Dead Poets Society Comes to Blu-ray

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,” a very simple sentiment, but something that you just can’t hear often enough.  While the phrase “carpe diem” might be what Dead Poets Society is known for, and quite frankly, the only thing I remembered about the movie from when we watched it in High School, the latter phrase now resonates with me more. 

51EjQAElofL._SL500_AA300_In High School, the movie was an assignment.  Required viewing about a man whose untraditional teaching techniques make his students excited to learn.  But, watching the movie 10 years later as a parent, the movie takes on a whole new meaning.  Instead of a teacher who inspires students to learn, it’s now obvious that it’s about a teacher opening his students’ eyes, bringing out their passions and breathing life into a lifeless backdrop. 

I personally love older movies and the surprise spotting of someone who is now famous like Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard or Josh Charles and the fun “where are they now?” searches after the credits roll.  Even though most of the actors were quite young and the film tackles some big issues, the entire cast does such a fabulous job of bringing the story to life.  Plus, Dead Poets Society marks one of the first times Robin Williams showed his serious side, which I prefer to his goofier films and slapstick routines. 

The movie itself was even better than I remembered.  Even with the heavier topics tackled by the movie, watching it again with the clarity of hindsight, I love the theme that learning about the arts isn’t about studying old, irrelevant texts, it’s about discovering yourself and the world around you.  Writing poetry and performing in plays may not be the coolest thing a teenager can do in their spare time, but it’s the appreciation and immersion of the arts that I think every child should experience. 

Another message lost on my high school self was that being true to yourself doesn’t mean taking uncalculated risks or acting reckless, it’s the understanding of when and where it’s appropriate to express yourself that is important as you develop who you are.  Watching the main characters struggle with that thin line between non-conformity and disobedience, it was easy to remember my own adolescence and how it felt to be stifled and then how Dead Poets Societyfreeing it felt when I was able to take risks on my own.

A decade later, Dead Poets Society is also 1,000x more sad than I remembered it to be {which could be something to do with the fact that I watched it with 40 other giggling High Schoolers} and the sad parts really hit home more as a parent.  As a parent, all you want is for your children to be happy.  The hard part is to know when lessons are better learned on your own and to not overstep your bounds.  When your children are young, this line is easy: keep them safe, nurture them, and give them a deep well of happy childhood memories to draw from.  But, it’s the teenage years that really scare me, as they discover their independence, develop their personalities fully, and decide what they want to do with the years that lie ahead. 

For me, this movie is one that made me stop and think about my expectations for my kids and reminded me that childhood is such a fleeting time.  Maybe they won’t walk in the direction I would hope, maybe they choose a career I wouldn’t have handpicked for them, or maybe they choose something I dread, but if they are happy, so am I.  I would rather have kids full of life and excitement than ones who are obedient without questions and this movie made that all the more clear to me.

This was a great movie to watch while holed up during our recent snowstorm and taking a fun trip down memory lane.  I really enjoyed re-watching the film and remembering what a truly awesome movie it is, and even more so now that it’s on the Blu-ray platform.   I also loved all the special features, raw takes, and interviews with the cast looking back on the making of.  I definitely feel like I took more from the movie this time around, and I was even inspired to get reading some more of my poetry books after hearing some excerpts of my favorites. 

Dead Poets Society was released on Blu-ray on January 17th and is available wherever DVDs are sold and on

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  1. What a great review! This would be great to own on DVD. I believe I have an old VHS I got on sale somewhere around here…
    My favorite artist? Oh gosh, I don’t know. These days, I really love the StarKid group. They are all in their twenties doing musicals and performances and I just wish I had that talent. I love how they are all following their dreams and doing what they love though.

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