Send them back to school on the right note with SOL REPUBLIC {DECK wireless speaker review}

Sponsored post Back to school with SOLAre you in the thick of back to school planning like I am? There are clothes to buy, glue sticks to stock up on, and there are goodbyes to plan for, because back to school is sneaking up on us quickly.

But, what if your baby isn’t quite a baby anymore and those days of construction paper and pencil cases are well behind you? For you, back to school shopping requires some creativity in order to send your child off to school on the right foot. 

Sure, you need the latest sneakers and some updated clothing, but what I think is more important than that is what your child will be listening to. Sending them back to school with a good pair of headphones, earbuds, or even a portable speaker can make those early mornings, bus stop waits, and late nights studying a whole lot more enjoyable if you have your music with you. SOL REPUBLIC DECK speaker at park

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Bumbershoot? {August 30 – September 1 2104 at Seattle Center}

Yes, Bumbershoot. Not the often mispronounced “Bumpershoot”, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t mean anything at all. We’re talking Bumbershoot, as in the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival that takes place at the end of every summer in Seattle. Bumbershoot logoThis weekend thousands of music and art lovers will descend upon the Seattle Center in the shadow of the Space Needle for concerts, comedy shows, and so much more. It’s this variety that truly sets Bumbershoot apart from other festivals, and that keeps us coming back year after year. 

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ROCK a mini Jambox from AT&T this Spring

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Unlike most households that keep the TV on during family time, our family bonds over music. And, our dance parties have been pretty epic t
hese past few months thanks to this little bad boy.

The Mini JamBox at AT&T

AT&T sent us the MINI JAMBOX from Jawbone for Valentine's Day and since then it has gotten a ton of use all throughout our house, and even on the road with us. At a mere 6.61in x 1.65in x 5.43in and just over 9oz, the aluminum body Mini Jambox is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse or briefcase, but powerful enough that it can create full and beautiful sound wherever you go.

With spring break vacations happening for many of you this week, I bet you'd love to have one of these little speakers to make anywhere a dance party, right?

Mini Jambox red

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The Head and the Heart – back in Seattle at last

The header and the heart
My love of The Head and the Heart started with a single song. A song I loved so much that I would listen to the radio just to catch it playing. We bought the album after only hearing that one song, and it was quickly added to our daily playlist. And, it never came off.

These songs quickly became the soundtrack to the last few years, and I’ve found that the more I’ve listened to it, the more I love it. But, it's not just me. In this house, we're all fans of The Head and the Heart. I figure the kids can listen to crappy music when they can pay for it themselves, so until then they can choose from our music libraries. And, it just so happens that they chose The Head and the Heart. Good choice, kiddos.
The Head And The Heart header

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Wireless sound with TRACKS AIR headphones from SOL REPUBLIC

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By Tyler, editor and reviewer

Who doesn’t like a good, quality surround sound that makes music and movies come alive? Someone whose movie room shares a wall with a baby’s room, that’s who.

This is the problem with our entertainment room, designed for movies and thumping sound, but that just so happens to be located right next to our son’s bedroom. These days, the only thing playing at Rave Central theater is children’s movie matinees in between nap and bedtime. It’s a sad fate for a room with such promise.

So, what’s a movie loving guy like myself to do? Make a plan to revive our indie movie house with the arrival of these new TRACKS AIR headphones from SOL REPUBLIC.

SOL headphones

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Music anywhere with the HMDX Jam Bluetooth wireless speaker

Summer fun with music
In my family we love music. Music while we craft, music while we cook, and even music while we clean. But, while we have wired our house for sound, the fun unfortunately ends at our doorstep. We’ve been known to turn the music up and keep all the doors and windows open so we can still hear it outside while we garden, bounce on the trampoline, or play in the yard, but that unfortunately doesn’t work for when we’re at the park or beach.

And, really, what’s a beach party, cookout or camping trip without good music? Recently, we got to review the HMDX Jam Bluetooth Wireless Speaker courtesy of AT&T and it's now our go-to music source for whenever we're not indoors {and even sometimes when we are}.

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Gymboree Play & Music classes are a hit {free class thru 8/31!}

Gymboree play and music class
Everyone who has ever said “throw like a girl” was probably referring to me.  I’ve never actually seen myself throw a ball, but I imagine it looks somewhat like this Volkswagen commercial that makes me laugh hysterically every time it comes on. 

Since my lack of athletic prowess is something I hope to not pass on to my kids, I took the first preventative step this summer and signed them up for sports classes at our local Gymboree Play and Music center with a complimentary month-long membership.  While they aren’t in the big leagues, or even in Little League for that matter, I love that they are learning the basics of different sports in a cooperative and fun environment with other little kids. 

Gymboree classes room
The class is a little over 45 minutes one day a week, but even in that short amount of time I have seen a huge improvements over the past three weeks.  Not just with athletic ability, but also with confidence and a desire to be more active. 

Gymboree fun

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From toddler to teen: the answer is the Zazoo Kids photo clock

Up until just a few months ago, our kids were a parent’s dream at night.  We would literally pop them in their beds after their bedtime routine and not hear from either one again until I would have to wake them up in the morning.  Yes, true story.  But, while my son is still firmly … Read more