New HABA Toys {My Animal Friends Arranging Game}

I simply adore European design.  In fact, I would do nearly all my shopping overseas if I could afford the shipping or the plane tickets.  So, finding a retailer like Maukilo that specializes in European design and in heirloom quality toys is pretty much a dream come true.  There are hundreds of ways I could go broke shopping at the Maukilo site, starting with the largest selection of HABA toys and accessories available online.  I’ve often said that I wish my kid’s toys looked like the HABA pages at and never has that been more true than with their newest 2011 offerings.

Whether you are looking for heirloom quality games, imagination inspiring play sets, or the best in pretend play, HABA’s newest offerings cover it all.  While it would be hard for me to pick a favorite from their newest products, my daughter had a list of 10 favorites that she wanted to share with you.

Here's her Top 10 list, in no particular order:

1)    My Animal Friends Arranging Game
2200-haba-my-animal-friends-s We got a chance to play with the My Animal Friends Arranging Game these past few weeks and we simply love it.  Instead of other toys that get abandoned after the first few days, I really love that, like everything else from HABA that we own, the kids love it more every day as they find new and exciting ways to play with it. 

At first, the My Animal Arranging Game started out as a puzzle, where we would dump out the sturdy block pieces and then see how fast we could place them back in their wooden storage tray.  Quickly the kids realized how fun it would be to set up a colorful and fun city scene Animal Arrangingthat the frog and mouse could live in, and that’s how they spent hours of their summer break.

But, instead of being abandoned after this point for games with loud noises and batteries, the third round of play began: seeing how many items we could create out of the 17 beechwood Arranging Game pieces and having everyone guess what our creations were.  This has proved to be hours of battery-free play and one of our favorite new activities.  I love watching how creative they get with the pieces and seeing them guess what each other have made, which is why we are simply raving about the My Animal Friends Arranging Game.   

Can you guess what our creations were?

2)    HABALAND Blocks 
2397-haha-habaland-play-blocks-s These colorful and fun blocks are similar to the My Animal Friends Arranging Game, only they are a bit bigger and come with a few more pieces and even a vehicle, trees, and trailer that can add to the fun.  After playing with the smaller building set, the Habaland Play Blocks are something I could see splurging on this holiday season for their extended play value.

And, why not?  Kids have a great time creating their own buildings, houses or even towers with the 25 sturdy beechwood pieces and what kid wouldn't love having a car to drive through the town to deliver goods? 

Again, the added bonus is that when the kiddos are done playing town you can play the “guess what I made?” game as well!  Just think of all the things you could create from these adorable blocks!

3)   HABA dolls

3944-haba-doll-clara-s My daughter received the Fay Finja HABA soft body doll for her birthday and is simply smitten, so of course the three newest HABA dolls are high up on her wishlist.  While the dolls look cute and fun online, once you see them in person you will be blown away.  They all not only have quality features and are the perfect size and weight for kiddos, their accessories are simply craveable! 

Note: All 12” sized HABA dress sets will fit the 13.5” and 12” dolls, which means you can buy them different outfits throughout the year.  But, did you know that HABA makes adorable doll accessories, too?  They do!  Which, of course, leads me to the next thing on my daughter’s wishlist…

6)    Infant Seat for baby dolls
My daughter is a stickler for details.  I mean, if her baby brother has to ride in a car seat while we’re driving, then of course her beloved dolls can’t be sitting just anywhere while the car is moving.  Her suggestion was that her doll could ride in the HABA Infant Seat for baby dolls, just like a real baby does.  She told me it was a safety issue, and it's hard to argue with that.

Not only is this a great idea for your next doll roadtrip, it’s the perfect play companion for your little mommy so she can read to her baby, rock her in the seat, and even let her rest for a while after a busy day.  Then, when playtime is done, the seat is also an adorable way to display your child's precious baby instead of in a pile on the floor.

7)    Biofino Savory Breakfast
My daughter makes me breakfast in bed nearly every morning.  We’re talking the works – eggs, bacon, pancakes, cocoa, you name it.  Naturally, most of it is pretend and what isn’t pretend is plastic, but it’s the thought that counts, right? 

But, what she wouldn’t give to be able to serve this adorable Biofino Savory Breakfast set from HABA to me instead, complete with a roll, egg, 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of salami, a slice of cheese, and a lettuce leaf.  Adorable, no?

8)    Biofino Fancy Teacakes
3976-haba-biofino-cake-set-s After breakfast is our tea time, which means one thing in our house: sweets.  So, of course we are all drooling over the Biofino Fancy Teacakes set that has some of the most delectable desserts you can imagine.  I think I will take the Black Forest Cake… or the strawberry-chocolate cream roll… or, better yet, I’ll just have one of everything. 

9)    Pulling Crab Calino 
3438-crab-calino-s Seriously, how cute is this little crab?  I got to see it in person at the HABA booth during the ABC Kids Expo and let me tell you, it's even cuter in person than it looks online.

I may not be a fan of them at our beaches or even on my dinner plate, but when they’re made of wood, we all love them.  This little pulling figure Crab Calino is perfect for ages 1 and up, which my daughter thinks would be good for her brother’s birthday this month.  Really, I can’t blame her, this little guy’s eight Beechwood legs clicking against each other as my little one pulled it across the floor would certainly make everyone smile.

10)   HABA sand toys
5092-haba-crab-squirter-with-water-funnel-s We love the HABA spilling funnel that goes with us every time we head to the beach, so it’s no surprise at all that my daughter is now asking for the Crab Squirter with Water Funnel this year.  Not only would it be perfect sea side, it is also a great idea for in the tub for year-round play!  

What is your favorite new HABA offering?  Do you have a wish list like my daughter {and me}?


Leanne Signature 2 Thank you to HABA for sending their My Animal Friends Arranging Game to be adored.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review. 

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  1. Haba’s Whitewater SOS would be so amazingly magical for my ds! : )
    Thanks so very much for this fabulous give~away! : )

  2. It’s impossible to pick just one, so much awesome stuff! I’m planning on making the kids a play kitchen for Christmas, so I think I’d like to get any of HABA’s great play food.

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