Creativity for Kids gardening kits make any staycation fun

I know all you mamas out there are trying your best to help your kiddos cope with the new restrictions and fears that we all are experiencing. At this point, I’m looking for any way at all to eliminate some of those worries, and I am so thankful I had some educational fun stashed away from Creativity for Kids.

Solidarity, all you new homeschooling Mamas.

Hello, all you new new homeschooling mamas. You have a lot on your plate already, and now with schools shut down all over the U.S. for COVID-19 concerns, it looks like you will be teaching your little darlings. For 6 hours a day, anywhere between 6 weeks and… forever, you’re going to now be in charge of everything they learn, too.

Corolle dolls: a friend you can count on

I’ve said it for years and I’ll say it again: Corolle dolls aren’t just any old baby doll – they are best friends. The snuggle of a Corolle doll has gotten my kids through all their childhood fears and the baby dolls they fall in love with remain beloved friends even after they grow out of the typical doll stage. Now, more than ever, we need simple pleasures and the reminder that things will be okay again

Create your own custom ride with the Modarri Configurator

My kids love literally everything about Modarri cars: the way they move and allow the kids to “drive”, the way you can take them apart over and over again, and the way you can build whatever you want with all the Modarri parts. And, now they love that they can create their own custom cars with the Modarri Configurator.

Joss Kendrick: 2020 Girl of the Year from American Girl

I know I say that every American Girl doll is gorgeous, and I’m not incorrect in that assertion. But, even keeping that in mind, Joss is still pretty special. Her long brown hair and brown eyes are unique in the doll world, and I love it. She arrives wearing a swimsuit, hoodie, sandals, and shorts and even includes two removable hearing aids in a case that you can place in her right ear as well as her book.