High Trek Adventures: Seattle’s largest ropes course and zipline park

We were invited to experience High Trek Adventures in Everett as part of a blogger event this summer. No post was required, we just loved it so much that we wanted to share.High Trek Course Everett, WAHigh Trek Adventures in Everett

If you’re looking for a great date night, a family experience, or the best team building activity in the Seattle area, look no further than High Trek Adventures in Everett, WA. Located approximately 20 minutes north of Seattle, High Trek is an aerial adventure park that boasts two ropes courses {one geared towards younger children and one geared towards adults/young adults}, 3 ziplines that circumvent the park, and over 60 aerial elements that will have you climbing, balancing, and swinging from heights of anywhere from 15 to 50 feet.High Trek harness

If you’ve never done a ropes course before, you’re probably wondering what sets it apart from traditional ziplines or canopy tours. The answer is: a lot. On a ropes course you’re not simply hooked up and then sent zipping along, you have to be actively and physically engaged each step of the way. High Trek statsYou will find yourself walking over aerial bridges, walking on moving logs swinging through the air, crossing tight-rope walks, crowing through tunnels, and traversing giant spider webs. There is no one way to make your way through High Trek Adventures aerial adventure park – you decide the route and the height that suits you best.High Trek family selfie

Not sure if your kids are ready?

Scared of heights and wonder if you can handle it? I’m petrified of heights and did just fine… on the kids’ course. I just gave into the security of the built-in cable lifelines that connect each guest to the course via a full-body harness. Even with the security of the cable and harness, I had already gotten terrified a few times on the course when I had to fully balance in the air with nothing to grip, so I wasn’t super sad when our little one froze in fear on the kids’ course and I had to take her out of the course to calm her down. Instead, we had fun watching from below as the rest of our family navigated the courses above our heads.High Trek kiddo crossing

The rest of my family, however, were like animals on the course. They rocked the kids’ course and then my daughter made up her mind to get through to the ziplines so she could cruise around the park up in the air. Knowing how terrifying it can be up in the air that high with almost nothing to hold onto, I was so proud as I watched her zip from pole-to-pole dozens of feet in the air.High Trek hug

Even though I bailed about an hour in, we all had such a great time at High Trek Adventure in Everett and will definitely be returning. It’s the perfect place to get your heart rate up while having a great time, and we’re hoping to return with our girl and boy scouts to experience it together as a group bonding exercise. I know our girl scouts are saving their cookie money for a chance at the ropes courses!High Trek Tunnel

Things to know before you visit High Trek Adventures & Ziplines

Comfortable, active clothing is recommended for your time in the air. You will be moving around the course in a full-body harness, so I recommend wearing pants or longer shorts and full coverage shirts to ensure your comfort while strapped in. Closed toed shoes are required, and absolutely no slip ons or sandals. Jewelry and loose items are not allowed on the course and they request that long hair be secured in pony-tails, braids or buns.


Kids, ages 4 and up, can explore the Cadet’s Course.

Juniors, ages 7 to 10 years, can bump up their exploration to the Captains Course including ziplines as long as they are accompanied on the course by a responsible adult to assist them with transitions at each platform.

Adults and Young Adults, ages 11 and up, are encouraged to experience the Captain’s Course on their own. Typically this age group is able to reach all belay cables on their own as they navigate and explore the course’s three levels of elements.

How to plan your visit to High Trek Adventures in Everett

Thinking about planning a visit to High Trek Adventure? Be sure to book in advance at least 5 days and you can save 10% with their early bird discount. While they do accept walk ins most of the time, reservations are highly recommended. Their courses have a limited capacity and booking a reservation online will guarantee your access to the course. If you are a group of 10 or more participants, to claim a group discount you must reserve AT LEAST 48 hours in advance.

Get your reservations now at High Trek Everett.

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