Woody Rocking Horse from Prince Lionheart

I spend a lot of time hiding kid’s toys. Hours of my time each week are spent camouflaging the collection of plastic junk my kids have amassed in 3 short years and finding suitable containers to store them in that I can stand to look at every day.  This, of course, means I love it when I find toys that are so adorable, so stylish, or so amazing that I actually want to display them proudly.  The Woody Rocking Horse from Prince Lionheart absolutely fits this description with its clean and simple design and its irresistible fun for little ones.

Like everything Prince Lionheart makes, the Woody Rocking Horse is not only adorable and stylish, it's also fun, functional, and perfect for supporting development and learning.  That's a heck of a lot for a little pony to do, isn't it?  Maybe the Woody Rocking Horse is so amazing because Prince Lionheart has had decades of experience.  You see, back in 1973, they actually 7701_rocking_H2started as a rocking horse company, making adorable and classic handcrafted horses for little ones.  This means they have had 38 years to create the perfect Prince Lionheart Pony and the end result is the “Woody” Rocking Horse.  

The new Woody Rocking Horse was created as a tribute to the horse that started it all, back before they branched out to other baby and child necessities and became the awesome company they are today.  And, I think we can agree it’s a pretty awesome tribute.  It may be a bit more modern and have a few more features than the horses of yesteryear, but the classic toy still remains timeless and elegant – and ready for hours of play.

I love that it not only is completely adorable, but it also has some really awesome high quality features like solid birch hand grips {no cheap-o and if-y dowels here}, has oversized rockers to prevent tipping {a feature I wish my childhood friend’s horse had the day I “rode it” right into the tile floor}, and even footrests to help your little one balance better and stay upright.  I also love that it supports up to 100 lbs, which means your little one can ride it off into the sunset every day throughout toddlerhood.

And, this is a very, very good thing because the Woody Rocking Horse is pretty much irresistable to kiddos and it's not something they are going to part with easily.  Yes, he's that cute and fun.  My kids play with their rocking horse nearly every afternoon together, making up horse games, taking care of him, or taking turns riding him and giggling uncontrollably.  Knowing that they have years more fun with the Woody Rocking Horse makes it one of my new favorite kids toys.    

Toddler on Woody Rocking Horse
Whether you are finding the perfect addition to your child’s modern nursery or simply searching for a child-friendly piece of art for your living room, the Woody Rocking Horse from Prince Lionheart is a great choice.  I’m sure the Woody Rocking Horse will be the toy for toddlers this holiday season so it might be a bit tricky to find in stores.  Why don’t you do yourself a favor and order it online now?

Specifications: • Height: 18.5“; Width: 11.6”;  Length: 31” • 18+ months

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Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Prince Lionheart for sending the Woody Rocking Horse for review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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