Christmas at Rave Central

There's nothing like having a toddler to make Christmas feel magical again.  Here's what Christmas looked like at our house this year:

Christmas Morning 1

 Christmas Morning 3

Have you ever seen a happier kid on Christmas morning? 

Here's pretty much how she looked for the rest of the day…

Christmas Morning 1
 And then the obligatory Christmas Tree pic:

Christmas Morning 4 

For the record, that is my hat that she is wearing.  I opened it from hubby and then it was promptly borrowed for the rest of the day and has yet to be returned.  It currently is being used as a doll blanket for her beloved Corolle doll.  It's hard to be a Grinch when the culprit is this cute.   

Speaking of cute, our little one enjoyed Christmas so much that we have been setting up her doll in the Corolle doll bed each night so she can come downstairs to Christmas every day.  It might be the cutest thing ever and makes me hope it never fails to enchant.  I could look forward to Christmas all year long and getting this same sweet smile every day.    

Hope your Holidays were Merry and Bright!

14 thoughts on “Christmas at Rave Central”

  1. She is just darling! I just got my little girl a Corolle doll and am looking forward to her being old enough to enjoy it that much. I love the baby doll stroller & bed. I will put that on my daughter’s Christmas list for next year.

  2. Absolutely the most adorable pictures ever! Her face is priceless! Isn’t it amazing how the magic of Christmas comes alive again when a child’s face lights up like that? Thank you for sharing these precious photos with her Corolle doll! Love it!

  3. OMGosh she is so CUTE! I don’t even think I got quite that happy of a reaction from our daughter. Love the hat. That is our girl, LeAnne, big into hats of any kind!
    Happy New Year!!

  4. The baby crib and stroller are both from Corolle and are even cuter in person! I did a review of the stroller in December with the Corolle doll and it is absolutely my daughter’s favorite girly toy!

  5. She is REALLY cute! I was actually going to ask where you got that hat for HER until I realized it was YOUR hat 🙂
    I think it is a keeper for her though…
    Jill K.


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