Radio Flyer Build-A-Stroller-Wagon™

A big thank you to Radio Flyer for sending us a custom-designed Radio Flyer Stroller Wagon for us to love and adore. No other form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this rave review.

Wagons looked pretty much the same my entire life. If someone said “wagon”, you were basically picturing the classic Radio Flyer wagon, give or take a few details. But in the past few years, wagons have really come a long way in a short amount of time. We’re talking premium features, all-terrain wheels, cup holders, sun/rain shades, you name it.

Sure, you can still buy the classic Radio Flyer wagon, but now you have the option of buying something that is far more “stroller” than wagon, or you can buy a beast of a wagon that can haul kiddos, gear and more anywhere you roam. Or, you can go the custom route and can design your own Radio Flyer stroller wagon just for you with the Build-A-Stroller-Wagon™ feature!

Radio Flyer stroller wagon

Custom Build-A-Stroller-Wagon™ from Radio Flyer

You start by choosing a base for your Radio Flyer Stroller Wagon. Every stroller wagon base will have a push handle, which is similar to a jogging stroller. These push handles can adjust for height, or fold all the way down for storing, and this is what makes your wagon a stroller instead of simply a decked-out wagon.

The braking system is also similar to that of a jogging stroller. Simply press it down with your foot to lock it in place, or flip it up with your toe and you’re on your way.

All wagon bases will come with adjustable 5-point safety harnesses on both smaller sides of the stroller wagon. They also include a whopping FOUR cupholders – two on the interior of the stroller wagon, two on the front of the stroller wagon. Built-in mesh pockets help keep snacks and toys organized in the stroller base for your little ones.

One more feature of the folding stroller wagon that I love: you can fold one side of the stroller wagon base down so that the wagon becomes a bench seat when you arrive at your destination. This is amazing even for older kiddos, because it means that you have built-in seats for park dates, picnics, outdoor concerts, and more.

As you are customizing your folding stroller wagon base, you can choose between 2 DuraClean™ 2.0  fabric colors: Heather Gray and Jet Black, and then choose whether you want standard or premium wheels. We got to customize a Radio Flyer stroller wagon for our holiday gift guide for kids and I was crazy happy picking all our favorite must-haves. We went with Jet Black and the upgraded tires because we plan to take our stroller wagon everywhere with us and these seemed the most adventure-ready. Once your base is done, then comes the fun part.

Add a pull handle to your stroller wagon

After you perfect the base, you have the option to add a pull handle if you’d like. I cannot tell you how much I recommend this option. It might seem redundant because you already have a push handle, but there have been so many times the pull handle was essential for us and it really adds to its versatility to have both. As shown in this picture, the kids love to pull their siblings and cousins, but once the wagon gets loaded up it can get kind of heavy for the little guys. This is where the push handle and pull handle work in tandem, allowing two people to share the load.

Radio Flyer stroller wagon

I’m so used to pushing a heavy weighed-down stroller all by myself, which most of the time I don’t mind {woohoo for extra workouts}, but there are definitely times we went a little crazy at the grocery store and then alllll the littles got tired and I was stuck pushing hundreds of pounds up and down hills. Well, now my older kiddos or shopping partners can actually help, instead of just offering sympathy. If I wanted to use either the pull or push handle exclusively, the other handle you aren’t using simply folds out of the way, which makes this add-on a no-brainer in my opinion.

It also can’t be overstated how much I absolutely love the “no drop” technology of the pull handle that keeps it upright and makes it so the pull handle never touches the ground. Even if you simply drop the pull handle without warning, it just springs back up, out of the way and ready to grab if you need it. I can’t stress enough how awesome this feature really is.

Shop the stroller wagon accessories

Once your base and handles are done, you get to add all the fun accessories to match. You can add a UV rain/sun canopy, a parent caddy, extra storage “trunk”, padded strap covers, etc. You can even personalize your stroller wagon with a name or phrase so you can find yours in a crowd when all your friends decide to buy one after they see yours. If you want to get really fancy, you can even add a bow so it’s all ready for gifting.

Radio Flyer stroller wagon

I really love the design of the UV shade, and it’s one of our favorite add-ons that we included in our Radio Flyer stroller wagon. Instead of having a bulky cover and flimsy support poles that you have to carry with you if you remove, the support poles are now able to hide away into the frame of the base when you’re not using it. Then, you can pop the shade off and it rolls up on its own. Store it away in the stroller wagon removable trunk, and you’re ready to go.

Your Radio Flyer stroller wagon is adventure-ready

Whatever options you choose for your Custom Build-A-Stroller-Wagon™, I guarantee that this little wagon is going to be going on some epic adventures. It’s not much bigger than a jogging stroller, even when loaded up with the optional rear storage and parent caddy, but it can hold larger children and so much gear and stuff.

Now that our kiddos are older and we’ve transitioned to “sports parents”, the stroller wagon is the perfect fit for our family. It can still go from farmer’s markets and park dates with us, but it can also hold a ton of gear, and then become a bench seat when we get there. Then, when I have my young nephews for the day, it can completely replace the stroller and they get the fun of a stroller wagon ride, while I get room for all our family’s drinks and gear.

When the adventure is over, I can simply fold the stroller wagon compactly. It folds about similar to our jogging stroller, and even fits in our smaller sedan. Compared with our beast of a B-Ready with two seats, it’s actually more compact when folded, which I love. When not in use, it simply folds up and stands out of the way in our garage or entryway waiting for its next adventure.

Start designing today and then Get Out and Play with your very own custom stroller wagon this spring and summer. Be sure and follow Radio Flyer on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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