Darda Victory Lane NASCAR Race Set

The first time I saw a Darda racetrack set, I couldn’t help but think that it looked like it had been designed by kids.  Surely no grown up would dare put so many twists and loops in a racetrack.  They would, of course, know that even little toy cars have to obey the laws of gravity.


Yet, almost every one of the Darda tracks has not only loops for the cars to race, but they also have loops that corkscrew through even more loops, then out and around in another loop before flattening out into long straightaways and sweeping curves.  As it turns out, there are some very smart adults working very hard at Darda to make their cars seemingly break all those natural laws we studied in grade school science class with every lap to delight all gravity-defying kids.

It all starts with the Darda track, which comes in a multitude of colors in each set to guarantee that race day at your house will be an eye catching affair.  The track comes in different lengths of curved and straight pieces which are easily assembled using the included instructions, or you are free to use your imagination.  The pieces attach to each other by tabs that slide into grooves on the underside of the track so that each transition is smooth and won’t hinder the cars as they pass.  In some sets there is also a base plate that has the same tabs built in that you use to build up the track on while giving it structure.


All this great track would be useless if you didn’t have cars that could handle it, and Darda makes the fastest in the world at up to 600 scale MPHAnd, even better than that is the fact that they are completely “kid powered” so you don’t have to buy any batteries – ever. To power up a Darda car, you simply push down over the back wheels and then roll the car back and forth before you let it go and away it zooms.

Let me clarify in case you missed the subtlety of that last sentence; Merely pushing the car forwards or backwards a few times powers the car up for it’s high speed journey around the raceway. Unlike wind up cars from our youth where you had to pull it back then hold the tires, lift it up, pull it back again, hold the tires, then put it where you wanted it to start from, the Darda cars can simply roll back and forth and then roll up to the starting line. And in another example of modern technology, you can’t over crank the cars, meaning that even the littlest racers can help without leaving their car sputtering to a stop just after the starting line.

T300_d5d85cdd01e786999aaa4bf1de67efd5 We received the Victory Lane NASCAR Race Set, which combines side by side racing with Darda’s imaginative and expansive tracks. One of the coolest parts of this track (and my daughter’s favorite) is that it has a start/finish line that actually holds the cars in place until you hit the green start button. Of course, she likes to start the race with one push of a button, and then run to the straightaway and last curve to watch the cars finish. 

These little cars are fast, and it really is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of thing, so we really appreciate that when the first car crosses the finish line, the track has a little checkered flag that turns to point at the winner. This single addition to the track will certainly save us all from countless arguments over which car really won.  Between this and the push button start, which virtually eliminates the argument that someone let their car go early or held on to their opponent’s longer, you are almost guaranteed a fair race.  A collective sigh of relief is heard from all parents, everywhere.

Now, all that’s left to argue about is who gets what car…

Price: $64.99 for the Victory Lane Nascar Race Track, with other Darda Race Tracks available

Visit www.dardatoys.com to see the choices!

And now for the Giveaway…

One Rave and Review reader will win a Darda Track Set of their very own, with your choice of the Victory Lane ($65) set or the Power Loop Pyramid ($70)!  To enter, just visit Darda Toys and tell me which Darda set you would love to have if money were not an issue and why you chose that set.  Remember to tell me whether you would like the Victory Lane or Power Loop Pyramid in your comment!Teaware-swirl

This Giveaway is CLOSED.  Thank you to all who have entered and congrats to Margaret who has won the Darda Power Loop Pyramid!

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A personal thank you to Darda Toys for providing the Victory Lane Set be reviewed, and for offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers.  No type of monetary compensation was received for this rave review.

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  1. I checked out the site and the Glow Loop Scorcher looks like something my son would like! I would choose the Power Loop Pyramid if I won.

  2. Hubby says he wants the Create a Course building system…I guess those boys never grow up….LOL!
    Power Loop Pyramid for us.

  3. I’d probably buy the *Create A Course Building System*…that is if money were no object. That way my son could use his imagination and build whatever comes to mind!!!
    I’d choose the Power Loop Pyramid!!! 🙂
    ddavidpatrick at gmail dot com

  4. I like the Create-a-Course Building System set best if money weren’t an issue. If I won the giveaway, I would like the Victory Lane.

  5. If money were not an issue, I would choose the Create A Course Construction System and give all of the Engineers around here a run for their money.
    I would want the Power Loop Pyramid track if I were the fortunate winner. This would also be great for use in my high school mathematics classes.
    Thank you,
    [email protected]

  6. I would get the Jump Stunt Challenge for my nephew. I think he would love the super action and speed, and the fact that he has to ‘wind it up’ and thus is actually involved in the success. Great set!
    If I am selected as the winner, I choose the Power Loop Pyramid – for the same reasons! 🙂

  7. I’d love the Glow Loop Scorcher because it glows in the dark of course, and that’s just cool! Thanks for the giveaway!
    I’d love the Power Loop Pyramid!
    Bridgette Groschen
    [email protected]

  8. With two boys, I’d really love the Create-a-Course Building System if money wasn’t an issue.
    These look like so much fun
    Thanks so much and Happy Holidays

  9. I would choose the Power Loop Pyramid. I find it hard to believe that the cars can make it through those loops. I would love to try it out with my son.

  10. I would choose the Create-a-Course Building System so that my son and husband could create their own track! If I win I would like to have the Power Loop Pyramid!

  11. Oh these are both super cool, but I think I like the Power Loop set just a teeny bit more. Wow! My boys (and their cousins) would have a blast with this – and the fact that it doesn’t need batteries (!!!) gets a HUGE thumbs up from me, too!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  12. I like the Glow Loop Scorcher, it looks pretty cool to play with in the dark. I would like the victory lane set, thanks.

  13. If money were no option, I would choose the Create-a-Course Building System for my nephews as I believe it would give them hours and hours of enjoyment (and keep them away from the computer for a while!).
    If I were to win I would choose the Power Loop Pyramid.
    Thank you for the chance to win!
    girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

  14. My boys would love to have the “Twisting Tower” set because of all the loops for them to watch the cars go through. Thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

  15. I would buy the JUMP STUNT CHALLENGE because the cars become airborne! It looks just as fun to play with as the Victory Lane set which I am going to win! Well, maybe…

  16. If money were not an issue, I would love to buy the Create-a-Course Building System because it would allow my son to be creative.

  17. If money was no issue, I would get the Create-a-Course Building System because you can creat over 30 layouts with it.
    If I won, I would choose the Power Loop Pyramid.

  18. If money were no object, I would choose the Create-a-Course Building System because it would allow for creativity on the part of my husband who would undoubtedly love the set as much as our sons! If chosen for this giveaway, I would like the Power Loop Pyramid set. Thank you!

  19. I would pick the Create-a-Course Building System. I would get this one so my son could use his imagination and build his own course. If I won I’d pick the Power Loop Pyramid. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. if money were no object, i would choose the NASCAR® Corkscrew Charger for my 3-year old son (and his Daddy, too!). My son loves race cars and our floor is always covered with little cars that he sends flying across the room… his Daddy loves NASCAR so this would be a great gift for both of them to enjoy.

  21. If money were not an issue, we would choose the Create-a-Course Building System, because the track layout possibilities are nearly limitless. We would like to win Victory Lane please. Thank you for the chance to win. Happy holidays.

  22. If money were not an issue we would choose the Power Loop Pyramid.
    We would also choose the Power Loop Pyramid if we were to win.
    THank you so much for the chance to win.

  23. If money were no object I’d go for the create-a-course building system, since I think it would be fun to design different courses every time. If I win I’d like the power pyramid for my son.

  24. I would love the most to have the Create A Course Building system! If I win I would choose the Power Loop Pyramid 😀

  25. I’d get the Twisting Tower because you can blast through six loops while climbing a three-story tower and the boys would love it. I would like he Power Loop Pyramid if I won.

  26. The Glow Loop Scorcher would be great to have! Why? Because it glows!!!! How cool is that? If chosen, I would pick the Power Loop Pyramid! My godson would freak out! Thanks!
    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  27. I’d pick the Create-a-Course Building System so we could build our own track and use our creativity. I’d pick the pyramid track if I won. Thanks!

  28. I would choose the Glow Loop Scorcher if money were not as issue because it looks the funnest! My daughter would like that it glows!

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