Bambino Grande Pull Sled by Mountain Boy Sledworks

You know that really cool neighbor you used to have growing up that had all the cool stuff that everyone always wanted to play with?  Even they would covet this sled.  This is the kind of sled that makes you feel like a good parent for even allowing your kids to sit on it, let alone ride on it in actual snow.  

Bambino-Grande3 When the Mountain Boy package first arrived, hubby and I were so excited that we actually opened it together like some sort of Norman Rockwell painting.  And, once we unveiled the Bambino Grande wooden pull sled in all its glory, it only got more so.  There was clapping, there was squealing…and the kids were excited, too. 

The Bambino Grande by Mountain Boy Sledworks is the perfect marriage of old and new world craftsmanship, which means you get all the style and feel of an old hand crafted antique, with the technology and performance of the latest and greatest modern design.  And perform it does.  Even with two toddlers weighing it down all the way up to its 150lb capacity, this sled skimmed along behind us with surprisingly little effort.  

Made with exceptional craftsmanship and paired with an extremely smart design, the Bambino Grande is one of those products you have to see to fully appreciate.  The Bambino Grande consists of a beautifully finished birch wood deck that is both sturdy and classic, with a hand carved willow chair back and arm structure on top so the little ones can lean back and relax while they ride.  These contrasting woods are set off with extra detailing such as copper tubing which hides the bolts that hold it together and adds the perfect finishing touch to this heirloom quality sled.  

Bambino-Bottom As if that’s not enough, underneath all this classic handcrafted wood is a thoroughly modern and high tech plastic base to allow this sled to perform better than any we have ever seen.  The base is almost entirely flat to give the Bambino Grande the best stability and speed on soft powdery snow.  The exceptions to the flat bottom are two v-shaped ridges on the outer edges which help the sled track straight in powder, and act as rails to minimize resistance on hardpack snow and ice.  Whereas other sleds offer only a thin piece of plastic between the seat and the snow, the Bambino Grande is unique in that the molded plastic base keeps the wooden deck out of the cold snow, which keeps the kiddos warmer and cozier than traditional pull sleds.   

Our first trial of the Bambino Grande was at home in about 1.5-2 inches of snow, and we were shocked at how easy it was to pull compared to a metal railed sled, which requires much more snow.  The next time out was in 2-3 feet of fresh powder, and once again the Bambino Grande truly impressed.  With the large flat bottom dispersing the weight, it simply floated on the snow while we sunk deep down as we walked ahead of it. 

Roan-Bambino With a truly stable ride, even our youngest, most timid testers loved riding the Bambino Grande. Especially with the side and back rails to hold and lean onto, they felt safe and secure the whole time.  And those same rails can act as anchor points if you want to rig up some sort of seat belt to make sure your little ones stay put.  We were actually able to quickly attach an infant car seat with a strap we had around the house to bring our bundled up 6 month old out into the fun without having to worry about her lack of stability.   

Having a high quality wooden sled that will be a great memory for our children and last through our grandkids, makes every time we use it feel like a special occasion.  From long walks through the snow to snowshoeing with kids too small to trek, the Bambino Grande is going to see years and years of memories and special moments as a family.  And with its perfect size we know we can use it a lot as it easily fits in our trunk, no SUV required, which means it can go anywhere and everywhere we can drive – whether that is through feet of snow in the mountain pass, or merely through the neighborhood to spread a little Holiday cheer to the neighborhood kids. 

Bambino-Grande4 The Mountain Boy Sledworks company offers some really cool options to finish off your Bambino Grande pull sled, including custom engraving and specially made chair pads that make this sled even more cozy.  But, don’t be deceived by the name, Mountain Boy Sledworks has more than just kids sleds available; they have a full line of heirloom quality sleds, toboggans, and flyers for all ages as well as a wooden version of the ELSA Kicksled we reviewed earlier this year. 

Don’t get much snow where you live?  In addition to their snow products, Mountain Boy Sleds also makes a line of push carts, wheeled toys and scooters for your little ones, including the cutest and most fun wagon we have ever seen.  Take a look at their site and you will see why their wagons are at the top of our Spring wishlist. 

The Bambino Grande Pull Sled measures 34"L x 14" W x 13"H, weighs 10 lbs and retails for $149.99 with shipping for $14.99

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A huge thank you to Mountain Boy Sledworks for allowing us to take to the snow as a family, and making us the coolest family on the block.  No monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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