Enjoy Music Anywhere with the Sound Step Recharge from Soundfreaq {Review & Discount Code}

Tyler polaroidBy Tyler, Editor and Author

I’ve always been a little bit retro in my musical tastes.  I still own a CD player, I have lots of records {yes, records!}, and I firmly believe that folk is going to make a resurgence.  But, while I loved our multi-disc player and our turntable at our old house where we could hear it all across the entire 900sqft, our full stereo system just didn’t fit into our main floor living room at our new house, which meant it was relegated to the upstairs movie room. 

Granted, it’s still nice when we want to watch a movie or have a dance party upstairs, but I’ve always been sad that the bedrooms and the main floor of our house are just so quiet all the time.  Sure, there’s Pandora on the laptop, music stations on the TV, or plug-in speakers for the smartphone, but if I want some real sound, what’s a boy to do?    


The answer, of course, is a compact music dock that can play music from your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to access your music stored on your many devices.  But, that brings up other issues if you’re a family like ours and have many different devices that aren’t compatible with each other all holding music, as well as the problem of having to give up your tablet or smartphone every time you want to play some tunes. 


Soundfreaq unit
Thank goodness I found a solution to all of my music dock issues as well as issues I hadn’t even considered when I found the Sound Step Recharge from Soundfreaq.  Now, instead of docking my smartphone and then coming back to check it every few minutes, I can simply send my music via Bluetooth right to the Sound Step.

Soundfreaq out of the package
Even better, if I feel like listening to music in the backyard, the garage, or even out at the lake, I can simply charge it and then take it with me when I go.  The fact that it has a rechargeable battery in it is definitely one of our favorite features, because who wants to buy a different stereo for every place you might need one?  In fact, our next goal is to pair the Sound Step with a projector and have some awesome outdoor movie nights. 

And, since the Sound Step works over Bluetooth, you can use any device that streams audio, so there aren’t the compatibility issues you get with iPod/iPhone specific devices.  And, even better you can have multiple devices synced to it so everyone can get in on the music.  

Soundfreaq up close
Another option for playing your music is by using the free Soundfreaq iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app, which adds FM radio in to what you can play.  This was something that really stood out, especially since we don’t have a single radio on the whole main floor of our house.  This came in really handy in those times when we couldn’t agree what to listen to, or when we were just sick of what we had on our phones. 

While all this portability is great, the Soundfreaq still lets you get the benefits of a docking station by having an Apple 30 pin connector with enough space to even hold up your iPad, as well as a USB connection on the back.  Both of these can be used to charge your device as needed so you don’t end up killing your phone or tablet battery for a little bit of music. 

For those times when you do dock your phone, there is an included remote that snaps in and out of a cool storage area in the bottom of the Sound Step that lets you control the volume as well as song, station and source selection, power, and the “U-Cubed” {UQ3} sound effect status. 

Soundfreaq hidden remote
It’s cool that the remote gives you as much control as the iPhone app, especially for my wife who can’t get the app on her phone.  I personally like being able to fine tune my music both ways and although we never really turn off the UQ3 because it sounds so much fuller with it on, I appreciate the option.

All of this portability, flexibility, and expandability doesn’t come at the expense of good looks; the Soundfreaq is a beautiful piece of technology that can fit in just about any decor.  Since the goal of our living area was to not have an entertainment center filled with components, I love that the Soundfreaq is so small and streamlined that it can easily hide on a mantle, a bookcase, or hutch and not look out of place.  It may have a natural bass response, vocal clarity and stereo separation with a 2.1 speaker configuration with sub-woofer, but yet it is about the size of a loaf of bread. 

Soundfreaq Sound Dock
Having something so small, compact, and functional was a big deal to us because music is a big part of our lives, and having it through our whole house is literally the one and only thing we miss about our last home.  Now with the Sound Step it is really easy to fill every room with high quality sound, whether or not there is an outlet nearby. 

The Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge retails for $149.99, but you can get a great discount right now at the Soundfreaq e-store.  Simply enter the discount code “momblog” to receive a 10% discount on the Sound Step Recharge as well as all other products in the store.

TylerI wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soundfreaq and received a product sample to facilitate my review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours. 

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