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While we’ve had a bit of a mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest so far, it looks like winter is going to hit us pretty hard in the next few weeks.  Taking other years into account, this means that we are likely looking forward to months and months of ice, freezing temperatures, and snow in our future.  While most of us have snow gear and down jackets we can slip on, the problem becomes what you can do to Pouch-carrier1keep the littlest ones warm during freezing temperatures.  The answer, of course, is Rain or Shine Kids, our favorite Seattle brand. 

We’ve raved about their Woobee blanket that kept our daughter from freezing in our trip across Spain and Morocco, we’ve adored their UPF Sun Blanket that helped protect our little guy from sun, wind, and rain, and we’ve recommended the Fleece Blanket for all the weather in between, but now they’ve got a brand new line of Pouch Carrier Covers that we are crazy about.  Designed to keep your little one toasty while rolling, strolling, or sledding, the cover is the perfect thing to place over your baby carrier, your stroller, your car seat, or even in the event of a snowstorm, your sled.

We got to check out this new line at the ABC Kids show in September and thought it was truly brilliant, so we were thrilled when one arrived at our doorstep right before the cold hit.  Now that the weather has taken a dip, our Woobee has gotten quite the workout over the top of the ERGO baby carrier. When the weather dipped even further and the snow began to fall, we loved using the cover right over the top of our Mountain Boy Bambino Grande Pull Sled, keeping the little one toasty warm even while the flakes were falling.

Like everything made by Rain or Shine Kids, the design of the Woobee is truly outstanding. With the signature Woobee weatherproof cover paired with their super soft lining, it has quality details throughout.

Rain or Shine Kids Pouch CoverI also love that Rain or Shine Kids included ties on the sides so you can connect it if you’ve got too much fabric and reduce bulk while providing the coziest environment possible. Not only does this help keep the cover fitted to whatever carrier or seat you're using, it is also so incredibly snugglable that you will never want to take your babe out.

While I have focused the review on how great this is for babies {and the people that carry them}, this adjustable nature makes it a cover that is not easily outgrown. It is so adaptable that our three year old can still use it if she tucks up her legs and our 1 year old fits in it with room to spare, as you can see below. 

Rain or Shine Kids Cover in Snow

We’ve used it numerous times throughout the past few weeks and it’s now a fixture on our days out for keeping the little ones cozy in the car, in the stroller, the carrier, or just about anywhere else. We love it so much that we always have it ready, which is great because we're going to be needing it around here well into June!

Find out more about the Woobee from Rain or Shine Kids as well as the rest of the Woobee family at rainorshinekids.com

Leanne Signature 2 The Rain or Shine Pouch Carrier Cover for review and the giveaway were offered at no charge to us.  All opinions remain 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review.

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