Why our whole family adores Dynasty Toy’s laser tag

Dysnaty Toys gunsMy parents got all the boys in my large family the coolest presents this Christmas: laser tag sets from Dynasty Toys. Dynasty Toys for adultsWhen they first opened them, I had no idea how cool they were. I guess I was picturing one of those cheesy laser tag sets I had seen before with the vests and the lasers that never seemed to work. This isn't that kind of set.

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag in boxIt wasn't until I heard loud whooping and hollering coming from downstairs that I realized I was seriously missing out. The boys had already dug into their sets, formed teams, and had turned the entire downstairs into their battlefield. I came downstairs and was greeted by my nephew and son running by, clearly having the time of their life with their dads, cousins, and uncles. Dynasty happinessSince they have opened them, my boys have brought their set with them to family get togethers, playdates, and more, as well as enjoying them at home together. I see them getting tons more playtime in the next few years, especially since all their cousins have sets they are dying to play. I love that they encourage interactive and active play while still being something that doesn't turn into roughhousing. Dynasty Toys setBut, I love most of all that these guns have proven age-less and gender-less. Even though the boys of the families were gifted them, they have been thoroughly enjoyed by girls and boys and from everywhere from age 3 on up. I love knowing that they are an easy and quick thing to bring to the family gatherings that's sure to entertain everyone while encouraging them to bond together. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag gunSo, what's so cool about the Dynasty Toys Laser Tag sets?

Ditch the Vest. Dynasty Toys laser tag sets are "vestless" and the game is all built right into the laser tag blaster. This is made possible by several sensors on the front of each blaster that record hits. I love that this means that the blaster is the actual target, not the person playing.

Unlimited amount of players. You can combine as many blasters as you like from the Dynasty Toys line and they will all work together seamlessly. You can choose team colors {there are 4 colors available} and all the players can work together as a team.

40 meter range. The infrared technology used in Dynasty Toys laser tag blasters can reach up to 40 meters, which is awesome {certain conditions such as direct sunlight can affect the range}.

Safe. We all know that lasers and kids don't mix, but these aren't those lasers. These are just like the infrared used in remotes, which makes them safe for use around kids.

Not just for night. While the lighting effects may not be as visible in daylight, the blasters are completely functional in light or dark. You can play either inside or out, day or night.

Awesome warranty. All Dynasty Toys products have a limited manufacturers warranty that covers failures due to defects in material or workmanship for a period of 60 days from original product purchase date. We had an issue with one of the guns opened in our set and Dynasty Toys helped us with it quickly and easily without any issue. Of course, misuse of any kind is not covered by the warranty.

Ready to buy? You can choose from the two main laser tag sets: The Battle Pack with two guns or the Extreme Pack with four guns. You can find out more at dynastytoys.com. Vest-less infrared laser tag for the whole family

26 thoughts on “Why our whole family adores Dynasty Toy’s laser tag”

  1. This sounds like great bonding time with the family and an awesome way to keep kids active. Now I want one for my family! πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, I love that these have the sensors built in! No vests!! We would have a great time with these, thanks for the review!

  3. I know my kids would LOVE the laser tag. I know they would have a great time! I also like the fact that it’s safe for kids!

  4. I’m not really in to tech gadgets. I don’t even own a cell phone yet. This bracelet looks so nice and I would feel lucky when I wear it.

  5. Love the laser tag set. My son loves them and his family and they have all the kids over to play them. I just give him one for Christmas and my daughter’s son one. Love the four leaf clover bracelet also. Thanks for the awesome sweep πŸ™‚

  6. I’m very interested in virtual reality gaming sets. I think they are such a cool invention allowing you to experience places you may not otherwise be able to visit!


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