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My love of The Head and the Heart started with a single song. A song I loved so much that I would listen to the radio just to catch it playing. We bought the album after only hearing that one song, and it was quickly added to our daily playlist. And, it never came off.

These songs quickly became the soundtrack to the last few years, and I’ve found that the more I’ve listened to it, the more I love it. But, it's not just me. In this house, we're all fans of The Head and the Heart. I figure the kids can listen to crappy music when they can pay for it themselves, so until then they can choose from our music libraries. And, it just so happens that they chose The Head and the Heart. Good choice, kiddos.
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How is that possible that a band could speak to parents {albeit young parents} as well as children? It's just that good. Whereas there's typically a lyrical compromise to be made if I want music to dance to, I quickly realized that The Head and the Heart wasn’t a compromise at all. As much as I love them as musicians and all the small details in each song that really draw you in, it was ultimately the songwriting that sealed the deal for me.

Their songs run the gamut of emotions; from leaving home to returning home, from new love to loss and everywhere in between, and each track tells a story – not only with the lyrics, but also with changes in tempo, beautiful harmonics, and a full sound that brings everything together in one perfectly tied up package. Like you can get lost in a good book and never want it to end, you can easily get lost in their music.

So, with how much we clearly love The Head and the Heart, and how much we love concerts, would you be surprised to know that until last week we had never seen this band, technically a local band, live? This was not by choice. Whenever someone would mention a concert, I would announce that when The Head and The Heart were back in Seattle for a solo tour, we were absolutely, positively going to go see them.

I was hoping that the release of the new album would bring them back to the Pacfic Northwest, and was thrilled when I received a midnight Facebook message from a friend letting me know they were announcing another Seattle show after the first one sold out so quick. I shook my husband awake in my excitement to buy tickets to their second show at the Paramount and in his half-asleep state he admitted that he had already bought tickets for me as a Christmas present and, for the love of god, could I please go back to sleep.

It should be noted that I've seen a lot of concerts in my day, as most big bands pass through Seattle at some point and our local music is really awesome. Famously awesome. But, I've never looked forward to a concert quite like this before. 

It’s funny, though, because even though I’ve been listening to their music for months and know all the lyrics by heart, I’ve lost a bit of my teenage super-fandom. In this day of digital music played wirelessly off pre-created playlists, I can’t even tell you the title of that first album, let alone what the names are of many of the songs I’ve now heard over and over on repeat. My fandom hit an all-time low when, during the opening show of their concert at the Paramount last week, I had to look up the band to figure out their names so I would recognize who was who once they came out on stage. I know, I was that fan.

But, when they came out on stage, none of that mattered. Easily top 10 of all concerts I've ever been to, and that's saying a lot considering our enviable stack of concert tickets we've amassed {you know, before tickets went digital and all}. The one bummer? That the kids couldn't have been there, too.

But, that’s kind of the beauty of The Head and the Heart. This isn’t some band I really feel like I should like just because I see them everywhere and it ends up growing on me – I love them because their music speaks to me. And, apparently, I’m in good company on that front, because my social media accounts were blowing up with The Head and the Heart posts during their two day stop in Seattle.

It all got me thinking that perhaps it’s the fans that are the best measure of a band. After spending an evening in a large room filled to capacity with their fans, I can honestly say that the Head and the Heart have the best fans, ever. We met several superfans who have been to all their concerts since their open mic days all the way to new fans and everyone was amazingly nice.

Even the few members of the band we met afterwards were truly amazing, humble, and they seemed to be surprised that we were excited to meet them. I just wish it hadn't been freezing and we hadn't had a dessert and drinks date in lower Queen Anne to get to, because I was hoping to get the concert poster signed by the whole band and had to give up after meeting Josiah and Kenny. Luckily, I was told during our interaction that there were plans in the works for a fall Seattle concert and I will definitely try again to add their signed poster to our wall of fame.   

All in all, it was an amazing night made even more so by their amazing fans, the attitude of the band, and the fact that I can finally say that I've seen my favorite band live. It was right after the concert that I saw this circulating online and it all made sense. Distinctive Artists by State

Click on the map above to see the full article and how each state's band was chosen.

Based on the above map, I'm very, very happy to be from Washington.

Let's be still
You know how we all feel nostalgic about the songs we loved during childhood and in our formative years in middle school and high school? Well, I will forever be nostalgic for the days our family spent listening to The Head and the Heart together.

A longing for those days the kids had amazing musical tastes, for the days we all liked the same music, and for the days that almost always began and ended with a dance party. When I hear them rocking out, singing at the top of their lungs, "Mama once told me ~ You're already home where you feel love," I feel like I've done something right and prepared them in ways Locomotion never could have done for me.

Need more reasons to check out The Head and the Heart? Check out the new Another Story music video:

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  1. I adore the Head and the Heart and am so jealous that you’re from Seattle and are guaranteed to have them play in your town when they tour!


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