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Sidecarrier Riding bikes has long been one of our favorite outdoor activities, both before and after we had kids.  It really is one of the best ways to spend a day together and give you the best mix of conversation, exercise, and adventure.  But, one thing that has changed after having kids is how much more I think about bike safety than I did before. 

It may seem kind of ridiculous, but it actually took me having my kids along on the ride for me to think about all the dangers out there on the roads and trails.  As most bikers know, a large part of bike safety is making sure that you are as visible as possible, so I’m always struggling to keep us all well-lit for low-light or evening rides.  With only small reflectors on most bikes located on the front and the back {and possibly the pedals, if you’re lucky}, the typical bike is nearly invisible from the sides. 

BikeGlow_Waterproof One of the coolest products I have ever seen to add visibility and keep the whole family safe while riding is the BikeGlow safety light.  The BikeGlow safety light is one of those simple, yet super effective, products that make you wonder why you didn’t think of it first.  It merely consists of a battery pack with an on/off switch connected to a 10 foot long light tube.  And that’s it.  But those three simple elements combine to make one of the most unique lighting products we have ever seen and makes you visible from all sides, not just the front and the back.

To use, you simply attach the light tube to your frame with zip ties and then attach the battery pack by Velcro to an easy to reach location on your bike.  Then you simply wrap the light tube all over and around your bike in any pattern or style that you want, turning your bike into a glowing, shiny beacon of style and visibility. 

BikeGlow_Safety_Light_In_Action_Best Once it’s attached, it’s incredibly unobtrusive and can be left on your bike even during daylight rides.  But then, whenever you think you need to increase your visibility, you can turn on the light to either steady on, slow, or fast blinking. 

Beyond blinking, BikeGlow has another high visibility trick up its sleeve and something the whole family will think is cool.  By offering a range of colors like blue, green, purple, pink and more, you can pick a color that will look good with your bike and stand out against the normal white and red of your head and tail lights {although you can get those colors too if you want!}

Though the BikeGlow is obviously marketed towards bikers, whether they are avid riders, new to the sport, or even young children, it should also be noted that the BikeGlow is not just for bikes.  You could cover your bike trailers, your wagons, or even your strollers with the BikeGlow to add visibility to just about anything you can imagine. 

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Tyler A big thank you to BikeGlow for sending their safety light for review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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