FlipFlop Wines {They’re Flippin’ Good}

I’ve always been intrigued by the wine section of our local stores, but I find shopping for wine rather intimidating.  Whenever it was my job to pick a bottle for our book club or dinner date, I would harass the clerk and other shoppers asking for suggestions, or merely pick a bottle based on how cute the label was.  The problem with this method is that shopping takes forever, budget is not usually discussed, and I rarely like what I buy or think it goes well with the meal served. 

Flipfloplogo Recently I was introduced to flipflop wines and found that enjoying wine is a whole lot less stressful than I was making it out to be.  What could be easier than 3 bottles of flipflop wines all packed nicely and shipped directly to my home to enjoy?  How about if they told you how to enjoy them best? 

Once they arrived and I took them out of their packaging, I realized immediately that these were no ordinary “stuffy” wines that required a manual and a dictionary in order to enjoy them properly.  Not only are the labels incredibly cute and laid back in design, I also love that it was just a quick glance at the label and I knew where to store each bottle in its optimum spot – whether it was the fridge or the very-neglected wine rack. 

FlippingoodThe next thing that makes them stand out is that their wine has a super handy “cheat sheet” label that has all the information you need to serve and enjoy.  In addition to the storage and serving suggestions, the back of the label also tells you what to pair them with and how it rates in terms of dry or sweet.  For someone like me that knows nearly nothing about wine, this is just about the coolest thing that I can imagine. 

Our first night with the flipflop wines I was cooking up my famous pork tacos when my husband announced that the Riesling said it paired well with pork tacos.  Thinking he was joking, I couldn’t believe it when he brought over the bottle and there it was, right there on the back – we took that as a sign, and immediately opened up a bottle to have with dinner. 

Flipflopwinesgroup As cool as the handy storage guides, taste scale, and pairing ideas are, we certainly wouldn’t be raving about flipflop wines if they weren’t delicious.  And, oh boy, are they delicious!  My husband and I are anything but wine connoisseurs, or really drinkers for that matter, but we both were completely taken with the three flipflop wines we tried and are dying to try more. 

Flipflop wine Unlike the other 12 bottles of wine I have in my house that I’ve collected over the past decade, the Pinot Grigio, Riesling, and Pinot Noir flipflop wines were here for mere days before they all were enjoyed.  The fact that they were all enjoyed so quickly isn’t merely based on the fact that we were reviewing them, it was because enjoying them was so easy – and delicious.  We all loved them so much that we are still talking about them weeks later and planning when we can enjoy them again. 

It would be hard to pick a favorite of the three varieties we tried, but we did slightly prefer the white wines over the red, especially during the warmer weather that lends itself nicely to chilled white wines during and after dinner.  We loved the flipflop wines so much that we have been telling everyone about them and sharing them with friends.  Seriously, if they can take two non-wine drinkers and make them this excited about wine, you can bet they are pretty superb!

As if overall deliciousness, ease of enjoying, lack of pretentiousness and fun designs wasn’t enough, I was really excited when I found out that flipflop wines also gives back in a very big way.  In 2011, flipflop wines is partnering with Soles4Souls Inc., the international shoe charity that gives free shoes to those in developing countries, to help them achieve their Soles for souls goal of 11 million pairs of shoes donated.  For their part, flipflop wines has agreed to give one pair of flip flop sandals for each bottle of flipflop wine purchased (up to 100,000 pairs for the first 100,000 bottles sold) where the promotion is legal.

You heard about how much we all love the wine, how perfect it is for entertaining and relaxing, and then how much the company gives back, and I’m guessing you think a bottle is going to cost a small fortune, right?  You’d be wrong!  At only $7 a bottle, flipflop wines are not only the perfect complement to any party or occasion, they are also perfectly affordable!  For more information, stop by the flipflop wine Facebook page or the official flipflop wine website.

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to flipflop wines for sending samples to be reviewed and converting us to wine lovers.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review.

3 thoughts on “FlipFlop Wines {They’re Flippin’ Good}”

  1. These look SO cool! We’re big wine drinkers over here (well not me right now….) but certainly not snobby connoisseurs by any means.
    These just might become my new favorite wine in 2012.
    Also, totally want your famous pork tacos… 😛

  2. There are certainly a great deal of health benefits from wine consumption in moderation – and these look (&sound!) like they are FABulous!


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