Woobee from Rain or Shine Kids

While we’ve had a bit of a mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest so far, it looks like winter is going to hit us pretty hard in the next few weeks.  Taking other years into account, this means that we are likely looking forward to months and months of ice, freezing temperatures, and snow … Read more

Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging Stroller

Get Out and PLAY Event – Day 40 If you are serious about getting in shape after baby, there’s really one investment that you should consider – a rugged jogging stroller. Cheaper than a gym membership and perfect for those that don’t have babysitters at the ready, by running, jogging, and hitting the trails with … Read more

B-Ready for everything with Britax

Get Out and PLAY Event – Day 21 If you’ve been in Washington over the past two months, it’s likely that you saw us crisscrossing the state with our newest ride. No, not a car, a stroller: specifically, the new Britax B-Ready stroller. In an effort to save money, use less gas, and get some … Read more

phil & teds Metro Backpack Carrier: Father’s Day Pick

Get Out and PLAY Event – Day 18 The more I learn about Phil&Teds, the more I covet every single item they make.  From the moment I started thinking babies, there was one children’s company that just stood out in every way.  Maybe it’s their modern and minimalistic design, or maybe it’s the fact that … Read more

The First Years Ignite Stroller

Get Out and PLAY – Day 4 I know my daughter can’t ride in a stroller forever, but as she creeps nearer and nearer to the weight limit on most strollers, I can’t help but feel a bit frantic.  The thought of giving up naps on the go, portability on wheels, and my personal on-the-go … Read more

Piggyback Rider

Get Out and PLAY Event – Day 1 Oftentimes our days out are not stroller-friendly.  Whether we are traveling, going to be in large crowds, or will simply be covering a lot of unpaved ground, we go wheel-free fairly often.  This wasn't a problem when we only had little ones that could snuggle up in … Read more

Britax B-READY Stroller

By now you're probably sick of hearing of how excited I am to check out the B-READY Stroller from Britax, but I think you're going to understand why when you hear about all this stroller can do.  Don't believe me?  Check out my good friend Lena's blog and read about why this is her favorite stroller … Read more

Valco Baby Tri Mode EX Stroller with Toddler Seat Attachment

My husband and I took stroller shopping for our first baby very seriously.  The ultimate goal was to find one that was easy to use, comfortable for extended distances, and was able to grow with us – all without completely obliterating our buggy budget.  We had a list of requirements that our stroller had to … Read more

Tike Tech CX3 Stroller Review

When we first found out we were going to be parents, hubby and I absolutely agreed that a stroller was where we would spend most of our baby budget.  There were a couple of good reasons behind the decision, but our first thought was that the stroller really was for us as a family, and … Read more

Maclaren Quest Stroller – For Families on the Go

For five days this month we lived like true New Yorkers; sharing a third story walk-up, taking the subway all along Manhattan, and rolling in style with the true NY stroller – the Maclaren.  It’s been the city-dwelling gold standard in strollers for years and I have come to realize that this honor is well … Read more