Tike Tech CX3 Stroller Review

When we first found out we were going to be parents, hubby and I absolutely agreed that a stroller was where we would spend most of our baby budget.  There were a couple of good reasons behind the decision, but our first thought was that the stroller really was for us as a family, and getting one that was of high quality meant that we would actually want to use it. 

The ultimate goal was to find one that was easy to use, comfortable for extended distances, and was able to grow with us – all without completely obliterating our buggy budget.  We finally settled on a travel system that worked with our car seat, but looking back now, I really wish Tike Tech had released their new 2009 line two years early! 

We’ve all seen them; strollers that cost more than my first car (seriously), and come with fancy schmancy features like speakers and rims that would make my current car green with envy.  But, $1,000 + for a stroller?  Not on my life. 

What if I told you that you could get a seriously awesome Tike Tech jogging stroller for between $200 and $350 that came loaded with features and handled better than the so-called premium stroller brands?  It’s absolutely true – the Tike Tech line offers a full line of jogging, city and performance strollers with truly reasonable price tags. 

TT-2622 single CITY X3 ORANGE

A few months ago I first noticed that something was a little off with our stroller.  Every time I would run with baby or pick up speed to cross the street, or even just to quickstep it out of the rain, the left front wheel began to rattle and shake, causing the whole buggy to vibrate violently until I slowed to a walk.  I didn’t think much of it the first few times it happened, but then when it happened numerous times a day during Stroller Strides, it began to get really hard to control unless I was merely leisurely walking.  It was hubby who first made the connection between the stroller shudder and the swivel wheels, and he suggested we search for a fixed wheel jogger for the daily Stroller Strides beating.

I found the Tike Tech line and was so excited to see that they offered so many options for an active stroller, and had numerous features to choose between.  Since I’m not a runner by nature, I really didn’t need a full-on jogging stroller for daily use and realized I was looking more for an all terrain buggy that could easily convert between swivel and fixed wheel settings.  When I found out Tike Tech had an all-terrain City stroller, I was dying to try it.

XCIMG6909 As the name suggests, the CityX3 is a three wheeled stroller that is perfect for around town and more.  With wheels that can handle virtually any terrain paired with Tike Tech’s exclusive Frame Dampening IFD Shox, you get one of the smoothest and most fluid handling strollers that I have ever used.  The bigger tires and the front wheel that swivels allow you to make 360 degree turns with almost no effort at all. 

In fact, we have found that you can actually make those 360 degree turns one handed, while holding a steaming Pumpkin Spice Latte in the other.  One handed operation has become a feature that is absolutely crucial to me the older my daughter gets.  Between the unpredictability of a toddler and every parent’s need to multi-task while strolling, being able to have one hand free really does make all the difference in the world. 

Don’t be fooled by the Tike Tech City X3 name, this little stroller can handle both big cities and the big beautiful ‘burbs.  The Tike Tech CityX3 is one part jogging stroller, one part all-terrain sport stroller and then a little of the traditional travel system thrown in to maximize the stroller’s usability.  Since it has a shorter frame and a smaller footprint, the CX3 is perfect for crowded spaces that can’t handle a full jogger, but big enough to grow with your child and give you maximum freedom to roam.  And, you can roam just about anywhere you can imagine, since the Tike Tech CX3 is ultra portable and, with the easy push button release wheels, folds compactly for travel.   

XCIMG6399 Most expectant parents are steered from baby joggers while stroller shopping, with clerks recommending that babies be 6 months + before rolling the sportier stroller varieties.  All sound advice, if in fact the jogging stroller you’re considering doesn’t adapt for use with newborns.  The Tike Tech company has absolutely changed my mind that jogging strollers are just for toddler and up by offering an additional car seat adaptor that allows you to click your child’s car seat onto the stroller and go.  They even stock an optional bassinet attachment that converts your sport stroller into a pram beautifully, replacing the need to own more than one stroller.  In the picture above we are taking full advantage of the awesome 60lb weight limit and letting a small reviewer rest his legs while we talk at a local art fair. 

Features I’m Raving About: Luxury for baby.  With a padded seat and back support, one handed recline adjustment and a silky smooth ride, the Tike Tech is really the way to roll in ultimate comfort.  It comes standard with special features that any baby or parent can appreciate, like a padded 5 point harness, mesh storage pockets on the seat sides for baby’s snacks and toys and the removable canopy for rain and sun. 

Speaking of raving, the Tike Tech canopy extends far lower than any other sporty stroller I have seen, which is perfect for Seattle’s unpredictable weather.  The canopy is also multi-positional and offers a “moon roof” with cover for easy viewing of your little one.  This is one of my favorite features since I am constantly trying to “wait out” the rain and refuse to go to the trouble of attaching a rain cover unless I’m in a full fledged downpour.  The Tike Tech’s extra large canopy is perfect for simply saving me the hassle all together, since the large coverage area means I have never needed a full rain cover for any Seattle storm.

Since hubby and I are both tall, we really appreciate the fact that the Tike Tech handle is fully adjustable in both directions, allowing for the greatest range of handlebar heights I have ever seen.  Whether you are in the extra tall range, have a short stature, or find yourself in the middle of the old height bell curve, the Tike Tech is a surprisingly good fit all around.  For couples who have a huge height difference, you will be happy to note that the handlebar adjustment is not only exceptional in range, it is also incredibly quick to adjust on the go.

XCIMG6690 But, my favorite feature by far would have to be the height of the Tike Tech stroller seat.  The extra tall stroller frame brings baby right up into the action and makes it easier to interact with her on the go.  As a super duper added bonus, we love that we can simply wheel our daughter up to dining tables while we are out and still leave her strapped into the Tike Tech City X3 to eat with us at the table, with no need for an additional booster or high chair.  Probably not a feature that was fully intended, but sometimes it’s the unexpected that you appreciate the most!

If you are a jogger, speed walker, or merely an all terrain walker, you should seriously consider the Tike Tech CX3 as a great single stroller option.  When you add up the savings of not having to purchase two (or more) strollers, the Tike Tech is well worth the already reasonable price.  If you still need convincing, just consider it a gift to yourself that will keep you healthy, active and adventure ready… a gift baby is sure to appreciate too. 

Specifications from the Tike Tech website:
Stand Up: 35"L x 24"W x 37-45"H
(front to back wheel)
Folded (w/o wheels): 32.5"L x 18.5"W x 16.5"H
Folded (w/ wheels): 32.5"L x 24"W x 18.5"H
Door Pass Through: 24"
Frame: Aluminum
Weight (w/o wheels): 20 LBS
Weight (w/ wheels): 26 LBS
Weight Capacity: 60 LBS
Width: 24"
Handle height (ground to handle): 37-45"
Wheels: 12" air / wide track slick tread
Seat back height: 21.5"
Head room (inside canopy): 25"


And now for the Giveaway…

One extremely lucky Rave and Review readers will win a Tike Tech CX3 of their very own ($330 ARV) from Tike Tech's new stroller stock!  To enter to win the Giveaway, just visit Tike Tech Strollers and comment below with your favorite Tike Tech Stroller model (other than the City X3 reviewed here), favorite Tike Tech feature, or something you learned about the company that you're excited to share.  Sorry, no color choice available, but you're in luck because all the color choices are beautiful!

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 A big thank you to Tike Tech Strollers for making our family adventure ready with their new Tike Tech City X3 Stroller.  No type of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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572 thoughts on “Tike Tech CX3 Stroller Review”

  1. I watched your video above. My favorite feature of the stroller above is the generous sunshade! Wow! That is a huge bonus. The stroller we have now has a shade that’s basically useless =( The stroller also folds down so nicely to a compact size. You can leave your stroller in the car and still fit your groceries! Cool!

  2. Visited the Tike Tech site. I remember visiting it a few years ago and they have made so many upgrades. It is a much nicer site now. My fav stroller is the Tike Tech CityX3 Swivel Twin. I have 2 kids and this would have been a lifesaver had I known about it. I LOVE that it’s suitable for newborns!

  3. Okay so that video was actually quite interesting! I really like how you can click the front wheel either to swivel, or to lock in place for jogging; I also really like that you can change the angle of the seat for if the kiddo falls asleep; the brake bar that stretched across the back was really nice, too.

  4. My sister would love the BS-9 series Bassinet feature for the stroller. I would have loved to have that for my girls as well. Reminds me of an antique stroller!
    All the accessories you can get for the stroller are fantastic!
    Thank you for the chance!
    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

  5. I sent a message about the giveaway on facebook. Screen name: Jessica Hendrickson
    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

  6. I watched the youtube video.
    I love that you can take the wheels off for ease of transporting or storage and that the wheels just pop back on with the little button on the wheel.
    How fast he had everything ready to go!
    Thank you for the chance to win!
    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

  7. I love the x3sport single. i also love the foot muffs accessory you can order to keep baby warm without having a blanket that can fall out of the stroller and get dirty.

  8. Coolest thing on the video is the adapter for a car seat. I have a travel system, but my newborn is already too big for the car seat that goes with it, but he isn’t big enough just to ride in the stroller!

  9. [email protected] I learned this: Is my Tike Tech fabric washable?
    All Tike Tech fabrics are made from a durable yet soft 600d Oxford. The seat fabric is removable and machine washable in cold water – although we always suggest hand washing to preserve the fabrics true color. With respect to the canopies we suggest spot cleaning. Please note, all Tike Tech fabrics should be air dried (no machine drying). For best results place the cleaned fabric back on the stroller frame shortly after washing.

  10. I like that it is made of aluminum which makes it really light. We don’t have a very big trunk so we can’t have anything really heavy to lug in and out.

  11. I have to say one of my favorite Tike Tech stroller features is the versatility that enables use for all seasons, including winter!!! That’s a must for us cold- region dwellers. Oh, and the color choices are fantastic!

  12. i love the sunshade on it – i hate when the sun gets into my babes eyes – esp cuz there is now way he’s gonna wear sunglasses =)
    autumn398 @yahoo.com

  13. I like the all terrain X3 sport stroller….Like that it is suitable for infants and toddlers.. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  14. It was great to see this statement on their website.
    “At Tike Tech your child’s safety and comfort is our priority. All new 2009/2010 Tike Tech strollers are both field tested and internally tested rigorously to ensure you as a parent are receiving the best quality in the market when it comes to strollers.”

  15. [email protected] I learned this about what the company says about using their wonderful strollers:
    “Can I use my Tike Tech all year or just in the summer?
    Tike Tech strollers are designed for all seasons. Our strollers are especially good in the winter. Parents tell us they just could not manage without a tike tech stroller during the winter season.”

  16. I like the X3 Sport. Would be the bomb for camping and hiking trails. Posted to my facebook. This is a super cool stroller and boy have they come along way! I still have the Jogger that I used for my now 22 yr old sun. It is faded a little rusty and squeaky but it served its purpose. But nothing compared to this Cadilac of a stroller!

  17. watched the video – so many cool features! love the fact that the front tire has the option for locking in place OR being mobile, love the shocks, and love that the tires pop off with a push button. i also appreciate that those hinges are covered with pads so baby’s fingers don’t get caught. great stroller!

  18. We also like the City X4 Single Stroller. These all look like very high quality strollers. Thank you for the chance to win.

  19. I love the CX3 in red. It’s great that it has an adjustable handle. There is a foot and a half difference in height between me and hubby- so this is very handy!
    hanovertomato at yahoo dot com

  20. I love the affordability of these strollers. I’m with ya, there is no way I would spend $1,000+ on a stroller. However, I don’t want to compromise quality. The Tike Tech seems to be the best of both worlds.
    I subscribed and I also watched the video. The feature I’m most excited about is the swivel handlebar. My husband is 6’5″ and he is always complaining that strollers are too short for him. Plus, that baby is adorable. I loved it when she stuck out her tongue. So cute!!

  21. I also love the All Terrain X3 Sport Twin stroller! Whata great company, the strollers lok so comfortable! Thanks

  22. I like the City X3 Twin stroller. I am expecting my second daughter this month and have a toddler. I like that it has a swivel wheel and is slim enough to fit through standard doorways. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Love this for my grandchildren as we can all adjust the handle height. City x3 twin is narrow enough for doorways and light enough to be lifted into the car.

  24. I like the All Terrain X3 Sport Twin Stroller I do wonder about the colors though – I love all of them – but the red looks pinkish and the black looks like a nice deep blue…

  25. I have to agree that the sunshade is a great feature of this stroller, as is the single front wheel for easier manuverability, and the larger wheels for a more comfortable ride. I’d love to use this as a daily and an occasional jogging stroller too. Thanks!

  26. I like the Swivel Twin. I can’t believe how many upgrades have been made since my own kids were small. It’s so comfortable for the kids to ride today, and I love the newborn adaptation. My kids always loved it when I ran with them.

  27. Gorgeous strollers – all of them but the All Terrain X3 Sport Single Stroller actually makes me want to go out for a run!

  28. The All Terrain X# SPort SIngle is nice too!
    Thanks for the chance, new baby in just a couple of weeks and this is one thing we don’t have. 🙂

  29. I am impressed that the Tike Tech has foot muffs available because in the NW, we need our baby’s feet to stay warm and cozy! This is a luxury vehicle!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  30. I am in LOVE with the All Terrain X3 Sport Single Stroller… Living in Colorado we travel the road less travelled sometimes… This stroller really makes me believe it would hold up and then some!
    *** and BONUS FACT, They are STAIN RESISTANT, yep this is a must in our home, lol!
    In all seriousness, this is TRULY a very generous and AMAZING giveaway we would LOVE and treasure. Would just like to send a very BIG Thank you to…
    Tike Tech and Rave and Review (and I loved your review, btw.)
    Happy Sunday, Jes
    [email protected]

  31. Voted for you (Rave and Review) on Top Baby Blogs, through your link above:)
    Vote( in): 329
    Hope you continue to climb:)
    thanks again~ Jes

  32. Love the X3 Sport Twin Stroller. We know a couple who are expecting twins next year, and this would be great, and I will recommend it to them.

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