3-In-1 Lounge Wagon from Malo’o

I’m so thankful to the turn of events that brought the Lounge Wagon from Malo’o into our lives. It arrived for review at the perfect time, just in time for summer and fall activities while recovering form surgery. No other form of compensation was received for this rave review.

When I think summer and fall, I think wagons. Maybe it’s the farmers markets and picnics or maybe it’s the pumpkin patches and trick or treating, or perhaps it’s the sporting events and back to school activities. But somehow, I always find myself hauling tons of stuff around town. But, what if a wagon could do more, *be* more? What if that wagon could haul more than just kids and muddy boots and soccer balls?

With the Malo’o Lounge Wagon, it’s so much more. We’re talking a wagon that can actually haul heavy and bulky items, with room for a whole family’s worth of gear. One glance and it’s clear that this wagon isn’t child’s play. It’s a *utility* wagon, and so much more. It towers over toddler wagons with its huge all-terrain wheels, but most impressively, it can hold actual crates and cases on the industrial frame of the wagon. Not only is it a wagon, it’s also a hauling system that you can use for setting up your own market booth, as well as something you can use to peruse craft fairs.

And, as the name would suggest, it’s also for lounging once you get where you’re going. Yes, that’s right, it’s also for lounging. Once you get to your destination and you unload your gear, simply fold down the padded seat over the grated bottom of the wagon and then leave the seat back side upright. Now it’s like a bench seat where you can sit and watch the parade, the sporting event, or the fireworks, or you can simply sit and watch your kiddos play at a park even when all the picnic tables are claimed.

Lounge Wagon from Malo'o

When it’s time to pack up and head home, you simply fold back up the padded bench cover chair to turn it back into a cart. Load all your things into the wagon and haul away, using the included cargo net if you need it. When you get to your car or your home, the whole wagon folds flat and then buckles closed for easy transport and storage. Note: Please learn from my mistakes and secure the wagon in the car once you put it in, or at least turn it so it’s width-wise in the back… especially if you live on a steep hill. We now secure with Velcro straps or leave it turned sideways, but this picture was taken before our lesson was learned.

Lounge Wagon from Malo'o

Think of it as a sort of couch on wheels… plus so much more

Just sit and think back to all the times you carted chairs, towels, coolers, beach toys, drinks, umbrellas, etc down to the beach. Whether you did it making multiple trips or carrying it all in one load precariously while your darling children each carried their own towel, it wasn’t particularly fun, was it?

But, what if you could load everything all into your wagon and then the wagon *became* the chairs once you got to the beach? Think about that for a minute. It makes a whole lot of sense, doesn’t it? Now you have a way to carry everything, and then a comfortable place to sit.

Lounge Wagon from Malo'o

What exactly is the Lounge Wagon from Malo’o?

The Lounge Wagon is basically a wagon, a beach chair, and portable shade all in one. It has an industrial frame and four oversized wheels, a padded seat, and a backrest with zippered pocket. The wagon also comes with a UPF 50+ umbrella for sun protection, side pockets for storing all of your must-haves, and a cargo net for easy gear hauling. It can hold up to 500 pounds {or 2 adults} in sitting mode. You can buy accessories for your Lounge Wagon such as coolers, cargo clips, umbrella stands, and wide sand wheels.

I knew the Lounge Wagon would get plenty of use going back and forth from different schools, ball fields and beaches near us, but what I didn’t expect was that it was going to be an absolute lifesaver this summer. With a friend that was recovering from major surgery and a child who has a painful knee injury, having a wagon that can haul full-grown adults turned out to be a summer-saver. Being able to have a place that they could both sit {even together!} to be carted around was an amazing gift.

Lounge Wagon from Malo'o

Having a wagon capable of carrying large children and adults when they couldn’t walk anymore meant that even in the midst of really hard recoveries, we could still somewhat do “life as normal”. Life at the beach, life spent on rocky terrain at the park, life spent on the move with young kids.

I really can’t say enough good things about the Lounge Wagon from Malo’o, and I got my chance to sing its praises over and over again with each excursion. Every single place we went, we would be stopped over and over so people could ask what it was and how to get one. If I had Malo’o business cards or a tablet with WiFi for quick purchases, I would have made so much in commissions… that is, if I made commissions on each sale, which I definitely don’t.

This poor reviewer was clearly joking that they didn’t like all of this attention, but I personally think they love the stardom that comes from pulling around the Lounge Wagon from Malo’o. I know we don’t mind it a bit, and I know I’m helping other families find the perfect wagon for all their adventures.

Are you ready for this kind of stardom? I think we were cheered on every few feet of this market, which felt like a really big outing mere days from surgery. Knowing that we could still make all of our summer traditions possible, albeit a bit slower than normal, still brings tears to my eyes. This would have been a much harder summer without the Malo’o.

Lounge Wagon from Malo'o

Honestly, the Lounge Wagon from Malo’o exceeded my expectations in pretty much every way. I only have two small requests for future versions: adding a Velcro strap for securing in vehicles, and I’d absolutely love a “never drop” wagon handle. Seattle can be muddy and wet, and the kids kept knocking the handle into the water on our excursions. Not a huge deal, but I would definitely pay extra for the never-drop feature.

More info and where to buy

Are you ready for the stardom that comes from a Lounge Wagon from Malo’o? You really won’t regret it. Measure your car once, then measure it again to make sure your folded wagon can fit. The folded dimensions are: 44″ x 24″ x 16″ closed. If it fits {or you can walk to most of your destinations}, then hit buy on the Lounge Wagon.

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