ERGObaby Carrier

“Ergo we go” I had seen the ERGObaby carriers around town for a few months and was always curious about them but I hadn’t realized just how excited I was to try the ERGObaby until I got my own.  Taking it out of the package, I was oddly giddy as I pictured baby and me exploring … Read more

Kokopax Carrier Review

Babywearing is to thank for at least 90% of our productivity since baby was born.  Hands free snuggling equates to parenting bliss, and as baby neared her first birthday I was terrified that it would all come to an end once baby got too big for the front pack or the carrier got too cumbersome … Read more

SleepyWrap Baby Carrier

“A Snuggly Sleep Solution” I would have never, ever figured out how to use the SleepyWrap without the instructions.  So, even though it just about killed me, I didn’t even try my normal first use without reading approach.  I read up on the instructions on the way to our destination and by the time we … Read more

Beep Beep Slings

Beep Beep Slings I just love babywearing.  One might call me addicted.  I seriously can’t think of anything better than snuggling your baby while you run errands, take a walk, or just get things done at home.  And, luckily for me, baby completely agrees.  Since baby was just days old I have been slinging her … Read more