It’s Time to Dance! Live with Yo Gabba Gabba

As you may know, the Yo Gabba Gabba gang was in my town last weekend.  Having gone to the There's A Party In My City Yo Gabba Gabba show last year as well, I thought I knew kind of what to expect.  But, let me tell you, the show completely blew away my expectations, which … Read more

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! It’s Time to Dance!

Did you read our last year's post about YO GABBA GABBA! THERE’S A PARTY IN MY CITY!?  If you did, you probably remember what a great time we had, how my daughter was absolutely in heaven simply being in the same room as the YGG! gang, and how it was even worth the drive south … Read more

ThinkGeek for Hard-to-Buy-For Teens

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 25 No one wants to open presents on Christmas and find the same old boring presents that you’ve seen a million times.  I remember one year when I was a teenager that I opened up the exact same present from three different people, which was, coincidentally, a present most of … Read more

Yo Gabba Gabba! There’s A Party In My City!

I can’t tell you how sad I was the last time YO GABBA GABBA! THERE’S A PARTY IN MY CITY! Tour was making waves and I found out the party actually wasn’t in my city.  For all of you that were as sad as I was that your city was passed by, I’ve got great … Read more

We Are The Not-Its!

Every parent knows that a lot of kid’s music is practically unlistenable, especially if you happen to be over the age of 5.  My daughter, who happens to fall in the under 5 category, is rather discerning about the music she listens to and even she would much rather groove to something with a more … Read more

Signing Times on Nick Jr.

From an extremely early age, my daughter has been trying desperately to speak her mind.  When we saw that at 9 months she was going to end up creating her own sign language if we didn’t step in, hubby and I decided it was time to break out the college American Sign Language textbooks and … Read more

Shel Silverstein’s Underwater Land CD and Booklet

Every kid loves Shel Silverstein, and for a very good reason; He speaks to them on their level and does so with comedy and energy to spare.  Dark and somewhat taboo subjects are addressed with lighthearted and easy humor and the mundane is anything but when Uncle Shel’s narrating for you.  Before his death in … Read more

Yo Gabba Gabba! There’s a Party in My CD Player!

Have you ever done a YouTube search for Yo Gabba Gabba!?  I have, and it’s adorable.  The search results reveal video after video of basically the same thing: an adorable kid watching Yo Gabba Gabba! on TV and doing some sort of delightful – yet crazy – dance.  Anyone who has ever caught an episode … Read more