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A big thank you to Patiowell for sending some organization our way. We love the new deck box from Patiowell. Some of the included links may be affiliate links that allow us to earn a commission at no cost to you.

Want to know something you never hear someone refuse? Extra storage. I should clarify, because I bet you’re thinking of that one friend who has too much space – whether they are recently empty-nesting, or they just moved into a much larger home. But, storage isn’t *just* about extra space, although it definitely can be that. Sometimes extra storage is more about the *right* kind of space. Patiowell helps you find that right kind of space, in functional and efficient ways.

Patiowell was established in 2015, dedicated to helping you find the perfect backyard storage for all your needs. From deck boxes and cabinets to free-standing metal or plastic sheds, Patiowell has an assortment of sizes and features that can make your backyard space as efficient as possible.

deck box from Patiowell

We all know January is the biggest month for organization, and for a good reason. Whether it’s because your new Christmas décor has outgrown its current storage location, or it’s because Santa brought large outdoor toys that now need to be stored, or it’s simply that you’re stuck indoors due to colder weather and now you’re reevaluating the amount of clutter you keep. Whatever the reason, January is the agreed-upon get organized month.

Add storage in even the smallest yard with a deck box from Patiowell

Thank goodness our new 120-gallon deck box from Patiowell arrived just in time for winter cleanup. We have a hard-working urban yard that is everything from a playground to a garden area, as well as just enough space for relaxing around a fire. I’ve been searching for storage solutions that added some seating options to the yard and was so excited to see this oversized 120-gallon box that can hold all of our gear.

The 120-gallon deck box from Patiowell can handle all of our sports equipment and all of our pillows and cushions during the cold winter. And, then when we pull out all of our summer gear for the warmer weather, we can use it to store potting soil, nursery pots, and more for the garden so we can grow veggies and flowers. Throw a cushion on top and it becomes a comfortable seat while hanging out in the summer months.

Putting together the deck box from Patiowell was super easy. In fact, it was so easy that I did it all myself {you may have seen this on our IG stories}. Note that I had to put the hinged lid on a bit different than the instructions because I was doing it alone and needed the lid secure first so I could attach the hinges, but the whole process was super easy. You can’t tell on the timelapse video, but there’s a super satisfying “click” when you attach the bottom, sides and top together, kind of like building with adult LEGOs.

deck box from Patiowell

Just like that, tons of storage ready for all of your seasonal and extra gear. Or maybe you need a lot more storage? Well, then the Patiowell 8×6 Easy Install Plastic Shed has your name all over it.

Patiowell plastic sheds

Made from recyclable materials that are durable and strong, these sheds can take a beating while still looking great in your yard. I absolutely love the Patiowell sheds because of the plastic floor bases that provide extra stability. It also keeps your outdoor storage better protected and out of the elements, which I love here in Washington. Add shelves or bins and your shed is ready to store bikes, outdoor equipment, and more.

But the coolest part? The “kick-it” installation process where you literally kick it together. This not only reduces the number of screws, but it’s also a huge time saver so you can assemble in less time and get to storing.

deck box from Patiowell

Ready to get organized?

Check out Patiowell’s amazing options for outdoor storage and find something that fits your needs. Be sure and shop while they have their 15% New Year sale going on. Just use promo code NEWYEAR15 at check out.

deck box from Patiowell

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