Happy Holidays!

I’m wishing you all a wonderful and magical holiday, filled with lots of laughter and love.  Speaking of love (and laughter), here’s what we’ve been up to these last few days as we got ready for Christmas.  Hint, it wasn’t reviewing.


I can’t take credit for all these little gems; my little sister is half my size and twice as creative.  She created the Spanish tree, Pokey Little Puppy, pie baker, and the Spain tribute (with the ham bone).  Hubby created the Guitar Hero tribute.  That leaves the bed, fireplace, monkey and the Nanerpus that I can take compliments on.  Speaking of which, comments on this post are open.  Feel free to share a little holiday cheer…

But, here’s my favorite ornament I created this year, a special ornament to celebrate my daughter’s new favorite toy.

XSteo2 Kitchen 2 XStep2 Kitchen
Look familiar?  That’s because we are giving away the muse for this little ornament, the full size Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen as part of our 2009 Holiday Gift Guide.  Go enter now to win your own Step2 Play Kitchen.  Who knows, maybe this time next year you’ll be asking me for creative tips so you can make your kids their own special handmade Step2 miniature kitchen.

A Very Merry Christmas from

Rave and Review!

ChristmasRR125x125 copy

8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Wow! She is amazingly creative! What did you make them out of? My hubby loved the Pokey Little Puppy as a boy and we have introduced him to our son this year. So, any chance you would make and do a giveaway for something like this next year??
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I’m glad to see that you took a break this holiday season and were able to relax now that the gift guide is done (it is done, right?)
    I love the guitar hero ornament!


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