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Heading out this summer?  Have you looked into a travel crib for your little one?  I will admit that at one point I resisted getting a travel crib because I thought we could “make do” without it.  But then as our travels increased, our family grew, and lack of sleep became an issue, travel cribs became less of a luxury and more of a necessity if anyone was going to get any sleep away from home. 

31Tf3KXf+tL High up on the list of must-haves now that we are packing for our adventures as a family of four is the Phil&Teds Traveller Lightweight Portable Crib, which is the perfect portable crib and/or mini play yard for families on the go.  Our travels often include combinations of planes, trains, and small automobiles, so I have a special spot in my heart {and my luggage} for items that are made with space and efficiency in mind and for that the Traveller does not disappoint. 

The Traveller design is ultra-portable and compact when stored, by far the smallest and lightest design we have seen anywhere.  Weighing in at only 7 pounds {without the mattress} and complete with a storage bag with carry strap, the Traveller was designed for the ultimate in mobility and convenience.  For this reason, it is our top pick for air and train travel as you could easily fit one {or even two} inside a duffel bag, stroller, or even your carry-on luggage without having to pay excess baggage fees or having to struggle to transport everything in a busy terminal. 

Img3 As great as the Phil&Teds Traveler is for overnight stays and long trips, what I really love about the Traveller is that it is so easy to toss into the car for days out.  That way, if we end up at a place that is not baby-friendly or are out past naptime, baby can still have room to play, scoot and sleep in a safe and clean place without us having to fully babyproof every place we visit.

One thing that makes the Traveller unique is that the crib sits upon the ground which provides a sturdy {and sway-free} bed for baby.  This is especially important to me as our children simply hated any movement while sleeping and would startle awake at a mere footstep in a traditional portable crib.  The Traveller also has a trapezoid-style design that prevents tipping from both inside and outside of the crib.  When paired with the wide-stance feet of the crib, it makes it safer for older kids, siblings, and hectic, multi-kid environments when used as a play yard. 

51t3P7HpoOL._AA300_ Getting your child in and out of the crib also couldn’t be easier as the top and sides both have zippered access for baby.  This is a feature I love as it’s a whole lot easier to set a sleeping baby down gently in the crib when placing them in from the side instead of leaning down over the top if you’re prone to losing your balance as I usually am.  Once your child gets older and is able to stand, you can simply switch to using the top access. 

In addition to efficiency and portability in mind, I also love the quality touches of the Phil&Teds Traveller.  This includes a self-expanding, thermally insulating mattress that slips into its own pocket in the crib and is reminiscent of a high-end camping pad – which is quite possibly my husband’s favorite feature.  As well as giving baby a comfortable and cozy place to rest while in the Traveller, this mattress can also be repurposed as they grow and used for camping well into their tweens since most camp mattresses are not full length. 

Baby Sleeping Other luxury features include a padded top bar, fully hidden hinges, and a sturdy metal frame that cannot be felt from the inside of the crib, I feel completely comfortable with both small babies and active toddlers alike sleeping and playing in the crib.  The ultra comfortable design is complete with a one-piece waterproof mattress that is both plush and breathable, offering a level of coziness that is unparalleled in traditional travel cribs

The only real drawback to the Traveller, if you would call it that is that because it does break down so small for transport, setting it up takes a bit longer than the models which are simply folded for storage.  We found that as long as you allow for a few minutes to assemble before bedtime and disassemble before packing you should be fine and it really isn’t much of an issue.  Plus, the more you use it, the faster you get at setting it up. 

Baby Sleeping Top View Made with a “superhero strong” aluminum frame and high quality and breathable open weave fabrics, the Traveller is designed to last through all your little ones and then some.  Because it is so well made, I feel completely comfortable with both small babies and active toddlers alike sleeping and playing in the crib.  The lucky part is that both my kids love the crib and prefer to be in there over other playpens or even co-sleeping, during naptime and playtime.

Whether your travels take you overseas, to playdates, or just to the family room, the Phil&Teds Traveller is an ultra-portable and quality option that is ideal for infants all the way to toddlers. 
Size packed: 63x22x22cm or 24×8.6×8.6"  Size unpacked: 130x63x79cm or 51×24.8×31"

Buy it: the Phil & Teds Traveller retails for $179.99 and you can purchase on or directly on the Phil&Teds website

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Phil & Teds for making life portable, fun, and safe with the Traveller Lightweight Portable Crib.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. Great review and pictures! I am not too familiar with Phil & Teds products, but this looks like a great item to have when traveling.

  2. I really like the look of this! How I wish it had been available when my daughter still needed one!
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