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Get Out and PLAY Event – Day 21

If you’ve been in Washington over the past two months, it’s likely that you saw us crisscrossing the state with our newest ride. No, not a car, a stroller: specifically, the new Britax B-Ready stroller. In an effort to save money, use less gas, and get some good and healthy exercise, we’ve been relying heavily Britax-b-ready-30-8e2-lon the B-Ready to get around town and all across the state with two kids in tow. 

We’ve seen our share of strollers throughout the past 4 years but none quite like the B-Ready. In fact, as we’ve been taking our show on the road… er, sidewalk… we have attracted so much attention and made so many friends that you would have thought we were pushing a hover craft instead of a baby stroller. Even people that have no children, have grown children, or already own a high end stroller of their own want to stop and talk about the B-Ready.  

So, naturally, this has led to us showing hundreds of people all the different features we love, and talking to them about the major selling points of the B-Ready. This includes the fact that it “grows” with you, has 14 different configurations, and, quite frankly, is the coolest stroller ever.

Two kids in Britax b Ready StrollerSo, what makes this the coolest stroller ever? So glad you asked. 

To start with, it is neither a single stroller nor a double stroller – it is both. The B-Ready is purchased as a single child stroller and then with the optional extra toddler seat attachment, it converts to a two child stroller quickly and easily. This allows you to use it as a single stroller for your first child and then merely add the optional seat as your family expands. When your oldest is done with strollers and can keep up on long walks, you simply remove the second seat and it is back to a single stroller, which ends up saving you money in the long run. 

More than a reality check about diapers, college tuition, and sleepless nights, I wish that when I was pregnant someone had given me the advice to purchase a convertible stroller as my first stroller. I mean, we knew we were going to have more than one, so why not plan ahead? Then, instead of having a graveyard of single strollers we no longer use and don’t make sense for our family of four, we could have saved our money for this one stroller – the stroller to end all strollers.      

Double Stroller B Ready Britax The other cool thing about the way this stroller converts is that instead of becoming huge and unmanageable, the B-Ready never loses its compact, single stroller footprint when it is in its double stroller form. Because the two seats are positioned almost vertically, it never is unwieldy or cumbersome. When we are out with the Britax B-Ready, the most common thing we hear is “whoa, look! a double decker!” as people pause to admire the beauty that is our stroller. 

Perhaps most surprising to people who are new to the B-Ready is that even with this stacked configuration, there is still an open, airy feel to the stroller which everyone seems to prefer. Britax really put a lot of thought into the design and even added extenders which you can use if you’d like more space between the seats or to give the child on the bottom more headroom and legroom. 

For our children {3 years and 9 months}, we found that the bottom seat has plenty of room and feel like he will have plenty of room as they both grow. Having seen other stacked strollers that have a very compact and closed-in design, we really prefer the Britax version and so do our kids. Surprisingly, our oldest would actually prefer to ride in the bottom seat, and it’s only with convincing that we are able to claim that spot for our baby so we can use the lower basket for storage instead of legroom. 

Peek a Boo Canopy Britax B Ready Stroller Speaking of storage, the B-Ready design has plenty of it. The lower mesh basket is large and has one of the coolest features we have seen in a stroller to date – it is accessible from the top, back, and all sides. Since it has zippered access on the sides and in the front that allow you to organize and access, nothing gets lost in the cavernous storage basket, even on the go. When doing grocery shopping and more we are able to fit a surprising amount in the lower basket as well as on the Mommy Hook that we attach to either the back handle or the side of the stroller to hold our shopping bags.

Running with the B Ready Britax With all this storage, extra seats, and even with two children on board, we found the B-Ready to be surprisingly nimble and easy to maneuver fluidly, even one-handed. The four wheels roll effortlessly over payment or rough urban terrain, have all-wheel suspension, and are easy to turn 360* with a simple flick of the wrist – oh yes, it’s that smooth.   

Besides being expandable, maneuverable and practical, the B-Ready also comes with a list of premium features such as full coverage canopy hoods for both seats, an included rain cover for the main stroller seat {secondary canopy for the add-on seat can also be purchased}, an integrated cup holder, dual reclining seats, adjustable footrest, easily adjustable five-point harness and head pad, one-step linked brake locks {hello, sandal season}, fenders over the rear wheels, adjustable height handle, and more configurations than you can even imagine – with 14 different ways to roll!

These 14 different configurations include options for one or two infant car seats {most Britax infant seats are compatible and you can buy additional infant seat attachments to use with other models as well}, one bassinet, one or two toddler seats, combination toddler seat and infant seat, rear-facing options, forward-facing options, seats facing each other, and so on. Each of the configurations can be set up in mere seconds with the simplest click-and-go connections. Every accessory clicked in smooth and easy straight out of the box, making the whole stroller feel like the quality-made ride that it is.

Bready-configurations And, the Britax B-Ready is nothing if not quality. All of our walking these past few weeks truly wouldn’t be possible with a lesser quality stroller. We’ve hit the trails, the beach, the mall, and just about every trail or sidewalk in the Seattle metro area and it seems like every time we use it we fall in love with it just a little bit more. 

B-Ready in compact sedan trunk I simply cannot imagine another stroller fitting our needs as well as the B-Ready and would gladly trade our collection of strollers for a B-Ready {with a Britax Blink Stroller for lightweight traveling} now that I know how awesome this stroller is. There’s really no better way to connect as a family than to go for long walks together, and this stroller makes it possible to go longer than ever before. That, to me, is worth its weight in gold.

The B-Ready Stroller has an MSRP of $499.99 USD and the additional seat is $149.99 USD.  You can buy the B-Ready directly at the Britax site or at retailers throughout North America. 

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A big thank you to Britax for providing the B-Ready for review as well as offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review. 

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