Corolle dolls: a friend you can count on

A big thanks to Corolle Dolls for sending a doll and a carriage to be loved. I shared it in my holiday gift guide, but I wanted to share it again and show off all the love it receives each week. No monetary compensation was received for this Rave Review. Corolle Walk 2

I’ve said it for years and I’ll say it again: Corolle dolls aren’t just any old baby doll – they are best friends. The snuggle of a Corolle doll has gotten my kids through all their childhood fears and the baby dolls they fall in love with remain beloved friends even after they grow out of the typical doll stage. Now, more than ever, we need simple pleasures and the reminder that things will be okay again… hopefully soon. Corolle dolls help us remember all the good in the world and help us forget that we’re in turmoil with every moment uncertain. 

If there’s one thing I learned in the past few weeks it’s that kids *hate* social distancing. Yes, most adults hate it, too, but we can handle the idea of catching up with friends via text or call for at least a few weeks. Kids, on the other hand? They crave in person contact and they start to go a little crazy when they can’t get it. Corolle Walk

As a parent, it’s really tough to tell your child they cannot do something that they could do just last week, and this self-imposed quarantine has been quite the challenge. This is especially true with my littlest as she seems to understand in theory that we’re staying away from people, but she still doesn’t get that she can’t run and hug her BFF when they see each other on a socially distant walk. Corolle Dolls all bundled upAnd, nothing makes you sadder than having to grab your child mid-run and remind them that we can’t do that anymore. It’s enough to bring tears to my eyes just thinking about all her sweet questions she had as we talked to her friend from a safe distance instead of running to embrace. Corolle Walk 3

So, these days I’m looking for anything and everything I can say “yes” to, and one of those things is bringing her own best friend with us wherever we go. Yes, it’s a little bit slower when we go on our daily nature walks having to bring a baby doll stroller pushed by the most distractible family member, but the joy she gets from bringing them far outweighs the slowness. Corolle Walk 4

I don’t have all the answers these days, but I do have the answer to the important questions. The answer to “can I bring my baby?” is always “yes”. Corolle Dolls set

My little one is pushing the newest Corolle Doll carriage that she opened on Christmas morning. We didn’t know then just how much she would need this in her life, but it was perfect timing for coming into our home. The new baby doll has been the best distraction of all as she had been dying for a 14″ doll of her own. This sweet Lilly Enchanted Winter Corolle doll has only been here a few weeks and already she’s as beloved as any doll has ever been. My little one loves fiercely, and she loves this doll with every ounce of her heart. 

Where to buy

Find a Corolle doll your little one will love at and then you can purchase from Amazon. Keep in mind that your local toy stores might have a new Corolle friend already in stock, and if you can, please reach out and see if you can do a curb side pick up. Your local economy will thank you, and you will be grateful you still have toy store after all this blows over.

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