Best of CES 2020: Tech for families

MovoPhoto Video Kit

Wondering what kinds of amazing tech for families was in Las Vegas for CES? Here’s the breakdown of all the best family tech for 2020 – for kids, tweens, teens, and their parents.

Music Studio Pack: where tech meets music

Tech Will Save Us Music Kit

These kits seem like toys at first glance with their bright colors and cardboard housings. But, these are real musical tools that kids can utilize to learn the basics of music, layering, and even a bit about musical theory. I bet you will be surprised by the kinds of music your kiddo can create with just a few DIY kits.

You’ll believe in Yesterday {movie review}

Yesterday Movie on Guitar

What if you woke up and found out that no one had ever heard of The Beatles? That’s the premise of the movie Yesterday, and the resulting journey will have you laughing and crying {and then laughing some more} from start to finish. See why I think you should own it, and enter to win your own copy right here.

Let Blipbox by Playtime Engineering inspire your own little DJ

Blipblox playing sisters

The Blipblox by Playtime Engineering is a fully functional synthesizer designed for kids {and kids at heart} that allows little ones as young as 3 to create new and exciting sounds without the complexity and fragility of a traditional synthesizer. The Blipblox instead makes synthesizers fun, easy, and safe for all ages, inspiring them to create music without all the rules.

Ultimate fall festival survival guide {with 13 must-haves}

Fall Festival Survival Guide

Throughout the years, I’ve been to dozens and dozens of outdoor festivals and concerts. I’ve written in the past about all the amazing concerts Seattle has to offer. But, of all the seasons, fall festivals are my absolute favorite. Summer festivals are fun because everyone is out of school and you are pretty much guaranteed … Read more

Remember Me: Disney•Pixar’s Coco journeys home today on DVD and Blu-ray

Did you love Disney-Pixar’s Coco as much as we did? I have been waiting for Coco’s release ever since the movie was announced and I have been counting down the days until we could own the movie that has all of our hearts. With a great cast of characters, beautiful animation, and music that we’ve been singing for months, we knew this was one movie we couldn’t wait to own – and now that wait is over because Coco is finally out on 4K Ultra HD,™ Blu-ray,™ DVD and On-Demand today.  

Cirque Du Soleil returns to Seattle with LUZIA: A Waking Dream of Mexico

6a0105362badb1970b01b8d26a17bd970c-800wiLast night was my introduction to Cirque Du Soleil. After years of watching the Big Top rise and fall in Redmond, I finally made it to a show. And, it was simply amazing.

If you’re in Seattle, you may have heard all the commercials for LUZIA: A WAKING DREAM OF MEXICO, but if you haven’t, here is what you need to know:

LUZIA opened last night and runs through May 21, 2017. Just like other Cirque Du Soleil shows, LUZIA is an acrobatic show that combines music, dancing, amazing costumes, and some of the most mind blowing stunts and acts you’ve ever seen. DSC_8656This newest production takes you on a tour through Mexico, showing you glimpses into the country’s vibrant culture, and stage design inspired by the beauty and diversity of its landscapes. LUZIA is a combination of “luz” {light in Spanish} and “lluvia” {rain}, two core elements of the show that carry you from opening act to final bows.

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Disney’s Moana obession level: High

Moana ObsessedSponsored post Our Moana obsession started as soon as we saw the first trailers for Disney’s newest full-length animated film, and it persisted even after we saw the movie in theaters {not just once, but twice, which is something we never do}. The kids were counting down the days until they could own the movie themselves, so to make do in the interim between theater and DVD, we got the Moana soundtrack with songs by the amazing songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda. The soundtrack quickly intensified their obsession and it basically hasn’t left the CD player in weeks.

And while some movies are great because they hold our interest and have great soundtracks, Moana was a movie I could get behind 100%. Instead of the tired old story of princess and prince waiting for each other in order to be happy and fulfilled, Disney is shaking up the game by offering us truly strong female characters. Moana is the newest in their lineup of progressive heroines that value self-discovery, independence, and rising to any challenge. This is why I not only allow the Moana obsession, but I also encourage it. Moana movie and bookThis is why we’re all thrilled to announce that Moana is finally available on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand! Wooohooo! Even though the littlest one pronounces it “Noana”, the excitement she holds for the movie, the music, and all the new characters doesn’t need translating. This is a little girl who has been waiting for a 1/4 of her life for this day…. Moana love

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