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If you are serious about getting in shape after baby, there’s really one investment that you should consider – a rugged jogging stroller. Cheaper than a gym membership and perfect for those that don’t have babysitters at the ready, by running, jogging, and hitting the trails with your little one you are able to get moving while still bonding with baby. We recently got a chance to test drive the Mountain Buggy Terrain stroller and were really impressed with the premium features that make this one serious stroller.

Mb_logo_brown_vector Mountain Buggy strollers are some of the most rugged and durable strollers anywhere and are perfect for roads, sidewalks, trails, and even rough terrain other strollers can’t touch. Their motto is “life without limit” and this stroller definitely fits the bill. Like all Mountain Buggy strollers, the Terrain was designed in New Zealand and engineered to be tough enough to handle whatever may come your way.

Terrain The first thing we all noticed was how incredibly smooth the ride is in the Terrain, effortlessly gliding over stones, dirt, grass, and rocks. Even steering one-handed, the stroller is stable and well-weighted, allowing for an easy ride. This is partially thanks to the rugged air-filled tires, shock absorbing suspension, and also in part due to the high ground clearance.

For the best control over different terrains, there are different front wheel settings that are easy to select on the go. Whether you leave the front wheel so it swivels or lock it firmly in place, forward or backward, it’s easy to customize your ride.

As with most nice strollers, the Terrain has a recline adjustment that can allow children to lean back and relax while you roll. The really cool thing about this stroller is that the seat can be set at any angle thanks to a pull strap recline mechanism. It does require two hands, but still allows you to customize your ride for your child and activity. The best thing about it is that it goes almost entirely flat, which means it can even be used on new babies {at slow speeds} instead of the 6mo+ restriction of most jogging strollers.

If you do have a little babe, you will be happy that the Terrain will also act as a travel system with an infant car seat adapter. There are adapters that work specifically with Evenflo, Peg Perego and Graco seats as well as a universal car seat adapter that works with Baby Trend, Evenflo, Graco, Peg Perego, Maxi Cosi, Chicco, which means you could even use the Terrain for your daily run as well as for shopping trips. If you’re like me and swoon whenever you see a carrycot, you will love that there is an optional Terrain Cot you can buy as well.

For the older toddler, we love that the Terrain has a roomy seat that is 14” wide and has a 20 ½“ seatback with a whopping 24” seatback-to-canopy measurement that can accommodate older and taller children. It also has an incredibly high weight capacity of 77lbs, which is the highest weight rating I have ever seen in a stroller.

Toddler in Mountain Buggy The Terrain has a large sun canopy with a sun visor and peek-a-boo window that offers a good amount of shade for your child and does well when the rain clouds roll in. For us parents, there is a large capacity basket below the seat that can handle all sorts of accoutrements and even has a mesh zippered top to ensure you don’t lose anything when you really get moving.

Safety is always a big concern of ours, so we love that the Terrain also has a great 5-point padded harness with a safety buckle that even our crafty toddlers could not break out of. We also love that there are two brakes on the stroller; a rear footbrake that locks both wheels to park and secure the stroller as well as a hand brake on the handlebar to give you complete control as you pick up speed. While we don’t use the handlebar brake very often in our strolls, we appreciate the option over the traditional nylon strap brake that other strollers come with.

Going for a Stroll Besides safety features and comfort to spare for your little one, the Terrain also has some great features for mom and dad, including a great adjustable handle height to accommodate different sized joggers. Even at a full run, my husband and I did not kick the back of the stroller, which is an amazing feat considering we both have incredibly long legs.

Unlike most other jogging type strollers, the Terrain comes with a console-style attachment that has cupholders and cubbies for snacks and essentials. It should be noted that the cupholders are more for water bottles than lattes, as they lean backwards from the stroller and make it easy to toss in capped beverages and retrieve them easily. There are also two cupholders in the seat pockets for your little one to store a beverage or two.

We also really love the easy lever system fold/unfold of the Terrain which allows you to get out on your way quickly and easily. Once folded, there is a locking strap that keeps the Terrain closed for transport. While the Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging Stroller is great for around town, field, and trail, it isn’t the most compact folding stroller. It does fit in the back of our compact sedan with a little rearranging, especially with the wheels removed, but at 29lbs, it is a bit heavy to take in and out.

Toddler Peeking out of Rain Cover If you’re looking for sleek, sporty, and incredibly maneuverable, the Terrain is the perfect stroller for you. It is weighted well so that it doesn’t feel flimsy even while trekking, but also handles like a dream even with baby on board. With a rugged frame, superior braking system, high weight limit and expandable system that can accommodate even babies, we think the Terrain is a fabulous all-terrain jogging stroller for your sporty lifestyle!

Find out more about the Terrain as well as the full line of Mountain Buggy products at

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Mountain Buggy for letting us test out the Terrain jogging stroller.  All opinions are 100% ours and no monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. Hi,
    we really like this stroller, especially as we run a lot.
    Today trying at the store it was really difficult to maneuver in a locked wheel position with the wheel in front. It is advertised that it the wheel still has wiggle room but when trying it on the street it always went to the right and was not steerable at all. Do you have the wheel facing out when running like it is advertised? Thanks a lot.


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