American Girl Seattle Grand Opening

It was a big week for girls of the Pacific Northwest. On Saturday, July 16th a brand new American Girl Store opened in Alderwood Mall just a bit North of Seattle.  To celebrate the opening, girls came from all around to get a chance to see inside the store and shop, most of them bringing along their beloved dolls from home.

American Girl SeattleI’ve visited both Chicago and New York American Girl Stores in the past with my daughter so I knew somewhat what to expect, but this time it was different because my daughter was really old enough to appreciate it. And, this time we were mere moments from our house in the brand new “Seattle” Store so I didn’t have to worry about fitting our purchases into crammed luggage. Can you say “dangerous“?

By now I’m sure you know how much my daughter loves {no, make that adores} dolls, girly things, and all things miniature. That in mind, you will not be surprised at all that she was willing to roll out a sleeping bag and take her nap in the store if I would have let her. Luckily, we had a few hours free for “girl’s day” that allowed us to take our time wandering through the store without boys rushing us along.

The magic of American Girl

F9984_main_1In the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that I’m secretly very excited that she loves the store so much. I may never be too old for life-like miniature replicas, but even in the mini-realm, American Girl is next level cool. I was giddy with excitement as my daughter and I walked hand-in-hand through American Girl Place Seattle.

For those of you who have not visited an American Girl Place and don’t know about the magic that awaits, let me give you a little background. American Girl is not just a doll store; in fact, even though the dolls are simply exquisite, they were not the sole reason I grew up flipping through the American Girl catalog and wishing I lived in NYC and Chicago so I could visit their showrooms, it was the fact that American Girl Place has everything a girly girl could wish for.

American Girl Seattle Store

American girl store seattleThe AG Alderwood location – American Girl Seattle may be a bit smaller than the multi-story mega AG stores that we’ve visited before, but it still has all the charm and allure of the big stores, with a bit more manageable footprint for the medium-sized mall. Whether dining in the American Girl Bistro, watching dolls get makeovers at the Doll Hair Salon, browsing the bookstore or shop, attending craft days or even making their own matching Creativi-Tees, visiting an American Girl Place in Alderwood can be a quick trip, or you can make it a full-day event.

Bitty Baby American Girl Seattle

My daughter and I spent quite a bit of time in the Bitty Baby area since she had brought her doll from home. She had a blast playing with the accessories on the showroom floor like the Bitty Twins’ Double Jogging Stroller which all the little girls were lined up to play with.  From there we made our way through the historical favorites dolls to the My American Girl® dolls and then to Kanani, the 2011 Girl of the Year. We paused frequently to oooh and aaah over all the adorable accessories, lovable pets, furniture, and miniatures that are the hallmark of the brand. With so much more to see and do that we didn’t get to in our visit during the Grand Opening weekend, I predict there is going to be a whole lot of time spent at Alderwood Mall in our future.

American Girl Seattle
Want to experience a little bit of the American Girl magic?  Check out the Seattle Store if you are in the Pacific Northwest or see the full product line of books, dolls, and accessories on the American Girl website.  You can even play games and more in their online AG activity section!
And Now For the Giveaway!
Kanani Doll and Book** This giveaway is now closed **

One lucky Rave and Review reader will their own Kanani Doll, the 2011 American Girl of the Year!

Here’s a bit about the beautiful Kanani from AG: 18″ Kanani features long, wavy medium-brown hair and hazel eyes and is available for one year, launching with two books that tell her story and an array of outfits and accessories such as a paddleboard set, a plush Hawaiian monk seal, and a shave ice stand! To share in the Hawaiian spirit of helping others, American Girl is partnering with the National Wildlife Federation® (NWF) to help raise awareness of endangered animals, like the Hawaiian monk seal featured in Kanani’s stories. With the purchase of every Kanani plush monk seal sold in 2011, American Girl is donating $1 (up to a maximum of $100,000) to NWF’s efforts to help children throughout the United States gain an appreciation and understanding for America’s most vulnerable animals through various educational programs and activities.

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to American Girl for letting us tour their facilities and for offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers. All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review.

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  1. I love American Girl Dolls. My 23 year old still treasures her American Girl Dolls. Everything they make is of such high quality. My daughters first doll was Kirsten and I still remember the joy when she received her treasured doll.
    [email protected]

  2. We visited the store during the Grand opening weekend and reading this made me want to go back there TODAY! My daughter loves Kanani!

  3. I love the Rebecca doll. That hair is gorgeous! My daughter is a big fan of Kanani, and has been asking for her for months now 🙂

  4. The flower girl dress for the dolls. And my son really REALLY wants the Bitty Twin blue soccer outfit for his birthday for his doll.

  5. as a child I always admired Samantha and wanted the doll and matching clothing. She has since been retired and the only doll that is still around from when I was a child is Molly, who is pretty cute in her glasses. In my opionion the prettiest doll is Kit

  6. Hello….love this doll! I also love the Julie Albright doll, they are so lovely, some lucky little girl is going to be very happy! Thank you, Paula

  7. Our favorite American Girl is Kit. She is a beautiful doll but more importantly, her character is spunky, creative, resourceful and determined which are all strong qualities that I wouldn’t mind my daughter developing.

  8. I have always loved Felicity! I wanted her for 8 years and then they archived her. Well, nonetheless, she is still my favorite doll and her book series was a childhood favorite of mine!

  9. My wife’s family has a tradition of American Girls. My daughter is upgrading next week to Kit as her newest bestest friend. She has already gone through the catalog and highlighted a number of accessories that she’ll be requiring. Including the Sleeping Bag Set for Dolls and Kit’s School Supplies so she can be ready for school with her.

  10. For my daughter who is turning 9 the day before your giveaway: we like the Mia doll but would love Kanani!

  11. Omg i have always been in love with american girl dolls. My favorite doll is anyome with freckles because they look so cute and my fave acceseriey is the backpack it is so adorable!

  12. I love all the AG historicals Kirsten was always my favorite because of her time period/place, with Addy as a very close second.

  13. I love many of the AG doll products and dolls. My most recent favorite is My AG #55, the new My AG doll with long brown hair, hazel eyes, and freckles. 🙂
    I also subscribed through your email. 🙂

  14. I’ve always liked the bitty baby and the cute clothing and accessories were adorable. I’d love to win this doll for my daughter. Thank you for the entry.
    polarbearmonnie at aol dot com

  15. Growing up, I was always (and still am) in love with American Girl Dolls. We didn’t have alot of money, so I never got a doll. But my grandma won a subscription to the magazine so I was blessed with paper dolls and the ability to imagine having all the dolls and their amazing accessories.
    Since my name is Samantha, the Samantha American Girl doll has always been my favorite. She was just like me, and even looked alot like me! Unfortunatly, Samantha is no longer available. But she is the American Girl doll I’d really love to get!

  16. I don’t really know this world yet but I like what I’ve seen. I love the details, like the musical instrument sets. The cello set is particularly cool. And “Julie’s school lunchbox”!

  17. I LOVE all the new dolls! I grew up with Samantha (old school I know!) so I’ll always be partial to her!
    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. i would love to get Bitty Twins – medium skin, dark brown hair girl & boy
    or make a doll most likely make a doll would be fun

  19. I always wanted to get the Rebecca Doll to my daughter. She looks alot like her and its my name
    rebeccaw2005 at gmail dot com

  20. My girls were just looking at the catalog and kept talking about Kanani’s hair and how beautiful it is so I would be safe to say she would be a winner!

  21. My daughter and I love American Girl and she would love to get her hands on Kanani! One item she also really likes from the website is the Soccer Outfit + Charm.