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Every woman needs a fabulous pair of rain boots.  Why?  Because it rains everywhere.  The Pacific Northwest, in particular, sees more than their fair share of inclement weather and rain is just a natural part of life around here.  But, no matter where you are, being prepared with a great pair of comfortable rain boots makes you almost excited to see those rain clouds roll in.  Almost. 

When I first found the Däv Rain site, I couldn’t have been more thrilled.  Däv Rain truly makes boots for every woman, with so many styles and colors available for every taste that it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with at least one pair.  I should know; I have completely fallen for just about their entire collection of boots and rain gear for both adults and children.  They have high heeled boots, sporty boots, sneaker boots, and even boots that look like a dress pump or cowboy boot, as well as umbrellas, bags and more to make even the wettest and most miserable day that much more bearable.

Sporty and sleek: I first fell in love with Däv Rain for their sporty style of boots that I was sure would be perfect for gardening, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and chasing after kids on playgrounds.  I loved that their boots came with a Poron insert for maximum comfort and shock absorption, and that they had some of the cutest and most stylish boot options I had ever seen, as well as accessories that coordinated and added extra flair.  With numerous flat soled boots available in both traditional and funky patterns and designs, I would be hard pressed to pick an absolute favorite. 

One of the first ones that stood out to me and made it to the actual test drive was the Victoria Scot Boot, which has numerous features that makes these very traditional looking boots anything but ordinary.  This English riding boot style rain gear has a rubber spur-stop and an original hand-drawn print that is both classic and eye-catching, but when paired with the corset back lacing, the result is really beautiful. 
The fleece lining means that they can even be worn with short socks, so if a day suddenly turns cloudy and grey you won’t have to pick up socks as well.  I absolutely love how comfortable these boots are, even for long days walking in rain, mud and dirt, and find myself looking for reasons to wear them.  And lucky for me, even though these boots are bold and colorful, they go with a surprisingly large chunk of my wardrobe and can actually help dress up even my blandest rain clothing.  Available in size 5-11 US whole sizes and comes with vinyl drawstring bag for easy storage.

Fashion and Fun: Next, I found Däv’s Fashion Solid Rain Boot and I actually didn’t realize it was made of rubber at first, since it looked so sleek and sophisticated.  I had been on the hunt for a fabulous pair of boots to wear through the Fall and Winter with a 2”-3” heel and was coming up with nothing that was comfortable enough to wear longer than to the mailbox and back.  But, when I slipped on the high heeled Däv Fashion Solid and zipped it up, I was instantly in love.  Not only are they supremely comfortable and fit my very hard-to-fit foot perfectly, I loved that they didn’t look like rain boots at all.  With the exception of an almost imperceptible line that runs down the length of the boot, the Däv Fashion Solid Rain Boot looks like a high quality leather boot and even fooled my shoe-loving little sister at her initial inspection. 

FS-SO900 In fact, these Fashion Rainboots are some of my cutest footwear I own, and go with just about everything.  They can literally go from garden to gala and back while still remaining comfortable enough for long distance and daily wear.  I am normally the last person to fall in love with a heel of any size, but I was absolutely shocked by how comfortable these boots are.  I don’t know if it’s the rubber heel, the Poron insert, or something else entirely, but these boots add a little bounce to your walk that cushions your foot with each step and makes these substantial rubber boots feel surprisingly lightweight.  Available in sizes 4/5, 6/7, 8/9 and 10/11 US, comes with vinyl drawstring bag for easy storage.  

Large%20e-wRaingear and Accessories:  Däv Rain makes a full line of bags, umbrellas, socks and more that compliment or match their footwear and can withstand drizzle and pour.  From printed designs to chic and sophisticated, their rain accessories are some of the cutest I have ever seen.  And lucky for me, they can be used in Seattle year-round!

Category_kids_boots Children’s Boots and More: If you thought Däv Rain Gear was cute in adult sizes, well, you’re not going to be able to take the kind of cute that is Däv’s new Kid’s Line.  From miniature versions of the Sporty Däv Boots for women to the rubber cowboy boots to boots that look like sneakers, the Däv Kid’s Line has some serious personality and still has all the quality features of their larger counterparts. 

I love that their Kid’s Sport Line has a thick clear transparent outsole over the patterned boot, with reinforced seams and toe, as well as having a wider ankle opening to allow for thick layered socks to take these boots into mild winters.  The Sport treads are textured and grippy, and the Leopard Print boot even has animal tracks across the bottom so kids can really leave their mark in the mud.  Umbrellas and accessories are also available for kids to allow for maximum puddle jumping enjoyment.  Available in 10 – 2.5 US Kids sizes.

In Love:  I would have never guessed this, but it turns out rain boots are the way to my heart, more so than chocolates or champagne.  Every time I think of my Däv Rainboots my heart skips a beat or two and I think of yet another place that Däv would make less dreary.  So this is what it’s like to be in love with your footwear.  

Price: $30 for Kid Boots and starting at $60 for Adult Boots.  Umbrellas and accessories starting at $30

And now for the Giveaway…

One Rave and Review reader will win a pair of Däv rainboots of their very own!  To enter, just visit Däv Rain and tell me which boot you would choose, in either the women's or the children's collection and your color preference.  Teaware-swirl

This Giveaway is CLOSED.  Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to:

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City Houndstooth

On December 30th at 11:59pm PST a winner will be drawn, announced here and notified via email

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A HUGE thank you to Dav for making the rainy season bearable with their super cute line of rainboots, and for offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers.  No type of monetary compensation was received for this rave review. 

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  1. Dav Rainboot entries
    Ok the rainboots I would pick are the English butterfly in slate.
    I also forwarded the e-mail and shared it on facebook and voted for you at top baby blogs.

  2. I love the plain Fashion boot best of all although the victorian lace up is also kind of cute!
    Thanks for a fine giveaway.

  3. I do not know where my entry went; I think I hit reply instead of post. I am sorry. I am re-entering. I choose the fashion boot which I think is very classy looking. Thank you for a fine giveaway.

  4. I love their whole collection! I need some rain boots for sure, and would love the Fashion Solid. I like the idea of a high heeled one since my pants are always long and drag in the puddles when I wear flat shoes in the rain.

  5. I pick the Womans English Sketchy Lace Boot in Black.I think they are really cute.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  6. Love the Fashion Rain Boots in Solid Black. My favorite thing on the site are the Rain Pumps, what a fantastic idea!!

  7. would probably choose Laceup Houndstooth
    Green/Brown because I have big calves
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  8. Hi, I really like the Fashion Solid Black but then again I also like the English Floral Sky Blue. It’s hard to choose they are all so cute. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  9. I entered the The Pretty Peacock Personalized Jewelry Giveaway. Thanks! trishden Please delete the above comment, It’s a duplicate meant to be posted on another giveaway.

  10. I would love to have the Women’s English Rainboots in the Solid Black colour. I live on RAINY Vancouver Island, and these beauties would get plenty of use!

  11. Wow! Not only are these practical but they’re great looking too!
    I love the Midnight Paisley Victoria Rain Boot.

  12. If I won, I would choose either the Women’s Equestrian Rain Boots in black or the Women’s English Rain Boots in Sketchy Lace.

  13. Ohmy I am in love! I have never owned rainboots because they seemed too clunky and boring but after seeing the Bubblegum Argyle Sneaker Rain Boots..*heart flutters*

  14. I would choose the Scot Victoria Rain Boot (Model: VI-SC901) in the Women’s Collection. They are my favorite out of the entire collection.

  15. I commented (#7) on the Bambino Grande Pull Sled by Mountain Boy Sledworks post
    cyn.cynthiia at gmail dot com

  16. These are seriously the most attractive rain boots I’ve ever seen! I love the “Fashion” style in green raindrop!

  17. I would choose either the Laceup Houndstooth
    Green/Brown or the English Sketchy Lace
    Green! They are both adorable!

  18. Gosh – I changed my mind about my favorite about a dozen times! These are all so cute! Finally decided on the womens Laceup Sketchy Lace Sky Blue (size 6/7).

  19. My sister loves the Fashion Leopard Black rain boots – size USA10/11. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  20. I would choose the Sport Polka Dot Pink Rain Boot.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  21. Oh! Wow!! I live in a small town in south-east Alaska.. we get lots & lots of rain! Until now, the rain-gear that I’ve seen has been plain and bland! These are terrific! I especially like the Sport Polka Dot Pink!! So very cute!

  22. The Lace up rain boots in Bubblegum or black and brown Hounds tooth are awesome! The rain boot sneakers are pretty awesome too!

  23. I love the cowboy boot rainboots for the women. Too cute. But I would have to choose the Leopard kids rainboot. they are also just too adorable!
    great giveaway

  24. Great website! I should could have used a pair of rainboots the past few weeks…with soooo much rain 🙁
    I like so many of the boots, but since I have to pick just one, I’ll choose the City Cuff Paisley in
    Black…so cute!
    Thank you for a fun contest…Happy Holiday’s !

  25. I would pick the Equestrian Rain Boots in black, although I’m awfully fond of the English Sketchy Lace boot in black also. Thanks.

  26. Sadly the backyard of our new house is a swamp, so I really need these for myself. I like the Midnight Paisley Victoria Rain Boot, at least then I will look stylish as I tromp through our muddy backyard.

  27. English Butterfly
    Slate is my fave womens style. I also like the English black lace. I’ll take a size 9 please.

  28. I have never seen anything like these!! I am petite and rain boots are dreadful on me. These might actually be a GREAT looking option. I LOVE the city solid black

  29. I love the black English Riding Boots for my daughter as she has had 2 horses and rode English. She would love these!

  30. OK – hard choice because I could go crazy shopping here – but I would choose the English Big Lotus in
    Red. So cute & fun they would even make the rain fun!

  31. I am a crossing guard so the BRIGHT ones would be the best but I really like the cowboy ones I love the unbrellas also

  32. I would definitely choose their Fashion Leopard in black, these boots are amazing!! I have been looking for them all my life maybe, I love boots too and I live in Washington so they would be used lol 😀
    [email protected]