Seattle area parents: see Caspar Babypants at Teatro ZinZanni throughout June

Who knows how many times I’ve walked past the Teatro ZinZanni historical spiegeltent on Mercer Street in Seattle over the years, wondering what it was and dying to get inside.  Who would have thought that it would be a kid’s show that finally brought me through the doors and into the world of Teatro ZinZanni, but that’s exactly what happened. 

TZ-Mercer-Front1When I heard that one of our favorite Seattle “kindie” bands, Caspar Babypants, was partnering with Teatro ZinZanni for a month-long presentation of King's Wish, I knew my daughter would go crazy for it.  With Teatro ZinZanni circus performers including child acrobat Saffi Watson, child
juggler Max Peterson, rope aerialist extraordinaire Terry Crane, former
Ringling Bros Clown Peter Pitofsky, and more paired with awesome kid-friendly music, it was basically her dream show. 

So, when they offered us two tickets to the King’s Wish show so I could take her to celebrate her 5th birthday this weekend, I happily took them up on it. 

And, even though we were late to the show because of the Mercer Street exit closures {side note, when coming South on 1-5, get off before Lake Union to avoid getting caught in the Denny exit mess and then trying to circle back by the Space Needle.  It took us FOREVER to get back to Mercer and we were bummed we missed the first part of the show}, we still had a blast singing, dancing, parading, and oohing and aahing over all the amazing sights during the show. 


Of course, it helps that we love Caspar Babypants {AKA Chris Ballew, lead singer and songwriter for the Presidents of the United States of America} and have enjoyed seeing him at local kindie concerts as well as when he was a special guest when Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE came to town, but even non-fans would quickly become fans during the hour and 15 minute show.  With many of the children {and parents} singing along and with all the audience participation aspects, it would be hard not to get swept up in the performance.    

Add in all the amazing circus-esque performances from the ZinZanni troupe and my daughter was completely smitten.  Her favorite part was the “huly hoop” performance that had Saffi Watson swinging overhead and doing all sorts of amazing moves effortlessly above us.  Her second favorite part was Stompy the Bear, and she waited in the lobby for him after the show so she could give him a hug. 

Waiting to see Stompy the Bear
He even gave her a big hug and took a {slightly blurry} picture with her, which she was thrilled about. 

Stompy the Bear
If you will be in Seattle this June, I would highly recommend going to see King's Wish with
Teatro ZinZanni Floorplanyour little ones.  The show runs from June 1-30
and has showings on Saturday and select Sundays {show runs from 11am-12:15pm}.

Tickets range from $19 {booth seating in red} to $24 {chair seating in yellow} per person and can be purchased at or by calling (206) 802-0015.

Teatro ZinZanni

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Teatro ZinZanni for offering two tickets for us to see the show this last weekend.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. This looks so amazing! I’ve heard so many great things about Seattle and the area. It sounds like a good place if you are relocating! And if you are lucky to live there, wowie, enjoy!


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