American Girl GOTY Lea-inspired DIY walking stick craft

Remember my post about Lea Clark, the 2016 Girl of the Year from American Girl? If so, then you understand how excited we are for her release. She is an American Girl Doll who loves photography, starts a blog, and loves nature. Lea is basically everything we were hoping for in the new Girl of the Year, and then more. Lea Clark GOTY walking sticksAs excited as I was to see that Lea has an accessory pack with a camera, I was almost as excited when I saw Lea's Rainforest Hike Accessory Set that comes complete with an adorable walking stick. I’m a huge fan of hiking with a walking stick as it makes it so much easier to navigate rough or slippery terrain, and this is especially true for kids. Lea's accessories

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Fitbit Charge heart rate monitor activity tracker

Sponsored postWhen you think about Valentine’s Day, most people think about sweets, roses, and hearts. I guess this makes sense, but as for me, I always think AT&T each February for all my heartfelt gifts. It may not be hearts in the traditional sense, but in the literal sense, AT&T has you covered.
To me, romance is about growing old together, hand-in-hand. To do that, you must be healthy. So, why not head into AT&T to pick up a pair of Fitbit activity trackers for you and your sweetheart to help you stay active and healthy?

The Fitbit Charge Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker is the perfect gift for those looking to stay in shape and live an active life. The Fitbit Charge works with iPhone, Android, and Windows and not only can it keep your heart healthy by encouraging you to keep moving, but it also monitors that heart of yours with PurePulse™ Heart Rate so you can see what really gets your blood pumping.
Fitbit Charge HR

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Staying healthy and eating well on-the-go with protein at Walmart

Acorn DisclosureWe all want to be healthy and have energy for the things we love, but sometimes that can seem really difficult with our busy lifestyles where we are always on the go. I eat really healthy when I’m at home, but all it takes is ending up on the go all day and I struggle with what to eat. Do you cave and go through a drive thru or do you just go without until you can sit down and eat healthier?

I’m learning that a little planning ahead can eliminate this struggle by giving you great tasting food that fits within your health goals. One quick stop at Walmart and you can walk out with the tools you need: Purely Inspired® protein powder and Mission1™ bars that provide you with organic, clean, protein. Protein snacksEating clean and organic has never been easier, and now I won’t have to cave and eat junk on the road for convenience sake. Keeping these bars or protein powder on hand allows me to stay on track and eat well while we’re staying active. So now for those times when the doctor’s appointment runs through lunch or horrendous traffic means I will be late for dinner, I can have a delicious protein bar or shake. Eating well on the go

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12+ things to do in Blaine, Washington

Things to do in Blaine, WA

We share the best tips, tricks, and insider info for all the many activities in Blaine, Washington. There’s something for everyone all year long, from water fun to hitting the trails or shopping in town.

Amazing sound, indoors or out with the JBL Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sponsored postYou can find speakers just about anywhere these days – at discount stores, gas stations, even in packages of chips {true story}. But, where do you turn when you want an amazing speaker that will blow you away with amazing sound quality? Hint: it’s not the dollar store.

No, if you want amazing sound, you are going to want to look to a company that is known for audio excellence, like JBL. They’ve always been known for big, full sound, and their newest speakers definitely keep up with that tradition. DSC03JBL Xtreme speaker by boxWe got to test out the JBL Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker this month, and it has been adored since the day it arrived. Initially, I was sold on the fact that it is splashproof and rugged, which means it is as adventure-ready as we are. From camping to days at the beach, we needed a speaker that could keep up with us and keep the party going, and it’s been confirmed that the JBL Xtreme is the ultimate portable Bluetooth speaker for all of our needs.


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Planning an adventure? Meet the Polaroid iE090 dual-screen waterproof digital camera

Sponsored postI’m going to date myself a bit here, but there was a time when us photographers used to take pictures and then it was days, weeks, or even years until we ever saw how those pictures turned out. Crazy, right? So, back in the day, the absolute coolest thing you could have is a Polaroid camera with “instant” photos that you could share, display, or put into albums immediately.

We now live in an era where instant photos are the norm, but that doesn’t mean that Polaroid isn’t still relevant and cool. In fact, the technology has just gotten cooler throughout the years. They now make printers that fit in your pocket that work with your smartphone {yes, really}, fancy digital cameras that can survive a swim, and even retro Polaroid cameras with “instant” film like I fell in love with all those years ago. Polaroid iE090We got to check out the Polaroid iE090 Dual-Screen Waterproof Digital Camera this holiday season, and I just love it. Since it takes high quality, 18MP images, it’s perfect for when I want great pictures but don’t want to risk ruining my DSLR. Shock proof, waterproof, and sized perfectly for your pocket, it makes it easy to take with you even on the most extreme adventure.

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Prepare for anything with The Beast from Rayovac

Sponsored post Be ready for anything with RayovacWant to know what can ruin a productive day in mere seconds? The answer is the power going out. When I was a kid, the power going out was kind of fun. It was pretty rare of an occurrence, and I think that added to the excitement of home camping.

But, now that I'm an adult, the power going out is just one big pain after another, as well as being costly for someone that is under deadlines and who has a stocked fridge of food that will go bad without proper cooling.

Even though I like to think that we're prepped for most disasters, that does not mean that it’s fun going without modern conveniences, especially during my work week. And, once the sun goes down and your house is plunged into the kind of dark you almost never experience in a city where you literally cannot see a foot in front of you, the power outage gets old really quick.

So, when a fall storm knocked out our power nearly all day last week, I wasn't a happy blogger or mom. Ask anyone who has ever changed a diaper by candlelight and they will tell you how amazing electricity really is.

Thankfully, I was ready with this little Beast of a flashlight. Rayovac The Beast flashlight

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Fall Glamping fun with the family

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FallGlamping #Glamping #CollectiveBias Glamping with FreschettaMy husband and my kids love everything about camping and would do it every weekend if they could. I, on the other hand, love almost everything about not camping. Luxuries like beds, refrigeration, and running water are pretty high up on my lists of must-haves for weekend fun and I prefer to give them up only in moderation.

This is how we became glampers, or people that camp glamorously by pairing camping and luxury. The family loves being one with nature, and I love them, so glamping together suits us all.
My camping journey started with the purchase of a Weekender camper van that appealed to my bed and icebox-loving self. But while it’s great because it gets us out camping as a family, it isn’t exactly glamorous. Yet. 

We’re still working on getting my must-have list fully met by making additions to our van that add luxury without taking up precious space. So, for now we found camping buddies in my in-laws who supply the running water and a large refrigerator and who just so happen to not mind our littlest campers taking over their living space.Glamping Family

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