3-In-1 Lounge Wagon from Malo’o

What if a wagon could do more, *be* more? What if that wagon could haul more than just kids and muddy boots and soccer balls? With the 3-in-1 Lounge Wagon from Malo’o, you can see just how versatile a wagon can be, for all your various activities.

Radio Flyer Build-A-Stroller-Wagon™

Have you heard of the Radio Flyer Build-A-Stroller-Wagon? Take your wagon to the next level by designing something that is far more “stroller” than wagon. Add your favorite features, add on premium extras, and design your own Radio Flyer stroller wagon just for you and your crew.

How to rock your parenting day on the go

We live for our adventures as a family, and we find ways of fitting little adventures into everyday. You will find us out and about with kids of all ages, sometimes the kids will be exploring with us, on their own or assisted, and sometimes they are rolling with things and napping as we are on the go. This has worked for us beautifully for almost a decade and I love the flexibility it gives us as a family instead of rendering us housebound every single afternoon and evening to accommodate sleep schedules and downtime. Here’s the very best family travel gear that helps us stay on the go.

Changes to the new 2017 Britax B-Ready Stroller

2017-b-ready-black-fr-300rgbSponsored postBy now, you know how much we adore the Britax B-Ready stroller. But, maybe you have a question about the older B-Ready as compared to the new 2017 B-Ready we shared last month? If so, this post is for you. As B-Ready owners for nearly 7 years, I can't even tell you how many people I have spoken with about the stroller and our immense love for it, but it is definitely in the hundreds. Britax 2017 B-Ready at ZooI can also tell you that I have been personally responsible for dozens of people buying their own B-Ready throughout the years. You just can't beat all the different configurations or the fact that it grows with your family. Start with the infant car seat{s} and then graduate to the in-line double seater as you need it. Since we walk everywhere with our three kiddos, we have put hundreds and hundreds {and hundreds} of miles on our beloved B-Ready stroller throughout the years, over three countries and countless cities and towns.

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The new and improved 2017 Britax B-Ready

Britax 2017 B-Ready StrollerProduct for this post was provided by Britax, but the love for this stroller is all ours. As always, all opinions are 100% our own. Post may contain affiliate links to help support our travels!

Love isn't a strong enough word for how much we adore the Britax B-Ready stroller. We got the original B-Ready back in 2011 when it first came out, and it was the best choice we could have made for our family. Having gone through several strollers already with our two small children, we were ready for a quality-built stroller and had considered several double strollers, but something told us to wait for the B-Ready. The wait for the B-Ready was worth it because truly nothing compares to the performance and versatility, its luxury details and its 12 different configurations. 4f54c6c1-9cf1-40bf-916d-763a1217ee1d.jpg._CB281849506__SR970 300_Even now, 6 years later, I love the B-Ready stroller more every year as it has grown with our family. With the added bottom seat it proved to be the perfect double stroller for us – first as a mom of two little ones and now as a mom of three who sometimes has to cart around bigger kids as well as the baby. Since we walk everywhere with our three kiddos, we have put hundreds and hundreds {and hundreds} of miles on our beloved B-Ready stroller throughout the years, over three countries and countless cities and towns.

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CYBEX Gold Line: designed to adapt with your little one

This post was sponsored by CYBEX as part of a Blog Blast Activation for Influence Central.

Even before I was pregnant for the first time, I knew how important choosing the right stroller and car seat were going to be for our on-the-go lifestyle. I began to watch other parents maneuver strollers around town and while traveling and I watched them conquer subways, cobblestones, and shopping malls. Gold_Wheelgoods_BaliosM_Ad_A4_EN-1Seeing strollers in so many different types of situations gave me strong ideas about what my future babies were going to be riding in. And, even though my opinions on nearly every aspect of parenting has evolved as I became a mom, and then as a mom of two, and now as a mom of three, my opinions on strollers and car seats has changed very little.

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The Joovy Scooterx2 made Disneyland the happiest place on Earth

Sponsored post basic disclosureWhen packing for Disneyland this month, there was one thing I was really stressed about. Not clothes or shoes or something else we could buy once we got there, what I was mostly worried about was how we would get around with kids. Planes, cars, buses, taxis, trams and more are great for traveling to Disneyland, but what would we do with three kiddos once we got to the park? Three kids in DisneylandSide note: No, we didn't steal a baby. We were watching a friend's son during the conference and needed something that would be versatile enough for our older two, but also could be used for the little guy when we had him alone without his stroller.

And, even with our two, we’re still very much in the naps stage {or, at the very least, rest and downtime} during the day. With a schedule that had us out from early morning until well after midnight, we knew that a stroller could easily make or break our trip. Whatever stroller we brought would need to be versatile enough to go all day long and comfortable enough for them to sleep in when necessary, but it would also have to be easy enough to push and maneuver for hubby’s and my sake.

We knew we would be pushing a Joovy double stroller, but then the question was whether we go with the super Qool new double {see what I did there?} or if we wanted a more traditional side-by-side. Empty Joovy strollersPictured: Joovy Caboose Vary Light, Joovy Scooterx2 and Joovy Qool

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Stokke® Scoot™: The urban compact stroller

Sponsored post basic disclosure
I’m an urban girl at heart and have never met any big city I didn’t feel at home in. My stroller, however, prefers wide open spaces where turning radiuses are as far as the eye can see. On the days that my suburban stroller makes it to the big city, I feel like I am constantly apologizing for taking up the whole sidewalk, for knocking things off shelves, and for occasionally running over a toe or two.

Since strollers are still very much a necessity once we hit the city and are ready to explore, going without is just not an option. But, even though we needed something compact, it needed to be something as adventure-ready as we are and hopefully with a few premium features. Umbrella strollers need not apply.

I finally found the perfect candidate, and am now fully in love with the Stokke® Scoot™, hailed as the urban compact stroller. Besides simply being compact, it is by far the most maneuverable stroller we have ever pushed. It has an incredibly small turning radius and it takes almost no effort at all to steer – even one handed with a child inside. Add in the suspension to give you a smooth, easy ride and it really is a dream to push.

Stokke Scoot
Yes, that's all the same stroller pictured above in 4 different positions. As you can see, it features an active and rest recline both forward facing and parent-facing. And, it looks absolutely nothing like an umbrella stroller with a minimal frame and lack of features. As many of you already know, I pushed an umbrella stroller for exactly two days in the past 3 years because I simply cannot stand them. Sidewalks trip them up, they require two hands to push, and they have zero storage, comfort features, or agility to handle real city life. Thanks, but no thanks. 

Urban life
And, then I met the Stokke® Scoot™ and fell in love with the perfect stroller for our active lifestyle. I love how versatile it is, the kids love how comfortable it is, and it's a great for all of our adventures. Scoot in Seattle


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4 strollers in one with the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight {Review}

You know when you get something that just clicks so well that you wonder how you ever did without?  That was the exact way I felt when the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight arrived for review.  As slim as a single stroller and more versatile than any of our other double strollers we’ve ever used, the … Read more