a front to it that can be shut when the dollhouse is not being played with.  This means all those little pieces that have a tendency to migrate out of the house stay put, and it also means that clean up simply involves shutting the front of the house and all you see is the adorably painted front with windows that open and close.

Quite honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything but perfection from BigJigs after seeing some of their extensive line Wooden-heritage-playsetsrecently.  They truly are one of those companies that understand that toys should be well designed, durable, and adorable.   Maybe that’s why for 25 years BigJigs has been inspiring imaginations with their truly amazing products in Europe and why they are in high demand everywhere they sell.  I really couldn’t be more excited that they have brought their innovation to the States, and just in time for the holidays, too. 

Be sure to check out the entire BigJigs line of heirloom quality toys to find something perfect for every kid on your list.  From castles to trains and tracks, there’s a playset for any interest and any age, including over a dozen that I would love to play with. 

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