Motorworks Customizable Cars and Tri-Level Super Garage

One night my daughter came to me, head down and forlorn, and she asked, “Why don’t I love cars like Brother does?” 

I started by explaining that people like different things and it’s what makes us all special and unique.  Then I suggested that she not focus on the one thing the two of them didn’t agree on and instead focus on the things they had in common, like dressing up, building with blocks, and playing with babies.

She seemed to like this explanation and she bounded off, happy with the fact that she and Brother had lots of things in common.  But, every once in a while I will catch her watching him play cars and she just looks so… sad. 

So, when the Motorworks Cars from Manhattan Toy arrived, I fully expected them to be a special gift to my son and was really surprised when both kids ran to the cars and played happily for hours.  On one hand, I couldn’t blame them, the wooden mix and match cars do look like a ton of fun.  But, on the other, they still are toy cars, which my daughter has tried everything in her power to try and appreciate as much as her bother does without much luck until now. 

Motorworks cars
So, what makes these cars so special that even a non-car-loving kiddo would adore them?  To start with, Motorworks vehicles are built upon a beech wood base and come in three different trim levels: Street Series, Speed Series, and Extreme Series.  Each comes with removable parts, decals, and accessories, as well as having extra accessories available for purchase. 

Motorworks Driven By Fun
And, while one Motorworks car on its own is fun, two cars is amazing and makes for hours of creative playtime.  Since all of the pieces mix and match, you are truly only limited by your imagination.  You can create new cars quickly and easily by changing cabs, spoliers, wheels, and more, which makes two cars really feel like you have a car lot full of vehicles waiting to play with.

Maybe it’s the universal coolness of a wooden car, or maybe it’s the mix and match aspect, but whatever the reason, they finally have “vrooms” they can play with together.  They love to play repair shop together and change out the tires, switch accessories, and race them across the floor in a police chase. 

And then, when the Motorworks Tri-Level Super Garage arrived, it made the mix and match cars all the more fun for both of them.  It only took hubby and me about 20 minutes to go from labeled wooden parts:

Motorworks Tri-Level Super Garage
To this, complete with repositionable decals and everything:

Wooden parking garage
And thankfully we were done just in time for the kids to wake up, because I don’t think there would have been any stopping them from playing as soon as they saw the Tri-Level Super Garage.  My son up until this point had been playing vrooms on the top of a Rubbermaid garage bin because it was the perfect height for kneeling beside and setting up his cars, so to say that this was an upgrade is the understatement of the year. 

With three floors of fun, two ramps for vrooming up and down, flat surfaces for displaying and playing with cars, and fun repositionable decals that allow your little one to play gas station, emergency, and lot attendant, the wooden parking garage is pretty amazing. 

Concentrating on mixing and matching
Oh, and did I mention the car elevator?  This is by far the favorite feature of the Tri-Level garage and my son likes to crank the elevator up and down letting off cars on various floors over and over again yelling “yay, here’s your floor!”

Motorworks Parking Garage
And, no joke, every single morning my son is so excited to see his Motorworks toys waiting for him that he runs and slides to the Tri-Level Super Garage to play with his Motorworks cars. All. Day. Long.  He sits and plays like that for hours, making car noises and siren sounds, happy as can be.  And, throughout the day, my daughter will join him and they will play together, customizing their vehicles and racing them across the floor and up and down the ramps. 

Here's just a peek of what a typical day looks like at our house in our Motorworks YouTube video.

As you can see, the garage is big enough for more than one child to play comfortably {and you could fit even more than the three of us if we had pulled the garage away from the wall} and it really is universally fun for boys and girls.  Whenever the kiddos have a friend over it's always the first thing the kids run to and they manage to incorporate it into just about every game they dream up.  

Whether you have a car-loving kiddo, a mini city planner, or simply a little one who loves to take things apart and put them back together, the Motorworks cars and accessories are sure to be a big hit.  The Motorworks cars are priced from $13.99 to $29.99 for two-vehicle sets, $4.99 for accessory sets, and even a Tuner Lift Station and Tri-Level Super Garage to add to the playtime fun.

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  1. I love that they are built on a beechwood base and love the quality look of the garage!!

  2. I love how much you can customize it, you can change decals around, change pieces around. Every day it can be a new set! There is also something about wood toys that I just adore! Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I like that it makes them use their imaginations. I also like that it comes with an accedsory pack.

  4. I love that they can be built and re-built. I also love the fact that they are really durable. My grandson is a builder, he love to stack things and build things. I know he would love them.

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