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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 25

No one wants to open presents on Christmas and find the same old boring presents that you’ve seen a million times.  I remember one year when I was a teenager that I opened up the exact same present from three different people, which was, coincidentally, a present most of my friends also received.  I ended up returning all three of them after the holidays were over and selecting something a bit more unique for myself.  While I absolutely hated doing that, I didn’t like the idea of having the same thing everyone else my age had at the time.

Thinkgeeklogo If only I had known about ThinkGeek at the time, I would have spent that money there instead.  I like to think that it would have made my teen years less awkward and that it just might have been the push I needed to make me the most popular girl in school.  Really, how could you not be cool with a bunch of awesome gear from ThinkGeek?

C208_usb_pet_rock It may be too late for my teen self, but ThinkGeek is now my go-to online store for the most unique gifts you can buy anywhere, and at great prices.  Looking for a pet rock?  Look no further!  Dying for some palm-sized battle tanks?  Dream no longer!

Rc_battle_tanks We all know how notoriously hard teenagers are to buy for, so I am really grateful I have ThinkGeek now to turn to while searching for the perfect gift.  Not only do they have a huge selection of items, each one arguably cooler than the last, they also have these great gift finder features that allow you to find what you didn’t even know you were looking for.

So, rather than searching through a whole website of coolness blindly, you can simply enter in one or two interests of the recipient and let the ThinkGeek mainframe do the rest.  So, say you have a teen on your list that isn’t incredibly easy to buy for {just take a minute and imagine} but you know they like music, you can still get the perfect gift by checking the corresponding box on the ThinkGeek gift finder system.

D36b_stylophone_beatbox_band On that list of musical gifts you will find the Stylophone Beatbox and Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth, which would be the absolute perfect present for anyone who seems interested in creating their own music or already plays an instrument.  Besides being truly unique and memorable, they can literally be hours of fun and just might make for some cool sounding music.  Since entire musical albums were successfully created out of much simpler instruments in the past, I find myself imagining the Beatbox and Retro Synth someday making their album debut as well.

What drew us to the Beatbox and Pocket Synth was their cool retro styling and limitless possibility for entertaining.  Besides being able to make up your own sweet rhythm and beats, both the Beatbox and Synth have an MP3 input built right in that allows you to play along with your favorite music with separate volume controls for each.  Add in different options for distorting and modifying your music and you can see why we all love these little instruments. 

D36b_stylophone_beatbox On the Stylophone Beatbox you even have the ability to record your musical masterpieces, a function that really takes cool to the next level.  Try recording your beat slowly and then playing it back quickly to really impress your friends.  Trust me, it works.  If I didn’t already have the ring, I’m pretty sure my husband would have proposed on the spot when he heard my sweet loop I created this past weekend.  Unfortunately my daughter promptly recorded over my masterpiece and now the recording sounds a bit like a cat playing a tuba.  Luckily, she’s cute.      

While it has admittedly been a while since I was a teen, I can still appreciate how much fun it is to make my own music and enhance my favorite tunes.  We have spent quite a bit of time playing with both pocket Stylophone instruments as a family and even though there is a wide age range between us, we all love the Stylophone Beatbox and the Retro Pocket Synth.  I can easily see sitting down with friends and seeing how creative we can get as well as seeing if we were able to produce something truly awesome together, whether that was for its musical or comical appeal.

Icade_main Besides musical gifts, ThinkGeek has something for every teen in numerous categories, whether they are a Star Wars buff, video game junkie, or computer genius.  Buy from ThinkGeek and you can be sure your gift will be memorable this holiday season and it will, in turn, ma
ke you the coolest present giver ever.  They certainly won’t be opening the same gift from two other people and definitely won’t be returning your present to the store.  Who knows, it just might make their teen years less awkward.  Or, more likely it will just make all those awkward years more fun.

Leanne Signature 2 A huge thank you to ThinkGeek for sending the Stylophone Beatbox and Synth to play with this holiday season.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review. 

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  1. I love to browse around at ThinkGeek. Last year I gave our younger son a “One Can Fridge” from there–a little USB refrigerator that looks like a retro 50s style refrigerator and actually works. Very fun gift.
    ~~The Brett Domino video clip was great. Just looking at those two guys made me laugh out loud! The beatbox/rapping was actually pretty good though!


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