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Get Out and PLAY Event – Day 22

I never went through a “wild” stage, didn’t have crazy friends, and have always been incredibly responsible, even at a very young age.  Because of this, I have never played any sort of “drinking game”, and had never even heard of Beer Pong until just recently.  But, drinking games don’t have to be about debauchery and wild nights, they can also be a really fun way to help a group of adults mingle, connect, and have a great time – responsibly. 

With this is mind, I would like to introduce you to our new party game: the BPONG Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table.  We took it on a recent multi-generation family vacation and were shocked at what a huge hit it was.  The BPONG table is essentially a 6 ½’ long inflatable raft that has 24 cup holders built in so you can take Beer Bong anywhere and everywhere.  Whether we were inside the condo, in the backyard, or even down by the lake, we all had fun playing our version of Beer Pong, which most of the time involved no alcohol at all. 

We had packed it with us on vacation and weren’t sure it was even going to come out of the package during the trip, but then when the mood in the condo had hit an all-time low we were in dire need of a pick me up.   As much as I love hearing what my family feels about topics such as the economy, politics, and world hunger, too much in-depth discussion can kill a vacation mood in no time.  The solution?  A rousing game of Beer Pong… with a winner’s bracket.

As I eluded to before, we kind of made up our own rules to play even though the BPONG table did come with some basic instructions.  The first modification was to not actually fill the glasses.  Yes, I know, we basically ruined the game, but because we only had 24 plastic cups to play with for the whole vacation it made sense to conserve our resources.  Plus, none of us are huge drinkers and filling glasses half full can be a dangerous thing, so this was a better option for us.  Instead, we left the cups empty and then when someone scored we would just take a sip of whatever beverage we were drinking, whether it was Sprite, Iced Tea, or a margarita.

Playing this way isn’t possible with a flat table as the empty plastic cups would just topple over with one wrong hit, but because the cup spots are indented on the inflatable BPONG table, leaving the cups empty was not a problem at all.  In fact, I think it worked out better for our group as it allowed us to each choose our beverage of choice as well as limit our alcohol consumption so we were able to play multiple games and drink more responsibly.  But, changing the game so dramatically was also fun because it invited even more new twists on the official Beer Pong rules and made it so we could create a game that would interest us all and get us playing competitively and cooperatively at the same time. 

Wholetable_infatableFor the weeklong family vacation the BPONG table got more use than 99% of the things we packed our compact sedan with, and was arguably the hit of the party.  The best part was that the kids didn’t even realize it was a drinking game.  To them, it was a test of skill trying to get the BPONG balls to sail into the glasses, which they actually got quite good at.  Then, when it was used as a floating raft during pool time, it was simply a great place to lounge and warm up in the hot sun.  When it was time to leave, the table was simply deflated and folded compactly for transport, all ready for the next event. 

When you’re looking to get yourself a BPONG table and you are wondering whether you should get a hard top table or the inflatable model, here are just a few things to consider:  The BPONG Inflatable Table has ridged channels of air that make up the raft base and thus don’t give you a very reliable bounce option for scoring.  Obviously, a flat table top does not have ridges and rounded spots, making it far better for bouncing.  The BPONG Inflatable Beer Pong Table is clearly the most portable option, but it should be noted that it is widely considered a “drinking game” and many public places have rules regarding such games, so know in advance whether your table would be welcome. 

Want to find out more about BPONG?  Check out BPONG.COM which is the self-proclaimed Center of the Beer Pong Universe™ and home to The World Series of Beer Pong®.  The BPONG® Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table measures 6.5 feet x 35 inches x 4 inches {inflated} and weighs 5 pounds.  Not only is it a whole lot of fun, it’s also floatable, hangable, and portable and has a quick inflate/deflate valve as well as a standard valve.  The table retails for $59.99 (U.S.) and is available for purchase at the official BPONG Store and at retail locations throughout North America, including Spencer Gifts.

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  1. With a trip to Puerto Vallarta next month, we would take it to the ocean and play… even in the cold water. We’d definitely have photos for proof!

  2. Submitted:
    1. Where I’d take the table!
    “With a trip to Puerto Vallarta next month, we would take it to the ocean and play… even in the cold water. We’d definitely have photos for proof!”
    1. BPong on Facebook!
    2. Rave and Review on Facebook!

  3. If I win I am taking this to my brother’s house (he has a pool) and have some family fun!

  4. I would take it to my brother-in-laws in Maryland. We are taking a road trip from NY and I bet this would get used!!

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